Tired, I'm coming back!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Perfetto_iN_2743, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Perfetto_iN_2743

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    Hello, NoFap, I'm back! Do not be surprised, but I again had a desire for MO and PMO. So, why did I again have a craving for MO and PMO?

    20 days ago I came across an erotic video. There were no completely naked people. But because of what I saw, I again had a desire. Every day it became more difficult to hold on. But the good thing is that I forgot what MO is.

    Now everything is back. Even a minor erotica causes desire. What to do? I am afraid that one day I will not hold back.
  2. SolitaryScribe

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    How did you come across this erotic video in the first place, and secondly you need to cut off what ever source you may gave to erotic videos. My advice is, if necessary cut off as much media consumption as possible, if you find this difficult then cut off any risky media consumption like instagram. I'm only speaking out of experience... I once relapsed after coming across a very triggering youtube video. Although I tried to fight the trigger tooth and nail, I still relapsed. It's better not to enter into the lions den, because once you're in there it's almost impossible to get out.

    Focus on your streak though and try your best not to lose the progress you've gained.

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