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    Headaches suck. And when it's instigated over drama they suck worse.

    I thought I'd get alot accomplished that hasn't been caught up here in home. It started good. Mourde was anxious all day fretting how his "family" (I'll say that loosely) would think of him.

    Rumors begin, greed for money, thenfact we have his father's will and it's not exactly what his siblings had in mind. They and his niece stayed not to watch their father and grandfather be carried out in a body bag and mourn and support each other.

    oh no...not this family. They all wanted that will. To destroy it.

    Constant talks with our attorney and the funeral home and Mourde fretting what if this and what if that. I just want this nightmare behind us.

    At one point he was ogling a female and insists he was daydreaming/lost in thought. Okay.

    He did speak to a cousin who was pissed thanks to the rumors and gossip that we were the bad people in all this. Because we have the will. That Mourde is executor of. That he in the trustee of. He is legally bound to handle the estate. It sucks.

    His cousin didnt know the whole story of his father's suicide. The months leading up to it. The drama. The fact that we tried to help him and he refused help. We tried to tell as many as we could and they all didnt listen. They truly believed thanks to his siblings and niece we were making it all up. For money.

    His father was frugal in anything that had to do with us and our kids. Handed money to Mourde's niece like it was falling from a tree. Yet this girl....she's something special. She had the entire family mind warped we were the bad people.

    Mourde's cousin finally heard our side and now the table has turned. They will all know the truth now. His entire extended family will know...the truth. The ugly nasty heart wrenching facts.

    They wanted to tear up the will because Mourde's father promised him that he would be generous. Mourde always helped him, always was there. So was I and our kids. And always treated like dirt. By tearing it up, Mourde got basically nothing without a lengthy and costly fight.

    Cant even grieve like normal folks over a stupid will that we have to do all this bullshit for. It's so crazy how when money is involved...everyone that doesnt care shows their true colors. And its ugly.

    His father was cruel to Mourde all his life. And we really felt he fell back on his word to him. The will Mourde handed him back the day before we 302'd him.

    It was sitting on the coffee table the day he died. And we took it with us after we locked up his dad's house.

    We figured he probably had a new one made. But realized the trust and deed to the house couldn't be changed without Mourde's approval. The money could have been changed. But it wasn't.

    His father put that folder on that coffee table before he died. He KNEW Mourde would come. And be the first in the house. And he'd take the will and execute it as he promised his father he would.

    His father kept his word to Mourde.

    And when he realized that, Mourde broke down here. The sobbing, tight chested, boogers down your face sobbing.

    In every way this was closure for Mourde. His dad was an asshole, but the guy kept his word. He respected Mourde enough to say: here you go, son. I'm sorry. Here's what I promised.

    It hurt my heart to see him break down but he needed that. At the same time I'm hurt myself he allowed himself to fall into this pit of anxiety with all the "what if" crap to ogle. Then deny it.

    If he isn't careful though all this...he will be triggered worse.

    So I have a headache. Truthfully I don't give a rat's ass what others in his extended family think about me or my family. We know what we did and did not do. We are good people and money means shit to me. I went from a potential 6 figure salary to spare change to be here for our kids. I've worked hard to teach my kids that money means nothing. To instill morals and ethics in them.

    No outsider will judge me based on half truths and lies from jealous money hungry soulless individuals that want to look like the victims. Not today or ever.

    Those people don't even bother with us, yet for some reason Mourde feels the need to have our side heard is imperative. It makes my head hurt worse.

    I'm glad he has some closure and he cried. He needed that.

    Long week ahead and as usual anymore I should be in bed for my favorite sitcom and i have dogs to feed, a bird and myself to shower and all this crap to do then late bed and early football morning.

    I'm exhausted. My needs aren't met emotionally and I'm drained trying to be supportive and keep things at least somewhat normal.

    Not sure how much longer I can keep up with this stuff at this pace. I just want a break. I want to crochet and chill. I want normal bedtime and TV for one hour and things the way they were.

    And it's all ruined over a selfish act by a man that caused so much pain in our family's life while we tried so hard to still help him. It isnt fair.

