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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Cmv120, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Cmv120

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    Anyone have any good favorites? I watch Elisha Long, Gabe Dawg, and iamLucid. Any other good guys to watch? Let’s discuss these dudes. I personally feel like Gabe Dawg has some real motivational shit and he puts it as it is. But sometimes he’s redundant? I don’t know. He’s my dude, regardless. Gabe fuels my NoFap mindset. He said once “You got to be the person who does NoFap, you can’t be that same guy who does PMO or else you’ll just do PMO” I was like “no shit” but then I was like NOSHITTTT and I really wanted to change from the inside out.

    Otherwise Elisha is just a wise beast and he has helped me with some practicality. I started journaling more because of him, and he also really encouraged me to start hitting the gym harder. He’s got some gooooooddd stuff about confidence on one of his last videos.

    For some reason I am not really fond of GoldJacketLuke.... Maybe someone can change my mind.

    But iamLucid is my DUDE and I absolutely love his passion for YouTube. Anyone here who hasn’t checked him out definitely go watch his videos. Def some great content and I know he’s just gonna get better and better as the years go on. The evolution of his channel is fucking amazing.
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    I am watching Seth Alexander, this guy sometimes talks about NoFap and how it changes him life. He starts gym read books, better at reaction of girls. He become more masculine. And he quit his awful work and started a business.
    I think this is motivational. We all need to
    Keep reeboting!
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  3. ShyIIock

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    This is only video you need to watch :D who will win? you decide.
  4. 888Konichiva888

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    Ahah, this is you and your brain, when you're want to not even more watch P
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  5. WayneKest

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    Been binge watching Fearless Soul, since I've been living as a negative person all of my life. Michael Sealey, because it's just easier for me to meditate to his recordings. bigknowknow is an honorable mention, he's great.
  6. Cmv120

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    Michael Sealy is my DUDEEEEEEE

    Also wtf that video has me crying... So inspirational. Lol... I’ll have to check these people out
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  7. The Winner

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    My Journal
    Type "David goggins" on Youtube.
    You will be amazed by his story.
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  8. Cmv120

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    That shit was real.

    I’m going to watch more later but I’ve got to sleep now lol
  9. 888Konichiva888

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    So iam already watched this LOL:)
  10. Infrasapiens

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    I have no passion, inspiration, motivation or hope. But this changes everything.
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  11. SamFZ

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    I second David Goggins.

    Also Joe Rogan. Clips from his podcast have blown my mind at times and really got me out to the gym and things.

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  12. TheSuperMan

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    I like that Joe Rogan one, too! He's got another REALLY good one, that's kinda similar, about becoming the hero of your own story:
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  13. ele7ven

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    I can recommend you YouTube channel "Simple Zen Life" - these videos were really helpful for me.


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