Waking Up From a nightmare to discover Real Man: 30 Days Update

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Brahmakumar101, Mar 26, 2018.

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  1. Brahmakumar101

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    Hey, bros!
    Hope you are doing good. Hope you are recovering physically, mentally & spiritually and discovering the real man that lives right inside you & screaming to be discovered.

    For those who get troubled by paid sex and escorts, read this -


    Read my latest post on 120 days here -


    About Me

    You can clearly know my name from my profile. I am 23 now & from India.

    I can still remember my amazing childhood time when I used to be so energetic & youthful. Football was my favourite sport. Until I discovered masturbation in 2008 ( I was in 8th standard) & porn the next year. It was the most wonderful thing I ever did and like all of you bros, I fapped to almost every situation of life. I knew that the things were still the same & it changed nothing but I would become miserable if I go without it for a day. My porn addiction reached a peak during my Engineering when I was fapping multiple times to the inhuman porn videos.

    Additionally, since the porn did so much damage to my soul & mind ( which I realized after reading books only like this ), I had become ugly & out of energy. Since very recently I was having acne on my face & I never realized that PMO is the source of all that trouble. My confidence was always low for I was filled with guilt & shame each day. And hence, I could never make a gf or had a real sex. But the frustration & brainwashing to real sex kept building & I started having paid sex. I don't even have the count of how many times I involved in this debauchery but I found it good to have sex with no strings attached.

    Adding on to all this, I had been a cigarettes & drugs addict for the last 4 years. Weed remained my favourite time pass.

    16 Feb 2018 was the day when I had my last paid sex encounter. I cried badly in the night thinking about all the sins I have been committing. Having Paid sex & still never feeling satisfied but guilty every time.Being jobless for more than 2 years. Smoking a pack of cigarette each day. Lying to my parents about my whereabouts. Eating shit food each day & looking like a potato.Smoking weed & doing other drugs. Drinking alcohol on the weekly basis. Having great ideas to work on but always procrastinating. Masturbating multiple times a day. Spending time with my loser friends & finding hapless to change anything. And finally going bankrupt after spending all your money on filth.

    " Enough is Enough "
    Change becomes inevitable when you say yourself, " Enough is Enough". Let's change & create a life where there is no regret & crying. Where you can look back & feel great about each moment.

    And it's surprising that once you make a decision to change, you start attracting all the great things. And that's how I was introduced to NoFap when a random video popped up in my YouTube feed & the guy talked about this site.

    I knew I don't like it. I have always felt guilty & ashamed of myself after doing this. I have never felt great or energetic after committing this sin. And all the cases I read in forum proved the same to me & I decided to do it.

    " So what changed? "
    A lot. A lot of things. I know that it's been just 30 days but it appears to me that I have come out of the nightmare life that I was living. Somebody took off the blanket that I was firmly holding it & now I had no option but to face the things.

    Looks like I got a new mind. I can really live consciously now rather than being on autopilot each day.

    Now, I look at opposite gender with respect & indifference rather thinking to bang them like I used to in the past. I feel so much good & confident being around girls in the office. Once guilt & shame is gone, you return to default & natural state.

    My voice pitch seems to be getting better & now I speak slowly and with confidence. People just stop and pay attention to my words when I speak.

    I quit smoking 3 days after I started NoFap. All thanks to Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit Smoking. If you are a smoker too, read the book & break the nicotine slavery once and forever.

    I have lost almost 15 pounds in the last month. I know that may be a lot in a month but when you start eating one meal a day ( high fat & high protein ) & start doing bodyweight exercises rather than eating fast food the whole day, the body had no option but to drop off that excess fat.

    Acne, which had troubled me since my 9th grade, is gone. I am so ecstatic to tell you that. My face has never been so clear & radiant since years.

    My hairs have become so much better. I need not worry about combing them every now & then like I used to in the past.

    I feel so much energetic & in control. I can wake up early, do the workout, go to office & still feel energetic after coming back to home. I had never been able to harness so much energy in the last couple of years.

    And the best feeling? I would be frank with you bros. I never got any looks from opposite gender till now. But now? Yes, I do observe a couple of times that girls do check me out. And it's such a great feeling.