    I cant even find positivity right now other than maybe in an hour I'll be passed out :(

    Stay strong, be brave and be true to yourself. Love, hugs and prayers to everyone. Dream well.
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    Rest easy and dream deeply...soon everything will settle down and people will go back to their own lives..in the meantime be good to you and Mourde.
    Prayers and love sent your way.
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    I can't stop finding anger.

    My anger comes from not being heard, depression and feeling unwanted and unloved.

    It's boiling up and I...I haven't felt like this for months. And I hate this feeling.

    I hate tasks. I lived by OCD lists for so long and I finally...oh Lord I finally...got over those lists and here I am back at it. And I'm failing my lists.

    What I did today:
    1. Got boys to football.
    2. 5 loads of laundry and all put away for 4 people. By myself.
    3. 8 sinkfulls of dishes. Hand washed. Hand dried. Alone.
    4. Dry mopped all floors. Alone.
    5. Vacuumed 2 rooms. Alone.
    6. Fed 4 dogs and a bird. Twice today. Alone.
    7. Boys needed picked up but I was on a call so Mourde did that for me. Thanks.
    8. 2 clients needed dealt with. 1 a turnover to a new account and 1 a renewal dealt with. My job.
    9. All paperwork Mourde needs for attorney tomorrow. Including questions and what we want done (out of a damnable trust we should never have committed to).
    10. Cleaned my car carpet where one of the boys spilled frozen coffee all over.
    11. Cleaned the carpet where a dog pissed about 4 cups of water's worth at least.
    12. Had to go over all this what if shit with this stupid will.
    13. Brushed my teeth. Hey....something for myself yay!
    14. Put a barrette in my hair. That's 2 things I did for myself!!
    15. Got dressed. 3 things for me yay!
    16. Still need to dry mop one more floor. Alone.
    17. Ordered pizza for dinner. Not cooking again to not have food eaten...screw it.

    Did I get a "hey you look nice?" No.
    Did I get a "jeez let me help here". No.

    I got a..."you don't have to do anything else to help me with this trust and will if you don't want to. Once we get it situated you can have whatever you want."

    Spa day? Sure. Maybe in a year when this shit settles. Good times. I'll put that on my calendar.

    Notice the sarcasm.

    I still have to dry mop and shower. And get shit ready for the post office and up early again.

    And I will miss my show. Again.

    I want...I don't even know what I want anymore. I don't get asked that. I don't get asked how am I doing. I don't get asked anything really other than where's this or that or stupid crap.

    I'm just what I was before we even came here. The...the everything. Everything yet nothing.

    Wow. That's deep to realize. I am everything here....yet feel like I'm nothing.

    Bleh. I'm going to finish my chores and shower. That's 4 things for me today.

    I'm going to stare in the mirror and tell myself how awesome I am. Then I'm going to crawl on the couch again and watch cartoons since what I'd like to watch will be over. And hold myself and my teddy bear...yea...I'm middle aged and have a teddy and you know...that bear has gotten me through some rough ass times. And I'm going to sleep.

    And do it all again tomorrow.

    Cause I don't see no improvements. Don't see any future good things going on as long as we are caught up in this will and trust and drama of crap. He's triggered and there's nothing I can do. And I'm way too exhausted physically and mentally to support anyone at this point. I'm running on steam and going through the motions to keep the house and kids and myself pushing through the days.

    Trainwreck. A beautifully chaotic trainwreck.

    Tasks suck. Don't get caught in them. Not long. Trust me.

    Be good to yourself and others. Be strong and brave and always be you.

    Love to all and hugs.
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    My Journal
    Tiger 4:37

    Without bad days there would be no good days.

    I’m sorry things are turdy right now. I have a feeling things will turn around for ya soon.

    The mirror wasn’t lying either. You are awesome. :)
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    Dude you better sign my book some day.i needed that thanks so much:)
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    Hang in there...you’ll get through it. Like Tiger said, without bad days, you wouldn’t know good days. This is a moment in time that will pass.
    You’re amazing...
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    You are heard and loved. You fear it not being like that.
    You're brain is addicted to these bad feelings.
    This is NOT a shitty period, not a bad day.

