Thoughts on Dr.Jordan Peterson as of late?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Runtilmylegsdropoff, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    I bought a ticket to go see Dr.Peterson in San Francisco in May.
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  2. JesusGreen

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    Personally very much like the guy. While, like anyone, there are points where I don't entirely agree with him, he's always level-headed, and it's clear he's come to his conclusions through reasoning, rather than just holding views and not really understanding why he has them, like the vast majority of people. That earns him respect in my book.

    I think almost all of the controversy surrounding him, comes not from him, but from out of context clips of him that people have used on YouTube to, one side, push/back up their own views, and on the other side, discredit him without giving the proper context that would have explained his point. He does attract a lot of idiots, from both sides of the fence.

    He's a smart guy, and has a way with words. Don't be foolish and worship the guy just because he's knowledgeable and well-spoken though. Nor should you do the opposite and dismiss or discredit him just because of a few out of context clips people have put together, or because of those who use similar out of context clips of him to push their own agenda.

    Give a few of his lengthier talks a listen and make your own mind up IMO, rather than buying into the groupthink on either side of things. A handy lesson for life in general: Don't judge a person purely based on who their fans or their detractors are, as often a good portion of both are idiots! ;)

    I don't think he's as controversial as people make out when you actually give him a fair listen. Of course that's just my take, again, give him a listen yourself and make up your own mind rather than letting someone else tell you.
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  3. That's the thing some people seem to be worshipping. For some, it seems like he can do or say no wrong.
  4. SirImprovement

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    A pivotal human being against the Marxist plague ruining society. I agree with him in most parts, but he emphasizes on individuality too often however. We need a balance of both individuality and collectivism for a healthy society.
  5. Peace467

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    Yes! You see it outplaying more and more. The weird thing is that it feels more like it's coming from the students then the lecturers and teachers at the universities.

    But overall it's bad. You have to have both sides of every argument and consider all science to form proper views. Any view that is biased and leads to biased laws etc in society I believe will work out in a negative way and ultimately harm everyone! This is also why protecting freedom of speech is important and learning to disagree with someone is important.

    I'm scared that we are not teaching people to think! Society (I.e. Facebook) promotes echo chambers beucase it keeps people engaged in their product so people never get exposed to the opposit views and they when people do cross the boundary it ends in hate and fighting. It's so sad.

    I agree with this, he's someone who can easily get portrayed as something he's not by his 'followers'. It's kinda awesome that he has so much of his lectures online in their entirety, it's been fun to listen to some psychology as someone who is interested in it but never gotten the chance to learn about it!
  6. I actually like his Christianity - it actually makes more sense than what many fundamentalists say.
    But the fact is if you're a conservative Christian you should consider him to a heretic.

    The trouble is what he says about God and the Bible are inconsistent with his views on gender.

  7. Lonewolfpt

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    My understanding is that Jordan Peterson's philosophy is very harsh, like the real world. He tells the truth as harsh as it is.

    . When I hear Jordan Peterson speaking about things like status hierarchy and women being driven to it i get really depressed because that's the truth. At first I get depressed, then I get motivated to get better.

    (obviously there are exceptions, some women - rare - will love you for what you really are)
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  8. I wouldn't want him to be my tutor. I would need a year's worth of counselling if I did.
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  9. Lonewolfpt

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    I understand that. But you can't run from the truth. Sometimes when I hear things he says I also get down and depressed. Then a moment later I am extra motivated to keep fighting :)
  10. The thing is there a way of speaking truth in a kind way and there's a way of speaking truth in a harsh way. I had a tutor who wasn't afraid to give constructive criticism but I received it well because he also praised my good points. Plus he also apologised when he felt he was wrong. I suppose it's a different relationship if all you do is watch his lectures or interviews on YouTube and interacting with face to face or telephone conversation. But I'm up and down with Peterson sometimes I like him and sometimes I hate him. At times he reminds me of Mark Driscoll.
  11. Toomuchh

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    I like what he is trying to do and how he handles himself (especially in interviews). I don't like how it feels like there is a cult behind him and how other people are trying to use him to further their own political agenda.

    I think it's sad the world needs him to teach people how to live more than anything tho. He say's some cool things, some insightful things, and has a charisma that makes it hard not to listen to him. But sometimes I wonder if the people listening are really listening to what he is saying. I really like how he practices self-suspicious at all times, the humility to understand that at anytime his success can corrupt him so he stays on guard, and is careful about what he says to an almost obsessive degree.

    I respect the man, but for some reason I feel pity for him too, I don't understand why.
  12. Agoodguy

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    I like the guy but it seems at times that either by chance or by design, he seems to avoid certain questions and he seems to play around with certain answers especially with regards to Christianity. It could potentially be that he does this in order to keep his Christian followers.
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