Today I'm planning to sleep with Prostitute

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Neitherdruid, Dec 2, 2018.

Should I hire the transgender escort ?

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  1. IAmLegion

    IAmLegion Fapstronaut


    I'll type with a lot of spacing to make sure you understand what I'm telling you.

    Transsexual people are not a product of normal biology, arising from -but not limited to- hormonal, genetic, psychological or congenital defects in the normal psychology of a human being.

    Gender change in humans is NOT a natural phenomenon, unlike in many
    molluscs, some reptiles and few cnidarians.

    It is a surgical and chemical treatment which alters the natural human design.

    Therefore attraction to such individuals is not a product of natural taste.

    Before 1966 there were no transsexual individuals alive for the simple reason that such surgeries were not possible.

    It then stands to reason that such a taste is an attraction to man-induced modification.

    "Normal" isn't the wording that applies to such a case; neither is "natural".

    The word
    closest in meaning to such a preference is "fetish".

    Admittedly, many fetishes can be naturally occuring, but attraction to a by-product of man's intervention does not follow suit with such a label.

    I have no isses with either transgender OR transsexual individuals.

    Whatever their reasons for transitioning may be, I understand that not everyone is happy with what they were born with.

    However attraction to someone simply on the label that they are a "transsexual" is highly abnormal.

    If the attraction towards the "end-product" aka male OR female is what entices you, then you are completely justified in calling it "normal".

    However attraction on the basis of the knowledge of an individual's history in ticking different gender boxes is neither normal, nor natural, nor healthy, nor justifiably categorized into either of the labels mentioned above.

    In short, this is indeed something quite wrong in being attracted to transsexual people.
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  2. BartlebytheScrivener

    BartlebytheScrivener Fapstronaut

  3. IAmLegion

    IAmLegion Fapstronaut

    Let's try this another way.

    Which part of that isn't fact bro?
  4. BartlebytheScrivener

    BartlebytheScrivener Fapstronaut

    you are falling into the trap of believing that natural equals right and good, that unnatural equals bad. With that in mind, you shouldn't use technology.

    transsexuals obviously choose to be the way they are, or felt the need to change their bodies to make them look the way they feel they are. Everybody deserves sex and love, including them.

    People just are attracted to certain people. What is wrong with that? Maybe you like blondes or black women. You don't like the woman just because she has those traits, but it is your legitimate preference. Fetish is when you only like someone for their traits and nothing else. There is no indication that the OP does that to anyone. He just likes trans. With your argument, I could ask you to please have sex with a male because you shouldn't fetishize women. that would be silly.

    And most of all --- this is your opinion. you can have it. but there is no need for anyone to follow your ideas. so you don't even need to try to convince people that they should. And worst, try to make them feel bad about doing something "unnatural".
  5. Becoming Jasmine

    Becoming Jasmine Fapstronaut

    Hey guys! I’ve just uncovered some top secret government information that should give us the answers we need regarding this topic!

    I’m actually sitting right outside the military base I just broke out of. I’m hiding in the bushes while I’m typing this out. Holy shit, they’re looking around for me with guns and dogs, I better make this quick!

    But anyway, I’m cracking the secret files open now. This is gonna be one hell of a revelation!

    Wow, it looks like this one is a detailed analysis on why men are attracted to trans women! It looks like men are attracted to trans women because they’re women, and straight men are attracted to women! Fascinating stuff!

    Okay, this one contains a top secret study on the physiology of trans women. This’ll be good, because hardly anyone in the entire country understands what trans people actually look like. Oh, this is so exciting! I’m tearing it open now! Incredible! Here it says that in a lot of cases, trans women can’t even be told apart from cis women, so of course straight men would naturally be attracted to their bodies. Apparently trans women don’t actually look like deformed aliens. They look like women! What a revelation!

    Oh shit! Here they come! I gotta run! Spread the truth!
  6. Freakan

    Freakan Fapstronaut

    That could be another addiction later on which you will have to fight back with.
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