    We make it a bad day. You only have one life

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You want hugs, get hugs.
    You have a teddybear, no problem. But maybe it is about time to throw it out. It seems like a crutch, an addicts excuse. Show your insecurities so Mourde can be strong for you and vice versa.

    You are wonderful, go be wonderful. Choose to be happy because Hazel, you are worth it!.
    If you cannot tell yourself, every day, any day, no-one else can.

    p.s. love you from just reading your journal
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    Just wanted to say good morning and ask you...how are you doing today? Hope things are looking up and you are able to smile today.
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    Bobske I love ya too and thank you.

    Mourde and I are allowing this damnable family drama to control our lives and you really helped me to realize we need to stop that. Thank you thank you thank you.

    The bear is our family bear so he stays :)
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    Morning and I honestly am smiling...it's a gorgeous day and no one is going to ruin that. Thank you for thinking of me I love you and that's the coolest peace sign everrrrr
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    It's bad...

    It's bad when I skip a journal day.

    It's bad when I've allowed the family drama over a selfish man that chose to destroy any faith my husband had in that man.

    It's bad that we are stuck handling that man's mess and cleanup of affairs to be blamed and mistreated for doing a job we don't even want to do. The more we find out about his affairs the more we see how messed up he was towards the end.

    It's bad that Mourde has to go through emotions of love/hate, resentment/adoration, confusion/knowledge all at the same time. He's been having episodes of twitching which means his anxiety is through the roof.

    It's bad when we have to continuously tell other family members the truth because they only know lies that were told to them about us. We don't want to relive the past 6+ weeks.

    It's bad that there are so many unknowns. We spend all days trying to figure out what we will never know and/or what we will know in the next week.

    It's bad when we are pushing each other away because he's stressed and can't process all those emotions coming in too fast and I try to help but can't.

    It's bad that he's struggling to beat his own demons inside and they are feeding from this negativity.

    It's bad that we just pace or sit and our discussions revolve around the drama.

    It is awful that here I am the usual upbeat positive woman that just made a huge fucking negative list right?

    But I needed to. To see it. To get it out. And to remind myself what I say to everyone else I need to also live by.

    We have complete control of how we act/feel and how we react/deal.

    It's good because now I can say: no more speculation. Whatever comes over the next week...we handle then. No more what ifs. Done. Time killer and emotion drainer that crap is.

    It's good because now we can enjoy this beautiful weather, enjoy our pool and relax. I'm going to put this will and trust shit away and not look at it until I need to to help him handle this damnable estate and trust. I'll need to when the bank calls next week and the lawyer. Other than that it's out of sight out of mind.

    It's good because he and I are going to talk about other things. Anything but this stone weight holding us down.

    It's good because after Saturday he has closure with saying his goodbyes. I wish it were otherwise and last discussion was a good one, but we cant change that. His father wasnt of sound mind and I feel in my heart didnt mean what he said to Mourde that day.

    It's good because we are spending today with our kids and each other...there's massive love here.

    It's good because we are healthy, bills paid, food in the fridge, house is pretty clean and cars are all running smooth.

    It's good because our son gets to head to a football camp Monday and he's stoked...I'm usually nervous about his health but know he will be okay. His coaches are awesome.

    It's great because Mourde gave input on my list and alot of his answers are mine :)

    Sensei always lived by this motto ever since he taught me when I was a kid. He's the calmest human being I've ever met. He lives a simple life. But has many who adore him. He studied with monks. Trained with masters in Japan. And he always said:

    We cannot control the outside. We must control the inside.

    Wise man. Thanks everyone for helping me remember those words. Enjoy the holiday if it applies and enjoy the day regardless.

    Be strong and brave. Stay focused and grounded and spread love like there's no tomorrow. Love and hugs to all.
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    Whew...quite the rollercoaster ride for a day or two...glad you’re back on track. Death, dying, money, grief etc...all bring out the very best of people..NOT...lol. However you do get to see a side of them that is usually hidden. That is a good thing. Watch and observe...not every question needs an answer and not every person needs an explanation.

