What are the signs that you are wasting your life?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by LastingChangeCreator, Jul 15, 2018.

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    You get up at 5 am, all charged up for the day. You go for a walk, hit the gym, have a nutritious breakfast and get ready for work.

    You reach your office and everyone is so pleased to have you around. Gracious and charming. You meet all your deadlines and outperform every single person.

    Prolific, eh?

    Then, at 6:30 pm, you reach home. You see your parents smiling at you. Wrinkled and aged. Wanting to start a conversation. But, they are afraid.

    Afraid of being rebuked. Yet, they try and call your name in a low voice. You ignore at first. They don't dare to try the second time. You seem busy. Planning something important.

    You are out with your friends for a drink and come back at 10 pm. They were waiting for you. Dinner is served. Your favourite dish is prepared.

    You snap at the very moment of tasting it. "Is this what you do all day long?". Furious, you leave the dining table and go to your room. Within a few minutes, you forget about everything and start watching your favourite tv series.

    They are still sitting at the table, unable to climb the stairs but waiting for you to come and eat.

    You sleep, they don't. They still get up at 4:30 am. Just for you.

    So, being productive? Mr. Charming!

    Don't waste your life. Strike a balance.


    -Pratik Dhamija (post taken from quora.com)
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    And oh my god, what a post.
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    Be the best version of yourself
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    Probably drinking out makes you feel that you wasted your time, as you could have spend your time productive with your girlfriend improving relationships or studied something that would widen your knowledge, instead of having drinks.

    If you can't have also fun with friends by having discussions without getting drinks, then they aren't really friends but drinking buddies.

    edit:Also watching TV series is massive waste of time, as really they just recycle stuff over and over.
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    I'm guilty of wasting my life since i was 18. I'm 24 now.

    I've done literally fuck all except stay on the computer. I never really "finished" a course or held a job long-term, and it's hard to switch from the "I don't want to work" mentality to now having 2 jobs, one is part time and the other is on call, my body feels so out of place but I know that my "need" is to be out there, not behind a computer.. But because I've been behind a computer so much, my mind always comes back to base one. The end of this year was a wake up call for me and I'm glad that I received this wake up call and I'm extremely grateful for the jobs that have been offered to me, even though it isn't great pay, it still is a source of income.

    Now, I just have to start making new friends, since I've started a new life after my wake up call.
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    Life is never wasted just do things that make you happy even they dont make you rich. Try everything out and just give a fuck as long you can say you lived your life all is fine. I already did jobs which gave me money but to be honest they dont make you happy. Beeing not wasting your life goes all on into your head. If you not doing what you want you feel like wasting your life. So just get the fuck out there and do what you wanna do. I am already 26 and i was in the same situation before 3-4 years i done an education and now i am starting working life but as the thing i wanted to work. I broke my other education up because it was no fun for me.
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    Тhe things with which you waste the most time is the negative people and the liars. Nothing else can waste your time like this.

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