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  1. DAY 0
    Found an AP he seemed really kind
    Tried to socialise with some new people and we ended up laughing and smiling for 5 min
    One of my teachers was sick, so I got to go home early, feel sad because the teacher was funny and i enjoyed his lessons but hopefully he will be better next week
  2. Day 1
    Accomplishments- Went ice skating with my sister but instead of freezing choose to play football with a new friend
    - Took time to laugh with my mother
    -Helped my father by ironing his cloth
    Adversities - Got an exam in one day
    -Need to priotize my sleep
    - Time to interact with people at nofap
  3. Day 0
    - Had a history seminar tried my best
    - Spent one hour in nofap socialising
    - Joined new challenges
    Adversities -
    Need to study math
    Afraid of not writing here tomorrow because i feel like a failure and do not have a lot to share
    So much to do- gym, read book, sleep before 8
  4. Had a strong urge around 1pm mainly because of some pictures i saw on instaagram. At that time i was hungry and very tired and a friend told me that p would not fill my belly nor make me feel rested so i decided to eat beans and sleep for 1 hour felt much more better
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    Hey, just passing by here to wish you strength! Stay strong @bashka!
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