The Valley Orgasm, Why Tantra Surpasses Yoga

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    Hi everyone.

    After being on nofap for a year, I have drawn some critical conclusions that I believe all people on this path should be aware of.

    In fact, after practicing this for so long I noticed some inherent issues with certain aspects of nofap.

    The biggest one is "monk mode," or complete sexual abstinence / retention - not even thinking about it.

    Let me explain myself using tantra. An ancient spiritual practice used to literally "weave" universal (sex) energy through the practitioner. Perhaps we can call it a "weave mode."

    To simplify let's say that:
    Monk mode = yoga
    Weave mode = tantra

    Tantra is better understood as the state of let go, of non-fight. That whatsoever a human being feels he/she must do or think about, to not resist against it. The mystic seer Osho (Rajneesh) explained tantra much more in depth and has imparted useful wisdom throughout his life time.

    One quote said by him: "Don't seek, don't search, don't ask, don't knock, don't demand - relax. If you relax, it comes. If you relax it is there. If you relax you start vibrating with it."

    Tantra itself is known as the science of sexuality. It does not condemn sexual urges.
    On the contrast it supports them.

    Now as some of you may know, the human body is composed of 7 chakras or energy centers. Our sexual energy/life force normally should flow effortlessly through these centers. Almost like a stream going through 7 pools of water. At this point a person is considered "enlightened" or spiritually aware of his or her divine/soul-self.

    But many people of course have blocked chakra entries. Which is not something to be ashamed of. The whole reason we came to Earth is to experience cleaning ourselves and feeling enlightenment anyways.

    So after understanding chakras, you can imagine sexual energy as the water that flows through these pools. With less of this energy/water, it is harder to keep the pools running freely and cleanly.

    So one would think that completely abstaining from masturbation is spiritually healthy right? You keep building more energy, the chakras get more clean, you will realize enlightenment more easily (you already are, by the way), right?
    Well yes... and no...… there is a catch.

    Now this is where nofap, yoga, and tantra all tie in together.

    Yoga is the practice of orienting one's body in certain positions. The purpose is not for simply stretching. These positions help trap the sexual energy in the body, and when moving back into a normal pose the flow rockets through the chakras, helping to clean the energy pools better.

    Here's the catch. If too much energy flows at once it can be harmful. Think about it, you have a pool of water and then an enormous surge enters through it. Do you think that earth in that puddle will be unscathed afterwards? It will get damaged, either physically or mentally.

    And this is what I have literally felt on nofap "monk mode." I started practicing yoga for a long time, and began feeling this energy build up, but it was too much sometimes that I would drop to the floor in pain, and it would even be difficult to look at other women, let alone to say hi to them. Yoga is after all about being an extreme warrior.

    Tantra is not about being a warrior. It's actually quite the opposite. And one does not build the sexual energy. He/she WEAVES it through themselves. If you weave this power carefully, it won't hurt as much because the flow is more gentle, more gradual.
    And when I started practicing tantra instead of yoga, I realized something unbelievable. I stopped having pain, I started speaking with other women, and my sexual urges were not uncontrollable.

    This is where valley orgasm ties in.

    Osho said there are 2 types of orgasms: peak and valley.
    It helps to visualize them based on the words. Peaks are very high up from the earth, and valleys are very low on the earth. Valleys and peaks always follow one another.

    Masturbating to sexually explicit websites, or plain old "forceful (non let go)" masturbation provides a peak orgasm. You reach a high point of bliss. And then there is a SHARP drop of power to the bottom. Some say it is dopamine levels, but the spiritual life force also drops. This is why depression and all other issues like sexual dysfunction results.

    How does the valley orgasm differ? The same way one can only fall from a peak, you can only rise from a valley. This means that a person who has a valley orgasm, will have a rise in spiritual power / sexual energy. It seems paradoxical, but it is a phenomenon that many are able to admit to. Including myself. And when this valley orgasm occurs, the sexual energy weaves through your chakras very gently, and you may notice you will start imagining the wildest sexual fantasies, which are healthy.

    Nofap will help you reach this valley orgasm. Why is this so?
    Because you stop forcing your orgasms. Forceful masturbation is not a state of let go. It is a state of resistance. Which pushes the soul apart like it's going against a river.

    5 days, 10 days, 13 days later you will start feeling strong sexual energy/urges. When you feel you must tend to these urges, uncontrollably, then tend to them. If it feels right, and you have an orgasm, don't be ashamed. If ejaculation occurs it is perfectly fine. In fact it is superb! Because you have altogether had a different type of orgasm.
    It is a valley orgasm. And at this point you can only ejaculate what you really don't need inside (excess / explosive energy)

    The moment you realize you can have healthy orgasms without porn / willful masturbation is, in my opinion, when you have succeeded. You don't need the websites or magazines anymore.
    Why use them? You can have an orgasm that feels way better, and it raises your spirit through the valley, it cleans your chakras gently, doesn't make you sexually desperate, and it keeps raising your positive life force.

    What happens if energy keeps rising from the valley?
    It becomes easier to clean chakras overtime
    What happens when you clean them more easily?
    You get closer to enlightenment
    What happens when you realize enlightenment? You have healed yourself and a part of this planet/humanity.

    So don't masturbate forcefully to websites. We can't even call that yoga.

    What about Yoga? Well, don't go on monk mode and resist urges / sexual energy weaving, completely. Yoga is better than porn, but still is problematic. Explosive energy is not healthy for the body and mind. It can create anger and pain and suffering. Although the stretching is beneficial.

    What about tantra? It's perfect. You gently weave the sexual life force through your body when it feels "right." You clean your chakras. You have valley orgasms that are not harmful in anyway, but rather work in the opposite direction (going up and up). You don't even get ED, rather your body, mind, and spirit get healthier overtime.

    So I've noticed many nofappers have gotten to the yoga phase. Myself included at one point. Which is great. But if they took it a step further to the tantra phase, sexual healing would speed up at an exponential rate.

    To conclude. The most important thing I want to say is that you don't need to agree with this. A good rule of thumb for spirituality is to only agree with something that feels right with yourself (but then you would be doing tantra anyways, right? *wink*)

    Have a great day people!
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    I like your post, it seems like you have really done the work.

    One thing about yoga though. If you practice proper breathing, you can actually make yoga into a tantric practice. The idea is to stay in the range where you can breathe smoothly and easily, like the waves of the ocean. There should never be fight or flight, this will create a great deal of confusion in the body as you seem to understand.

    I completely agree with you about shifting into tantra. What is the point if not to be able to really truly enjoy our sexuality? This isn't about avoiding sexuality, it's about embracing higher possibilities of sensuality, connection and access to orgasmic energies and experiences.

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