Violence From Liberals

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    Two videos here. First is a link to a story and video on one attack, second is a YouTube video of a different attack.

    When is it going to be enough? When will Democrat and liberal thinkers be held accountable for their acts of violence against other Americans who think differently than them? These incidents are just the latest, these things have been going on for years, around the time Trump ran for

    Anybody who thinks differently than them is subjected to violence and ridicule because the Liberals have made themselves judge, jury, and executioner in this country.

    These pro abortion creatures believe in women’s rights, and defending women’s bodies, yet they have no problem physically assaulting women’s bodies when they think differently than them.

    A truly disgusting stain on humanity.
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    My Journal
    What did my eyes just see
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    Knock them out with your fist, immobilize them and call the police...
  4. Cowards? Animals? Mentally ill?
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    Well not surprising.

    "No Freedom for the ennemys of Freedom " said Saint-Just

    In every forms ,liberalism is violence. They do not support free speech .
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    The projection is real, isn't it?

    This is why you don't hand out a trophy to every kid that competes; creating this spoiled brat mentality that if things don't go their way, they'll throw a hissy fit until they get it.
    Americans got tired of toddlers running our country, so we voted to change it. Those toddlers are creating tiny monsters out of these spoiled brats & the media fuels it.

    They need a red pill
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    There are lunatics on both sides of the spectrum. Remember all the anti-abortion protestors who blocked people from entering clinics and killed doctors. Look for the truth instead of picking a side and fighting.
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  10. When did that happen? How many decades ago was it? Sounds like an isolated incident, whereas in the last 3 years we’ve had dozens of instances of violence from liberal Democrats. Full scale riots and people nearly killed, so don’t you dare try to defend them.
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    The guy who drove into the crowd in Charlttesville, Malheur. Thats just off tje top of my head. Left and right are the same. Only see the good in themselves and the bad in others.
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    Since your all about "facts" let's straighten the story for the fellow readers. That driver was very interested in nazis and Hitler. Why do you lump him in with the right? Surely that's not what you think the right is do you? I mean, your statement would make sense if you did though...
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    Compiled list of violent acts promoted by the left, starting 2 months after Trump announced his run for presidency in 2015.
    594 violent acts to date on here; some bigger than others. Regardless, I honestly don't remember this happening when Obama was in office....but, I'm wrong a lot, sooooo :emoji_shrug:
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  14. Like others have said, he was a Bona Fide white supremacist.

    Also, it hasn’t been totally established whether he set out to run people over, or whether the ILLEGAL protest going in with thousands of people in the street started to attack his car first.

    Either way we could list hundreds of acts of violence from left wing groups and individuals since Trumo ran for office. You could maybe come up with 5 or so from right wing individuals.

    Shall we list them?
  15. What I find more shocking than anything is the fact that Democratic officials are not publicly condemning these acts and calling for civility. Sadly some are even promoting this type of behavior which gives a big red-flag to that party's leadership abilities.
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    You know what I do not get? What I do not get is why the hell do religious people take politics and religion in the same hand? Do those politicians have anything to do with the public or average person? Do they ever visit their houses or have dinner with them or preach in the jail system or give money to the poor? like some churches do out there. Politicians hide behind a desk job all day long putting rules and regulations into place to make this country even worse than it already is. Thank I do not have my citizenship because I would not even vote anyway for the next presidential election. U know, not everything is in black and white.
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    The left has a huge shadow, precisely because they often present a persona of tolerance and compassion.

    In the 60s the left was also limited in its power, but now they run universities and most of the media and celebrity culture. They have achieved this by creating an outrage culture that attacks anyone who doesn't confirm to a very narrow set of politically correct, liberal/hedonistic and globalist beliefs.

    Fortunately, people are waking up to this now.
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    There's this new right-wing group called Proud Boys that beats people up on the street. Their politics aren't especially interesting. It's punks vs. skinheads all over again when they brawl with antifa or liberals. It takes advantage of people's ideological fog where they think it's justifiable. All of us here agree street fights are not the way to achieve things, correct?
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  19. Proud Boys are certainly not skinheads, they’re a social group that defends themselves if they are attacked, they certainly don’t go around seeking people to beat up.

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