Weird penis injury Please Help!

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    Hello everyone
    I am really scared that I might have screwed myself for life and really need your help.
    Around a month ago I stretched my foreskin too harshly while masturbating in prone position and due to this there is a circumferential dent just under the glans which disappears when fully erect. Sometimes (three times out of ten) I do not get any pleasurable sensation in my penis. My EQ has also slightly reduced. I do not get spontaneous erections just by thinking which I am quite sure I did before the injury. But with some effort I can get 100‰ erections. Most of the time I do get morning erections but they are not consistent and I really do not remember that they were before the injury. The dented area slightly pains(dull continuous pain on the left and sharp occasional bursts of pain on the right). There is something interesting that I have noticed in recent days that the dented area (which Is slightly visible while erect) moves or rolls with the skin. I have been to one of the best urologist in my city and he said that there is nothing wrong with me and the ED is purely psychological. In the time of a month the injury has got slightly better.
    I believe that I had overstretched the skin of penis and in doing so had also damaged some nerves.
    I just wanted to ask that
    Is it easy to permanently damage the penis?
    Did anyone experienced this type of injury before?
    Will this injury heal and will the dent go away with time?
    I am 20 years old and was completely healthy and fit before the injury (and I still am except for my penis).
    I have been masturbating about two to three times a week since the injury occurred.
    Thank you for reading
  2. Please stop doing that. I'm afraid it can be worse if you keep masturbating
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  3. Well, your urologist said nothing was wrong, and you stated he was the best in your said it yourself that your injury is getting slightly better.....a second opinion couldn't hurt, but my guess is, you probably haven't done any irreparable damage.

    Just quit masturbating for a while.....
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  4. VK2656

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    Thanks for the reply guys
    I will definitely give my penis break for about a month and let it heal itself.
  5. sepuede

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    Hi, How did it go with this?
    sorry by my english, i ami from argentina
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    go to the doctor immedeatly and do nofap

    I mean ur penis hurt because of fap,, thats is solid cause to stop fap i guess
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    Maybe now is the best time to quit M. I guess this is were a circumcision would have been better. You defo need to see a doc though as sometimes leaving injuries get worse.
  8. VK2656

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    I went to two urologists and both of them said that I am fine. The morning erections are now slowly fading away but this could be because of stress and anxiety. One of the doctors prescribed me l arginine for seven days. I think that I have damaged some fascia beneath the skin by overstretching it while masturbating . Due to the injury the penis below the glans has got thinner and the skin on the left side has got loose (where it pains). I don't want to go to another urologist as they just keep telling me that I am fine and it is quite frustrating.
    Do fascia tear hurts a lot? as I am not experiencing any severe pain or swelling. The area only pains when I touch it.
    If I do nofap for a month will the injured fascia heal?
    I am really getting freaked out now.
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    Injury Update
    It has been two and a half months since the injury and I have noticed some improvements. My morning woods and spontaneous erections have returned and I can now get full erections without even touching. But there are two problems that have yet not healed-
    1. The deformation on the penis skin is still there and it seems like it is not even starting to get normal in these two months.
    2. I have lost some sensation in penis and if i try to masturbate then it does not feels pleasurable. Due to this my sexual desire has also fallen and I cannot fully sense erections.
    To be honest I did not fully gave up masturbating and relapsed sometimes (about once in eight to ten days) due to this constant urge. But after seeing the improvements I will try to go 20 days without M.
  10. coffeemuggg

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    I have the same problem but I have only masturbated once with 0 pressure because pressure was what caused the problem in the first place. it's been about 2 weeks now since I put too much pressure when masturbating(I couldn't get an erection for at least 2 days). Except I can get morning wood and I can get a full erection half the time. I know I haven't damaged the nerves because they are just as sensitive as before. My guess with what is happening to me in my case, is that when my heart rate goes up when I exert myself without even masturbating the spongy material the penis is made up of is getting blocked in some way I lose colour in the tip of my penis (especially when panicked or adrenaline is going off) and it goes flaccid hard, it doesn't go away till I calm myself down.

    (btw I do not have any dents on my penis)
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