Tinder Addiction?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Max Toulouse, Jun 11, 2018.

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    Many of my friends have experienced the same Max Toulouse. I confess that two days ago, I wasted 2 hours on Tinder with girls that gave me likes. Some I had some interesting conversations but many were a waste of time. I still believe that there are some interesting girls on Tinder but the question is which ones? First of all, if a girl says these three things "Hi" "Where you from" and "What you do for a living" unlike her right away, don't waste your time with her, because she is probably asking the same questions to ten other guys who like her. But if a girl makes an introduction and has taken time to write something with a personal touch, she is worth giving a chance. If they take time to write about themselves and ask about your passions and dreams, it is not a waste of time. Another thing I do that seems to work with girls on Tinder is when I tell them I do not have time to be online too long because your free time is precious such as going to the gym, read books , hang out with friends and other projects, but I will still like to take time to know her. Though my intention is not playing hard to get, this does show me which girls are interested and interesting. The ones that get pissed off that I'm only online five minutes instead of two hours jumping hoops to impress them go to the next time. Others will say okay he does not seem needy, desperate, horny but instead laid back and confident. The last test I make them pass is when they suggest a meeting. If she wants to meet you right away after a few days of talking, she way really have the hots for you or she is a speed dating freak. This could be a hit or miss. With that , I think you will save a lot of time with Tinder, but I confess that my favorite way of meeting women is spontaneously in public places.
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    Thanks man I appreciate it
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    What I told you was the truth so you are welcome bro
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    Good stuff Woodcutter. I like your advice. If it's dragging too long with a woman then I also like to tell them "I'm going to Uninstall tinder, here's my number if you ever want to meet." Then I block them. This is cynical of me,but I think some people just want the attention of receiving messages without meeting.
    There's nothing wrong with using Tinder and I hope it works out with the ladies you messaged but in my case, they turn out to be fake/outdated profiles or they cancel the night before. I'm sure you'll get better luck.
    Again, public places are the best. I pretty much try supermarkets, the common area at my apartment complex, or maybe the mall. I don't like to do it at the gym because I'm all about that grind (only while in the gym)
    Any other places you like to meet new women?
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    Thanks Baronbaik. I believe what is important is take it as it comes, stay laid back, not cater to their needs and no expectations. As we said before, the real interesting girls are the ones we randomly in public places.
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    Be very careful! I have the worst experience with social networking dating as worst as possible. We are maintaining the dependency of talking to others through a screen screen. Is not real. nesass social networks anyone can be who they want and say what they want. Basically what we want is to continue to maintain the addition we had in a more dangerous way, because we have interlucers on the other side that can manipulate us to what they intend to manipulate. Those who have our problem of adding to sex can not in any way deceive themselves if they do not see problems in navigating these sites. I tricked myself in a stupid and ridiculous way and thought that by not seeing pornography there was no harm in exchanging spicy messages or trying to talk to as many people as I could. It is a total and complete error. Please be careful the addition is the same or worse.
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    I deleted Tinder because I would be on the site for hours just to get a match. Going through all those pictures was a bit degrading and it also increased my urge to PMO. The encounters that I did have were generally not very enjoyable. It was a bit depressing to spend so much time on there to just get one or two matches.... if that. Then you begin to have self-doubts about yourself (personality, writing ability, attractive appearance). Overall, Tinder dating was not worth it.
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    Dating apps can be addictive... one must be careful!
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    I've been off dating apps for a good week and half now. I feel waaaaay better. I'm no longer looking for the approval of other women. Frankly idgaf. I've got too much going on to waste valuable time on an app.
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    I was one 2 other apps like tinder plus tinder and deleted all of them yesterday and I will try my best to not go back on them. I was destroying myself checking this app every chance I get. I realized that there more important thing in life I can do other than staying on the app most of my free time. Hopefully I don’t go back, I actually was thinking about this apps before seeing this thread.

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