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    Please be aware that the NoFap.com community, especially those members of the community who are under 18 years old, may potentially be the target of cyberbullies and predators. To remain safe while using the forums, we recommend the following protocols:
    • Limit your conversations with other NoFap members, accountability partners, or potential accountability partners to the public areas of the forums or the NoFap private messaging system on the forums.
    • Never assume that someone who claims to be under the age of 18 is actually under the age of 18. They may be an adult pretending to be a minor.
    • Never share any information that may be used to identify you in real life. Examples of such information are: your real name, your parents’ or guardians’ names, your phone number, your social media accounts, your instant messaging and video chatting accounts, your email address, your password, what you look like (including selfies), where you live, where you go to school, what city (or town or village) you live in, or even landmarks located near where you live.
    • Never share any documents or personal websites that might be used to identify you in real life. Examples include: homework assignments, blogs, awards, articles about you, your family, your school, or where you live, personal computer files, or screenshots of your computer, phone, or tablet.
    • Never agree to meet a person from the forums in real life without first verifying their identity and bringing along a parent or guardian.
    • Never visit websites that are sent to you via the private messaging system unless you are absolutely sure they are safe and do not contain pornographic or otherwise inappropriate or malicious content.
    • Never download any files sent to you or visit suspicious links that may be used to identify you or to infect your computer, phone or tablet with spyware, or a virus.
    Please alert the moderation team, or any staff member, of the following activities. Make sure to use the “report” function to report any relevant personal messages (PMs).
    To those under the age of 18, do not hesitate to reach out to the NoFap moderation team or any staff member with any concerns, even if it is just from getting “a bad feeling” from another user. Even if what somebody else is doing isn’t listed under this disclaimer, never hesitate to alert us of any activity for any reason.

    If you are experiencing distress, we highly recommend seeking professional counseling. If you ever have plans to self-harm or commit suicide, please get help immediately. The International Association of Suicide Prevention maintains a list of global suicide prevention hotlines. We highly recommend you call one. If you are not comfortable on the phone, Unsuicidemaintains a list of online instant messaging and chat suicide prevention resources.

    By using the NoFap platform, all users must agree to the User Agreement.

    The NoFap organization is not to be held liable for interactions between users on the NoFap platform. Proceed at your own risk.
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