What has made you glad recently?

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  1. What has made you happy recently? Share it here, be it something grand or not!

    For me it was seeing my 17 days on my noPMO counter, to which i haven't paid attention for a while. When i saw that i realized that i had taken a huge step forward. Not that i count my days obsessively, but rather it was wonderful to see that i have risen from the muck i was at not too long ago.

    Also it was pleasant to have a sunny day today, instead of the clouds covering the entire sky as they have for a while.
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  2. It sounds nerdy and immature but it’s how behind I am as a result of PMO addiction - I had a nice conversation with a very pretty woman on Tuesday. It’s something that rarely happens with me.

    I had confidence talking to her, I wasn’t lusting after her, and I was able to ask good questions that got her talking. She is a very nice and upbeat person and it was encouraging to be able to interact with her in a casual friendly conversation. There was nothing more after that. No ulterior motives on my part. We both went our separate ways afterwards. I’ll probably never see her again and that’s fine. I’m glad I had that bright moment during my day.
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  3. That's great! It might seem like a mundane thing, but it really uplifts the mood when you can talk to strangers while noPMOing. And it's a great feeling to notice that the conversation was enjoyable even without any ulterior motives.
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  4. u376

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    even after going through tough time for past 6-7 years.........even though i have lost all of my social contact, my school friends.....facing bullies.......multiple embarassing moments.......getting confused at one point.........i am still looking forward to make life better........more peaceful.........i think the clarity and accepting the reality.......is the thing which makes me glad
    that experience positive or negative.......makes me glad
    two days back i was thinking how this version of me would face those moments .......and i think its important to cross check ourselves.....
  5. Ra's Al Ghul

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  6. u376

    u376 Fapstronaut

    just drank it 5 minutes ago....and i am glad about it too :D
  7. One of life's great gifts :)
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  8. SolitaryScribe

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  9. TheManDude

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    The workout rutine in the gym in showing results! I'm a skinny guy and I got an increase of 900 grams in muscle mass in a month, doesn't seem like much but I couldn't do that ever before.
  10. I love the smell and taste of coffee. Too bad my body doesn't :confused:

    As in you all, or someone specific?

    For me, my yoga practice made me feel a lot more better.
  11. Mr.Chips

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    I am always glad that I am a different person. And continuously glad that I realise I have done what is expected to be done waay later.
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  12. SolitaryScribe

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    I said what I said :emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart::emoji_black_heart:
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  13. For me muscles grow rather easily, but strenght is a problem, haha. But it will all come in time. Soon you'll like the guy in your profile pic ;)(assuming he is the one i think he is).
  14. Ginny Weasley

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    Recently? I'm chuffed to have met and gotten to know Moon Shot. He's inspirational, witty, smart, selfless, big hearted and an all round brilliant person I'm truly glad to call my friend.

    There's no better feeling than having someone who actually cares, listens and speaks to you without judgement and rather compassion. Cheers Moonie!
  15. wethebest

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    I'm gonna sound like a loser, but academics. Recently I got all A's last semester. I have been off to a great start this time. Also an exciting internship opportunity might be waiting for me this summer. I'm starting to get serious about my future and career. This compared to skipping every class, watching porn & smoking weed instead and failing every class is pretty big improvement so I'm glad bc of that
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  16. I see we've a mutual friend, then. He's been a pretty positive part of this site ever since I met him.

    @Moon Shot You cheeky bastard, you.
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  17. Moon Shot

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    Thank you Sarah, no need to emarass me like thtat! :oops: It has always been a joy listening to you and conversing, one of the few things I look forward to!

    I'm glad to have found a friend in you. Thank you for tolerating my ramblings!

    I have learnt a lot from you, sir, and you have my respects as a damn good debater. Thanks to you to, friend.

    To bring it back on topic, recently I have been glad to have such awesome friends on NoFap, and please know that you two have been a huge part of my recovery. Thank you.

    P.S I'm also thankful to the one and only 2525 for continuing with the concept of The Team Challenge and Forging Myself for listening to the idea!!
  18. Moonie's gonna get a big head with all the compliments he's been getting lately lol.
  19. Ginny Weasley

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