Victory over self. Extreme transformation with Before and After pictures.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by 5even9ix, May 2, 2017.

  1. innermostheart

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    What does hardmode means?
  2. Aditya gurudev ramana

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    How did you do it?. I relapsed after 7days.once I relapsed I did for 4times .The urgue is so strong.i wanna get rid of it. Help
  3. ControlledMind

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    Well Its really motivating for me buddy, Your life is truly an inspiration, cause I'm struggling with the same problems that you have faced. Although the toughest enemy is PMO, other than that I'm still addicted to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Television etc. Just like porn these internet giants also eats my time and my social life. Especially YouTube, It drastically reduced my will power, so I'm currently have a weak mind. These things provide instant gratification. Just like you I'm also addicted to it. It causes procrastination. Whenever I find any difficult situation or stressed in real life, I find instant gratification sources to get a temporary relief rather than actually solving the problem that caused stress which is a permanent relief. Porn was a part of it. I had a clean day now, still need to go more.
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  4. thelasttruthtold

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    True warrior and you have a heart of a lion. INSPIRATIONAL!!!!!!!!
  5. AyushT

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    Wow! What a great post! I'm inspired to keep going on this journey and hopefully post my success story one day :)
    Thanks, OP!
  6. llortaton

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    Near the 60 - 75 day mark, you started to look better too!

    Keep the good looks up!
  7. Holy, dude. You really looked way better after those 75 days and it was 2 years ago.
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  8. Blackjedireturns

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    Great job bro you got this I just made it to my 30 days today !!
  9. Luke777

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    Really thank you for sharing your success story, it encourages me a lot!
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  10. k0nn3ct

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    Now this is what I'm talking about. Great job man, it's a lifestyle!
  11. Darthtyranius123

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    My God..your progress had been like been fucking meteoric..your looks have drastically improved(no homo :D)..i have a navel fetishism,bikini fetishism,tight underwear fetishism and many others...can you give me any tips on how i can overcome them..i can't seem to stop myself bro.plz any help would be appreciated.
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  12. theprocedure

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    @Darthtyranius123 i think the main battle starts in our first thoughts. when we look at a woman who just be looking right, we gotta have the self-discipline to stop and control our own thoughts.
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  13. Kiz Whalifa

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    Astonishing progress! Thanks for sharing your story, and for being so genuine, driven and brave throughout your journey. You're an inspiration to us all, you juggernaut! ^.^

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