    One moment at a time...and remember...be YOU...you’re wonderful and so is Mourde.
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    Love and hugs to you. Unfortunately the other side of them isn't hidden...never was :( tomorrow and Saturday will be hard but we are going in with dignity and you're so right...we don't owe explanations or should be spending the next 2 days during a wake and burial letting the dark souls take up our emotions or make us feel unwelcome.

    I hope you're okay, we've been thinking of you through all this and praying.
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    What is normal? Who defines it??

    Today was so nice. We swam before serious storms and Mourde got some downtime. We walked and talked and yea...still about the main issue but other things too. That was more "normal" going than the past few days.

    My father called. He lives 2 hours away and his health sucks. Has for years. He enables my mom and has his faults but he loves us in his own way. And he will be here tomorrow. In his own words "I'm coming if the weather is okay to support and be there for Mourde and my family. Not them." We didnt ask him to...he wants to.

    That brought Mourde to sucking down sobs. 2 of my uncles and an aunt will be there as well. To support Mourde. And a friend of ours is as well.

    The entire department he works for and council. The union reps. And others he knows through work. All for Mourde.

    That's love. That's what will get him thru tomorrow and Saturday. I'll be there. At first I had no intentions but my big guy needs me. And I'm gonna hold him up and keep the sharks away from him. They won't intimidate us. His siblings have ALWAYS been cruel to him and jealous...that's their problem. They are jealous of our family. It's tight. It's not materialism. It's love. And they can't have that or take it away. Sucks to be them.

    We are wrapping up today a little earlier than usual. Getting back to what we deem normal.

    After Saturday itll be alot easier. We handle things as they come and don't have to face this or his siblings and niece again ever. The lawyer will.

    I don't want to rush time. But I do look forward to Sunday. Closer to normal.

    I'm tired but content. My teddy bear will be my hubby (yes Bobske...I heard you loud and clear :) and we are going to be a team and get thru this like the fantastical duo we are. And our kids have their dad's back tomorrow too. They love him so much and no one messes with their daddy.

    We are blessed. We are using this experience to teach our kids to never ever be the way his family is. We never really worried ours would but it's a good reminder to them to always be there for each other. They will I know.

    My eyes are sore so I'm going to get ready to chill and get to bed here.

    Much love to all. Be strong and brave. Be bold but humble. And be you. (Just like I'm gonna keep being me...thanks for reminding and supporting me Lostneverland)

    Dream well everyone.
  15. Lostneverland

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    Right on guys...you got this...I’m proud of you both.
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    Shitty things goodbyes are..so final...in German we say Auf Wiedersehen. "Until we meet again."

    Mourde has me chuckling here. Let me repeat his words : "mind fucked, narcissistic, jag offs (we are in Pittsburgh), bullshit nonsense..."

    You get the idea.

    Yesterday the wake. Lord we walked in nervous about how we'd be received. Keep in mind his sister, without discussing it with Mourde (the same sister his father stated clearly to keep away from his dead body), well she set up the viewing per his giving her his okay as the executor of the will.

    This is the niece's mom.

    She set up the picture board. And left Mourde and our kids out. She had his father's patches he asked me to handsew to his army hat ripped off and stacked on his body. His niece was wearing his father's jacket. They shunned him as pallbearer....giving the duties to their own partners and it was all so wrong. Others noticed all these things and asked why.

    His sisters and brother and niece smug. Acting like they owned the place. We went in heads high, with several who showed only for Mourde. And we walked to his father and grieved as a whole.

    His cousins came and suddenly it grew chaotic, they wanted his side of the story. It flushed thru the family quick. And Mourde was vindicated. The sisters and niece and their partners all literally withdrew to the back wall. And we continued to stay calm and not let them get under our skin.

    Oh they tried...but we shook the comments off.

