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  1. Alright folks! It has been quite a while and my life has been ridiculously busy but things are finally starting to slow down.

    The check ins are caught up once again,unfortunately we had some relapses but only lost 1 person in my time away and I should be able handle the check in's much more often from here on out.

    So to everyone here I say:Thank you for participating and good luck!
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  2. Max Fisher

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    Checking in early for the week of 5/29 - 6/5. I'm at 30 days today. @White Sheep lets tear it up! How's it going for you?
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    Only 3 teams with zeo Strikes!!
    We're one of them!
  5. Hey @Desperate_Warrior I'm reporting a reset.
    Hey @spaces I'm so sorry. I feel disappointed with myself. I can only promise that I will not repeat this again.

    Guys, I was strong as long as I was active on this website, may be this website gave me the dopamine that I couldn't get from PMO. As I got busy, I didn't get the time to be active here. There was no Porn involvement involved luckily. It had an erotic dream early in the morning and woke up to a raging boner, I resisted the urges for sometime, but somehow slipped into a fantasy and before I knew, I ended up with M and mind-numbing O.

    People say that your first streak is the best one, but I'm disappointed to have an awfully short first streak.

    On the positive note, however, all the Negative Mindset that PMO has brought throughout the years, has subsided, I'm no longer giving a heck about what others think and living my own life without overthinking. Even post M & O, the old mind patterns have not resurfaced, albeit the sadness of resetting.
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    My Journal
    Hi my mate, I am glad you have achieved this effort. For me it is being really hard. I have been about to relapse like 7 or 8 times, but I try to be strong despite the triggers and urges that comes but try they go as fast as I can. Thank you, thank you for asking :D
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    We're the winning team, remember!

    Check in, have a great day everyone :)
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    check in
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    My Journal
    @What I Do That Defines Me No problem batman :) you're on the right track. You know it, I know it. All you've got to do now is move forward on that track. You've totally got it this time!
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    @Basith assalaamu alaykum, i am a bad team mate but how are you doing brother. we need a name for our team aswell.
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    i relapsed 2-3 days ago so add a strike for me please
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    My advice to you and all other people out here.... Dont Leave this website unless you have completed AT LEAST 180 days.... Believe me it keeps you focused and you get lost of social support and peer pressure to keep going and pmo devil is stronger than you think.... It pretends to be dead and gone while in actual it is sleeping ready to surprise you with its deception
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    It is completely okay... You tried your best and relapse is unfortunate but you have the strength to do better and not binge on pmo( something that most relapsies do....)
    You will rise up without brain fog and will win because you are strong and amazing :)
  17. Borntoshine33

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    Check in .... ☑
    Quote for the day:

    This fight never ends
    But Neither does my willpower :)
  18. Thank you, Shine! That's so true! Will actively seek the support of this community until at least I'm at day 180.

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