This is why men stay single in 2019

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by goodnice 2.0, Mar 9, 2019.

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    You are spot on. I do see good women out there, but somehow they are all taken. They usually met their loved ones at school. Some good women are just not lucky to meet the guys, and they are pretty independent in many ways, so they stay single. While the bad ones are just like what you describe!! LoL
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    Why put the all blame on women?
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    Dude your post is a huge part of my depression. At my school, girls act like this 100%. Starting of the semester, the clothes are normal. Mid semester, booty shorts, and tight yoga pants flying everywhere. Ending of the semester, they end up with Chad/Tyrone. When I realized this, I realized how shitty things really are. I even seen really decent girls end up with a Chad/Tyrone. Honestly, its just frustrating. I don't know why, but girls these days have super low self esteem. I feel like they have no respect for themselves, or other people as well. Sometimes I'll see a girl that looks like a supermodel, smart as hell, and she'll end up with a dude that looks like he came out of a bleeping dumpster. It blows my freakin mind. Personally I'm not into the whole hook-up thing, but the dating scene is murky waters for me, well at least where I am currently, so hence I end up lonely.

    Although there are those few that are super attractive just because they got their shit together. They know they don't want no bullshit, neither do they give it. The only problem is that those usually try to be near those guys who also got their shit together.

    You're absolutely right, why take the risk, if the return will cause you to lose more than you started with?

    Hey look, I'm at statistic.
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    i forgot i even posted this. But looking back i see this post was bit too harsh. It’s not all women’s fault and it’s not all guys fault.

    Hey thanks for your response. The very clear answer is in social media. They constantly seek validation, and are always looking and comparing themselves to instagram models. Girls are very jealous and like to compete in that aspect. It’s not just girls but many guys that have low self esteem as well. When you constantly see only the best parts of peoples lives, it makes you feel pretty crappy about your own. It’s all fake anyways. All those ppl pretending to be living the life... They all have lots of issues they are hiding.

    I deleted my social media 1.5 years ago and feel so much better. I’m the only one in my group who doesn’t have fb, and it’s freeing. I don’t feel like i’m missing out on anything. And plus social media and being glued to phone is bad for your mental health. I’d recommend you try it man. Most of it is memes and nonsense anyway

    Yes there are few who got their act together. It’s really tough to get your act together while in high school. A lot of ppl don’t start getting it together till like 18 or 19.

    It’s not a problem that they try to be near the good guys. It’s actually a good thing my friend. Because then they would mix and lower their standards. I say it’s not a problem because you can be one of those guys that got it together. I’ll PM you and try and help you out
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    Brother what you posted in opening post of thread is really the truth now a days. Doesn't matter how much women here try to think or convey that all women are not same. Nearly all women in this day and age been promiscuous at some time in their youth, and that period of time provide them a hint about what is fun with a lot of man, and after day 10-15 years of marriage when charm of husband fades they try to fuck him and ry to cheat in quest to be "happy". Very sad but true in today's world. And our legal system is supporting such women and force men to pay alimony to woman as his ex wife.
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    Thats why we need to chose a good woman, not only a good body.
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    Yea man, in that perspective I feel it's so dumb when girls say they want a guy who can make them laugh. Because that's just not how life works. Laughter, Joy, Sadness, Pain, generally only last for a minute in life. To really understand relationships you have to understand the basis of relationships, which I yet dont understand, but it's definitely not based on some temporary emotion, or feeling - what glues two people toghether has to be deeper, it has to last beyond pain and pleasure, joy, sadness. Like what if he runs out of jokes? or you get used to his style of comedy ? or what if he loses his parents, are they become someone different? Maybe true devotion is selfless in a sense?
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    There's a fucked up society trying to get sexes in a war, and then there's crappy woman and crappy man, harmful expectations and desires.

    I'm happy to read that so many, both man and woman, writed about how there are quite decent and caring people out there. I think that as elevate said, we should build our own boundaries and standars with people and stop falling into the trap of modern superficiality and throw away culture.

    I myself have a problem finding woman that I think are valuable and that I would like to be with. But, after some time getting better and sharing on this forums, I realized I was/am looking for crappy people, I was/am desiring being with someone that just makes me look like acomplished, being with someone desirable to others. And that's a death trap for our well being.

    We people on this site are waking up and realizing that the real growth is happening in our souls, rather than in someone else's perception.
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    mm that’s deep bro thanks for sharing your thoughts
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    A few thoughts; take them as you will, I mean no disrespect.

    I have fallen down to PUA, Rollo Tomassi, MGTOW rabbithole and I don’t recommend it. Each time it has made me jaded.

    They talk about these women that need to be fenced in and shackled by their man lest the wild animal burn down society. It tells me a lot about the kinds of people they attract. They are like those girls who don’t like sensible guys because he’s “boring”. Im speculating that these guys completely overlook the more grounded girls. Women and men all vary in so so many ways and I think it is so easy to overlook that when you get into Red Pill, MGTOW manosphere stuff.