    What Helped Me?
    1. Reading. A lot of reading. I read books & made sure that I remove all the brainwashing & my previous assumptions that I had about sex, masturbation, girls & other things in general. Please do read this book. Find books on life, motivation, Buddhism & all the great topics that would strengthen your mind. If you want to successful reboot without needing to count days, just involve yourself in reading a lot of great stuff.
    2. Meditation. Now, if you read in the forum, you would certainly come across this topic every now & then. But why meditation? It's your brain that controls your hands & your thoughts & not the vice versa. Once you start having some command over it, it becomes easier to manage your thoughts & avoid relapse.
    3. You would be merely counting the days & waiting for relapse to occur if you don't set up your schedule & goals. But if you do latter first, the days would merely pass and you won't have to worry about your days' streak. Use the extra energy you possess to find your passion, goals & create new habits to build a strong foundation upon which you can really count success.
    4. How do you deal with occasional sex-related thoughts & images? It's simple. When do you think it's the easiest to contain the fire? It's right when it starts. If you allow it to become a raging fire, it would be almost impossible to control it. But even if you control it, it would end up doing an enormous damage already. Use 5-second rule and as you catch yourself slipping, count backwards ( 5 4 3 2 1 ) and move. Do something. Go for a walk. Hit pushups. Talk to your friend. See it as a battle you can't afford to lose. The pain of starting from 0 after relapsing never really feels good.
    5. What do you do if you get an intense boner? Try this next time. Visualize that the blood is flowing from your genitals to your brain & the brain getting charged by all that surplus flow. This is weird but you can certainly do this once you start practising meditation & have some control over you.

    What Next?

    I really need your advice regarding this. Since I committed so many bodily sins ( though I have forgiven myself completely for my past), I just made a commitment to myself to not involve my body in sex or PMO for the next 2 years at least. But I do have some doubts that still needs to be clarified.

    Are you rebooting to start getting involved in sexual activities after some specific time?
    Are you planning to be celibate?
    Are you planning to master the art of tantric sex so that you don't spill the most vital energy of a man?
    Or are you planning to involve yourself in moderate sexual activities?

    I am still confused about this. I don't want to waste my sperm & would like to retain it for I have experienced some amazing benefits from its retention. Can anyone help me about that?

    Thanks to all of You!

    I never knew that such an amazing & unique community can exist online to address the issue that seems to be destroying men's health everywhere. Thanks for your lovely posts! Thanks for posting your experiences & stories that really allowed me to make solid changes. Thanks for being so nice to each other. And thanks for making me feel a real man again!

    I would be here until I accomplish 180 days challenges. Feel free to reach me! Would be happy to help bros who are just getting Started. See you on the other side of success!
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  2. Stone_Richie

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    Congrats Rajat, you have really turned your life around, very inspiring stuff.

    Best of luck with your journey.
  3. Out of the Furnace

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  4. Anurag12

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    Hello Rajat!! This is Anurag from India too, Its good you realized what wrong you r doing. Very happy for you but don't relapse.
    I never had any sex, never smoked any cigarettes but the only problem was porn, Porn changes the way we think about women. I wish I could have never watched porn. My girlfriend left me because I watched porn. Now I don't care about women and girl anymore, thats what nofap has taught, u gotta start respecting yourself and guess Girls notice me where ever I go, its very strange how nofap works because yesterday a mother of two children married, Gorgeous, sexy looking middle aged women was constantly looking at me, her eyes showed that she was attracted and want to get fucked by me but I ignored and I believe thats the change I brought in myself.
    Porn changes the way we see this world.
    Women r also human not a sex machine.
    All d best
    Never Give up
  5. Brahmakumar101

    Brahmakumar101 Fapstronaut

    Bhai Anurag, thanks for your suggestion man. Sex ruined my brain & body and the pleasure was just a large spike followed by a massive low. I just made a commitment to myself to keep myself clean from sexual thoughts & sex for 2 years.
    I guess the incidents like you mentioned become very common once you abstain from debauchery for your soul gets purified & your eyes start piercing the soul. You must be feeling so proud of yourself when you encounter incidents like these. I had a couple of these in my reboot span & used to feel so proud & ecstatic about that.
    How long have you been doing all this? ( keep the PMO tracker bhai ! )
    And yes, my perception about girls & the opposite gender have changed completely. I look at them with indifference rather than thinking to bang them as I used to in the past.
    Thanks, Anurag bhai! I am so proud of you ;)
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  6. Anurag12

