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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by SorryWontSayIt, Sep 5, 2018.

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    So as many people that have tried nofap they have attracted people more the longer the streaks are.

    But can people get attracted just by texting you while on nofap? (snapchatting?)

    Not to long ago I had a 7 days streak on nofap, a girl texted me not too much, but every other day or so. Then I broke the streak, and fapped every day. Then she was more or less gone. Now I am on a 7 days streak again, and she have been texting me the last 3-4 days, sometimes 2-3 times per day. (We don't live in the same city). So it feels a bit nice and weird that someone starts texting me so much again when I am back on nofap.

    I used to date this girl. So is it just that she maybe misses me and it is all just random, or do you guys think nofap can have anything to do with snapchatting?
    The texts can be random sometimes, but she have also sent snapchat pictures of hobbies we shared.
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    It's probably mostly random. However, the reason girls can be more attracted to guys on nofap is because their confidence has gone up. When you're on a high streak, youre much more focused on being the best you that you can be than you are when youre giving up and PMOing. So that's why people can be more attracted to you. It's not magic or anything, it's just the basic truth that people who are confident and taking care of themselves well are attractive.
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    It is good timing to me tho. If she contacted me two weeks ago I would feel a lot worse about myself. But lately I have felt really great - even tho my nofap streak is not that long. But I have focused a lot on changing my mindset to become more positive to in general.
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  4. Exactly, that's my opinion too. It makes perfect sense.
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    Agree on the random part as well. Also having passion and confidence in your hobbies can also help especially when you focus your energies into it.

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