    At the funeral today...we grieved. We found out his father's true intentions before his death. His true chaos because his father is an SA...and was living a double life with 2 women. On top of lying to his son and niece and sister. All different stories. All of that weight on his shoulders.

    We went to mass and prayed hard for peace and his father to rest and find his own peace. And then we went to the small chapel and something happened....

    Mourde and I entered and sat on one side. His sisters, brother and niece on the other. And EVERYONE else in his family....sat behind us.

    Mourde cried. In letting go of his father, the bad memories and finding peace in his own self, and in the huge amount of support once his family knew the truth.

    It's been raining for days here. We're so exhausted mentally and physically but...it's over.

    Except for the estate and trust. Which we will honor and take joy in knowing...we won. Not with money or assets. With the fact we are the better people, we have what they never will: love, faith, strength, morals, values and ethics. Nothing or no one can take that away. Ever.

    During the upcoming weeks...for the greedy shit talkers...it's nothing personal just business.

    And they won't pick on nor abuse my husband ever again. I promised Mourde that.

    We know what needs done and are quickly going to work towards those goals to wrap things up, close estate and trust and get out from this mess.

    His father for the most part was an asshole to Mourde and my family. But there were good times. And we are going to remember him by the good times. That doesn't mean we forget the bad ones. We've said our peace, and moved forward with our lives.

    Mourde clearly gets to see how dependency on another person emotionally and/or physically can consume them when faced left alone. And he needs to learn to stand tall for himself. Alone he can and is strong. With a partner he is just as strong. He gets to see how this addiction can become so engulfing that it can literally destroy families and friends and any ethics and morals.

    A definite life lesson for him.

    He has been courageous through the last 2 days and I've done all I could do to hold him up and support him. (Did I mention his one sister is BEST BUDS with his ex suddenly and his ex showed up at the viewing?!) And I don't regret being there for him to be brave enough to stand tall against his siblings who have always mistreated him.

    He IS the champion in all this.

    And we said our goodbyes to his father. Which is closure we and our children needed.

    I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has prayed and thought of us. That sent support and thought of our family. That helped Mourde through this past week of pure hell. And who picked me up when I felt weak too.

    We love you and send our prayers and well wishes.

    Be strong and brave. Be you. And always be good to yourself and others.

    And please if you EVER feel down...reach out. Never feel you are alone. I promise you, you aren't.
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  17. Lostneverland

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    Fantastic ending and new beginning...ya, you guys did great.
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    Part 2...dramafest

    We thought the hard part was over. Endured all that painful nonsense. But you don't really KNOW a person until they are gone and you have to be in charge of their mess left behind and details seep out of the woodwork like maggots from a carcass.

    The details I wish we didn't know now. The maggots keep coming and Mourde and I...are literally almost at our wits end.

    There are 3 main issues with the will and trust. We thought we had a game plan.


    His brother is not of sound mind. And is distraught. And his sisters have promised his brother the world. But they never cared about Mourde or his brother. It's all about the money his brother was left. And the house. Because they want it for Mourde's niece.

    The house Mourde owns half of. Has for over a year. The other half left in a trust Mourde is in charge of...the trust of his brother.

    We finally spoke to his brother. And explained we need the bills. To find out that his sisters and niece talked his brother into changing the locks. Without Mourde's consent. Mourde explained he was here to help his brother, but what they talked him into was illegal. And to give him a key.

    An hour and a half later...a sister calls and leaves us a message. Demeaning us, swearing up and down and accusing us of harassment. We can't take the house we don't own it. (Um...yea we own half...and the other half Mourde is in charge of to protect his brother from them stealing from the house)...then she thought she hung up but didnt and made a threat.

    We didnt sleep well. Our kids are distraught. We all are. And how can we possibly work with his brother when his brother runs to their sisters thinking they are protecting him?

    The other key they gave to the niece. To move in. She was forbidden by law enforcement to even step on the property. And now all this.

    His father left such a mess. And he knew it. And he KNEW that Mourde and I were the ONLY ones who would take care of his brother. But we can't when his brother won't even speak to us. We feel like we are drowning...and need to get this shitfest all sorted out with the attorney.