    Anurag12 Fapstronaut

    Bhai!! I have been doing since last year August, I reached Day 73 on my very first attempt but my gf gave me a blow job and it ruined journey and she came to know I was addicted to porn but I started again and currently I am on Day 75 my longest ever and going well. I don't fantasize, don't bother about girls anymore, even though I get lustful eyes on street by womens and girls but now I have decided I am not going to live double sided life, Only in search of such a girl who loves me and we can understand each other and live life happily. God never excepts these lustful behavior.
    I want to leave this porn shit forever.
    Although I was I good looking but I never got such lustful eyes and attention from women and girls specifically married womens and you know our Indian womens are not so open but I think now a days even married woman watch porn those who r hungry for sex or somehow not satisfied with their husband and porn is something easily available so I guess due to my increasing confidence and high testerone level I am attracted to them and I think you too might get attracted to womens and thats the beauty of living porn free life.
    I am from Lucknow and you?
  7. Awesome story bud! For me I'm going no porn so I can enjoy a great sex life. That's what I want... And I had it in the past. Porn just got back into my life unfortunately and now I'm making the permanent change. So my journey won't be celibacy. But everyone has to make their own choices. Good luck and thanks for sharing your success
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  8. Brahmakumar101

    Brahmakumar101 Fapstronaut

    All the best man. Stay strong! Build a strong foundation upon which you can count success & a great life.
  9. Brahmakumar101

    Brahmakumar101 Fapstronaut

  10. Son of shiva

    Son of shiva Fapstronaut

    Rajat bhai I am also from India and my story is also similar to you.i lost everything in this evil habit but now this time I am determined that I will break this pmo addiction..
  11. Son of shiva

    Son of shiva Fapstronaut

    Hiiii Anurag I am from Kanpur and I am also struggling in same way..so I can understand your struggle..we bhailog will get succeed this time..keep it up..
  12. theoptimist

    theoptimist Fapstronaut

    Congrats, what you wrote is very inspiring!
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  13. Congrats bhai!
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  14. Brahmakumar101

    Brahmakumar101 Fapstronaut

    The link ( The best guide to rebooting Book ) seems to be not working as mentioned by you.
    Get the book here.
    A few great sentences from the book -
    " Ignorant people are not fearful, they have not fully comprehended the evil fruit brought forth by masturbation"
    "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."
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  15. Brahmakumar101

    Brahmakumar101 Fapstronaut

    Let's forget about our past bhai. We are humans and end up doing things compulsively in this sex grounded society. I believe that we all can do this & achieve real liberation that this body & mind demands. All the best bhai! Stay strong & blessed. Bhagwaan apne saath hai.
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  16. Son of shiva

    Son of shiva Fapstronaut

    Blkl bhai...all the best to you too..
  17. Warrior1995

    Warrior1995 Fapstronaut

    @ Rajat Kumar, What an amazing start. Your words are showing that u will succeed. I wish that all of us may get rid of these evil habbits.
  18. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    Great changes man. Keep changing, keep adding new good things in life and keep old good things.

    Just 2 year commitment is too big step ahead when you have only 30 days. Start with normal recommended 90 days. The will see how things go. Sex is good when you do it with your girlfriend - someone you love and care about. But the way you did it it was wrong so that's why perhaps you want to stay away from it for so long when in fact you need to live and experience good things in life including relationships.

    So yeah see how you feel at 60 days, then 90 days and then reconsider where you going and what you want every 30 days.
  19. Brahmakumar101

    Brahmakumar101 Fapstronaut

    I know that i am setting up a way big target of 2 years. But it's to purify my flesh, soul and mind that was adversely affected for I treated my body and mind like garbage.
    I would certainly agree that moving in steps is a very good option and love can be a great feeling.
    But I really have set up a big target of being a millionaire in 2 years and I just can't let my mind to wander away with love for love is great but distracting too and consumes your time and hampers productivity.
    Since started reading books on Buddhism, i have come to realization that you are a complete system on your own and don't need anyone else to complete yourself.
    Just my opinion man. But consider me as conducting a big experiment on being celibate and achieving success.
    How are you doing man? Stay strong and conscious and enjoy this new liberty of life. Thanks for your feedback buddy.
  20. Epic Fight

    Epic Fight Fapstronaut

    Very good, fast reboot as you started early! Congrats! For me it took almost 10x the time, but Ive been fapping for 2 decades :p stay strong everybody!!

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