Vangeli and Your Local Baker - Combined Reboot Log

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  1. This thread, as the title suggests, is a combined log between myself and my accountability partner. It is a place to track progress and discuss and share ideas. Others are of course welcome to post their thoughts and share discussions on this page!
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  2. Your Local Baker - Day 3

    Well, being day three I'd say I'm well overdue for my first entry! I have generally been in a pretty good head space the past few days. I haven't been particularly busy although am about to start a lot of rehearsals for some upcoming performances and so will be quite busy for the next month or so. I have connected with a lot of people over the past few days. Both through hanging out with friends and through meeting people as I go about my day. It reminds me of the importance of connection. Porn consumption being an inherently disconnected act, it only seems logical that one of the best ways to combat habits of porn use would be to spend as much time as possible around others!

    I'd say things are going pretty well so far and I don't have a great deal to report yet...
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    Vangeli-day 30

    Happy to hear things are going well for you baker!

    I decided to quit PMO 1 month ago but only recently joined NoFAP and met baker as my accountability partner. Excuse me if my etiquette on here is not completely correct but I am new here. I do love the positivity of this place and how everyone is so encouraging.

    At day 30 I never realised what kind of insidious habit my porn was. A number of times The last month found muself going to the computer and starting to type in p addresses without even thinking. The fact that I was doing even that was quite disconcerting. When I’m lying in bed some nights I often feel like I don’t know what to do as this is when I would usually be trawling for it. A month in an I feel that my sex drive has decreased for some reason. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing right now. My girlfriend is pregant and isn’t up for sex as much as she was so it’s not so bad. Also I keep thinking about how I would be disrespecting her if I look at porn and this is also really helping me stay clean. Another simple but seem to be effective strategy is that I am wearing pyjamas to bed now. I always used to go to bed naked but by having pyjamas I feel like it’s not as easy to have access to myself.

    I will report again if I have anything new to ad. So far so good. I don’t have any crazy compulsions to go look yet...
  4. Your Local Baker - Day 4

    At day four, one thing I can say for sure is that I'm full of energy! It was a beautiful warm, sunny day today and I spent a decent length of time walking around outside and a large portion of the afternoon listening to music. Music helps a great deal because its beauty diminishes the significance of porn in my mind. Similarly, taking long walks through parks or even through the city also has this effect. I think with any addiction, what ultimately must happen is that you must exceed the addiction and learn to live on a higher plain such that your past bad habits are trivialised. I find if I do not replace the time I would usually spend watching porn with something far better than watching porn (by which I mean something more intellectually stimulating, more intriguing, more challenging etc.) then a part of me feels a bizarre sense of loss or absence.

    I don't want to "give up" porn. I want to outgrow it.
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  5. Your Local Baker - Day 6

    No profound realisations for today although I'd just like to make a general shout-out to the nofap community. Earlier this evening I incidentally came across a triggering video and can safely say that the support I have found in this community allowed me to steer the other way and direct myself away from PMO. I don't think I could do it without the fantastic support of other people who are on the same mission as myself :)
  6. Your Local Baker - Day 8

    Day 8 and I finding that my mind is a lot freer from pornographic images and the likes. Generally feeling quite clear-headed and determined to make progress in several different areas of my life.
  7. Your Local Baker - Day 11

    Day 11 and perhaps the most wonderful thing is that I'm reliably in good spirits. Small issues trouble me far less and I've been much faster to confront and resolve issues in my life rather than avoid them (porn very much being a way of avoiding issues for me). I hope that this will lead to the development of a greater capacity for compartmentalisation as it is something I have struggled with for some time.

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