    On top of it...we hear that potentially and from the looks of it...his father tried to back out of the suicide. It seems he struggled possibly to free himself. This breaks my heart.

    Even though there was a falling out between Mourde and his father because we tried to get his dad help, and his sisters and niece influenced his father that we were the bad guys, I'd rather this man were still alive and bitter we had him evaluated than this ending.

    It never ends.

    We started yesterday tired when we woke. But we felt lighter. We felt the difficult part was done. We ran to get some groceries and even stopped at the grave and left his father and mother cupcakes. And spoke to them.

    We came home and got a few things done. And Mourde from the stress snapped at me. I retaliated.

    Things were already heated before the speaking to his brother.

    As usual...no matter what...we banded together quickly. No matter how upset we are at eachother... we always have each other's backs.

    The stress is overwhelming. We know what we need to do to get out of this pitfall of hell. Patience in the matter I don't have but must. And I know that for every step we take to rid ourselves of this plague of crap from his siblings and niece, the more they will fight and argue and threaten. The more stress until it's over.

    They are used to a free ride. Handouts of money constantly. Especially his niece. Who is a grown woman. And we watched his father literally go downhill so fast over being manipulated by the niece. And the more we spoke up that what was happening was wrong, the worse we were in his father's eyes.

    The free ride ended when they drove the man to do what he did.

    And Mourde and I have been more than polite and respectful to people that don't even deserve a first glance let alone a second.

    We are simply following a legal will and trust and yet they act like we are committing a crime.

    It. Is. The biggest dramafest everrrr....

    And not something my peace loving self enjoys. Now...the gloves are off, so to speak. No one messes with my husband and family.

    This amount of stress is causing Mourde to fall in addict mode again. I had to remind him yesterday. His words to me were cruel and flew off his tongue. All because he wanted to eat without waiting for me to have dinner done for the family. And he wasnt helping me put the groceries away. Finally we eat. And he finishes first. And leaves me to eat alone because the kids had already finished. He broke down at the table and our daughter asked what was wrong and he told her he didnt know what was wrong with him. And left her and I sitting there before she got up and here I was...alone.

    Touch he's taken away from me. And his routine is a trainwreck. Albeit we haven't had a typical day in over a week now but still...we can't stop time from moving ahead and need to regroup and get on track.

    I lay thinking last night. Had we not been on this trust and will, how easy life would be. Back to the usual. What his father left for us is not worth this stress and agony. No amount of money is. None.

    Our entire summer will be filled with this hanging over our heads like a rain cloud. I don't want that. Tomorrow I have late meetings for football and am supposed to take over on the executive board. I dont have the time or energy to spend on a house filled with negativity and bad vibes or on money and assets left from a man that lived a selfish life. No amount of money can make up for the fact he only paid attention to Mourde's niece and seldom even thought of saying hello to our kids. Meanwhile they adored their grandfather from a distance.

    So it's a new week of new drama that we are legally stuck in. And as I made clear with some tough love yesterday to Mourde: do not become your father.

    I'll update here that Mourde just spoke to the attorney and the attorney is going to handle it all and take this burden off our shoulders. Yay. What a relief. No need to discuss with his siblings, see that house again until we sell it, no drama.

    Now we can sit back and start to enjoy the day and not fret this nonsense. God is good.

    Be strong and brave. Stay focused and never give up. Prayers and hugs and love to all.
  19. I was going to suggest that this is not a situation you and mourde can mediate.

    Leave it to your attorney and it will all work out to the best of your hopes and wishes.

    Insert Serenity prayer HERE

    praying you 2 have a much better day and week to follow.
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  20. Lostneverland

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    Ain’t that the truth...the true side of people come out when money is involved. It’s like the vultures start circling.
    I’m happy the attorney is handling everything. It’s easier that way, and definitely better for you and your family.
    You guys have been through so much...this is another test. There’s not a doubt in my mind that you will overcome and succeed.
    You have to go through it to get to it...safe journey.
    Healing hearts and prayers are here for you both
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