    Moreover, women are human and fall in their own ways.
    Here we are, a bunch of dudes on a NoFap website because we messed up. You don’t think a girls sexual side doesn’t get out of control too?
    And you’re telling me that if you couldn’t run through a harem of women you wouldn’t dive right in?

    I agree that seeing degenerate behaviour when you wake up to yourself and are trying to better yourself can be extremely unnerving and even disheartening. Lord knows it freaks ME out.
    But that’s not all that there is. There are girls out there that do take care of themselves. Ya just never hear about THAT because it’s not dramatic and newsworthy.
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    Pretty sums up why I went MGTOW..
    There are for sure good women out there...but finding them is extremely hard and you will have to compete with a lot of men..
    The game is rigged
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    Hey why don't you listen to the guy and cut out the "who hurt you?' B.S? He's talking about how it really is out there and you bash him for speaking the truth, blaming him? Millions of guys are going MGTOW because it's both their last and best option. Women no longer judge men on character at ALL. Now it's only looks, status and money. We're tired of that rat race in which all of us can compete, sure, but only a few are going to win. I'm 49 and have been watching it all get to this point for years....women getting more vapid and demanding, taking and not giving, always looking for the next thrill instead of having the will to invest in one good man. No matter how good a man you are, they don't give a rat's a** about you. This country has turned on it's men like a pack of rabid dogs. Men, go on being good by yourselves and stop wasting your time with women. They don't deserve you and will only fleece you anyway.
  16. Avenging Marmoset

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    What he's describing *is* the norm thesedays. Or did you read his post?
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    What you just wrote is (unfortunately) the new normal in today's day and age and I feel bad for the men who didn't become red-pilled (due to social-conditioning) in time and had to suffer years and years with women who were real nightmares and almost sucked their entire mind and soul out of them. No wonder why many men in Western nations these days are committing suicide at alarming rates.
    In that sense, most Western women these days are useless, apart from the few who are still acting like ladies, go against the current, marry young and still live traditional lives. But, we men who are red-pilled do also have the power and ability to turn this around because the day when a large crowd of us firmly stand our ground and say no to this modern, feminazi, tyrant paradigm, things will slowly change again.
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    This stuff really bothers me a lot im from India and here things are not really like west but past few years the trend is growing rapidly people blindly following Western trends no matter bad or good they think it's cool. I'm not against the woman rights but I'm strictly against woman whoring around shit like livein relationship, one night stand, tinder, speed dating is on rise. I mean the data from west obviously suggest this shits doesn't work.
    But there is still sensible woman around who prefer dignity stay away from whoring around instead focus on study and career. I may just be a fool
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    Back in the day, I can totally understand and see why much of the non-western world wanted to copy and assimilate many Western ideas and values that once made the West a great civilization (such as courage, philosophy, exploration, integrity, family, people, purpose, courtesy, natural gender-roles & hierarchies, tradition, human & animal rights, etc) just like many Westerners have adopted much of what is good from non-Western cultures over the centuries.

    But these, days when the formerly strong and meaningful traditional Western values have essentially been torn down and displaced by twisted cultural-marxist ideas (without any connection to nature, humanity, the world, and reality as a whole) that is called popular-culture. Its devastating effects will not only stay and remain in the West but rather continue and spread its poisonous tentacles to all parts of the world adopting these ideas. The social conditioning present in today's Western TV-series, programs and movies is overwhelming and the people who grow up watching them will become very damaged individuals later on in life.
    Staying away from these (especially Hollywood productions) and start reading books instead will put people in a much better position as they will be able to think for themselves and not through some other medium who is telling you (on a subconscious level) what to think, believe and do.
  20. Xander_

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    I'll give you an advice based on my personal observation, you are not wrong. The dynamic between young men and women that's going around is getting frustrating ... we cannot really change that. But, what we can do is work towards being the best version of ourselves.

    Which gets me to another point, you'll feel depressed and lonely if you look around and compare yourself to others, consistently trying to chase women and fit up to their own standards'll feel like you're going insane.

    Do not chase, attract. Focus on improving yourself as a person, be the change you want to see. Because lets be honest, even if you were in a relationship with such women that you described above, you would have a great time for a very very short period, from that moment on both of you would most likely suffer. Save yourself on time, there are good women out there as well, do not chase them attract them. Work on yourself, develop the qualities of a man you want to become, have ambitions, develop high morals etc. once you find consistency in those, i am sure that you will attract a woman will notice the qualities you possess that other guys don't, that's what would make you worth keeping.

    So yeah, stop stressing out about those stuff. There are plenty of good looking women and men, but physical appearance is not all what is it about. It is to superficial people, but believe me those people aren't happy as they make it out to be. Cheers.

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