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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by bluemax4, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. bluemax4

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    I'm working quite a physical job, so when I get time off I like to rest. That being said, I usually like something that keeps my brain active and wondered if anyone had any suggestions on things other than TV, Music, Reading etc etc
  2. Yep u do

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    One day you are gonna die, this is 100% sure.
    The other thing we are sure about is that this perfect harmony of the universe isnt here by chance.
    So you should care about your after life and try to find the right path.
  3. Targaryenn

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    Walking, cold showers, running(or another sport), reading books, spend time with your family and your friends.

    For example, for me, when I am tired I make a walk and after this I feel more good and this gives me energy and mental clarity.

    About reading books: when you will find some good subjects for you, you will love to read books. Reading books help brain a lot.

    Be strong!
  4. Strength in me

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    It's simple. Google something like "List of Hobbys". Print it out. Try one by one each week and see if it fits to you or not. If you found the right thing for you, then it's the best way. It's not going to help you if we suggest you things because you know yourself best.
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