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Who will win the challenge?

  1. Team Gucci

  2. Team Peanut Butter

  3. Team Peanut Butter Sucks

  4. The Barbarossa Sailors

  5. Team Cashew Butter

  6. Team Bananaz

  7. Team The Fellowship

  8. Team Victorious

  9. Team Nine Lives

  10. The Dream Team

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  1. tweeby

    tweeby Banned

    OK thank you for clearing that up.
  2. Al123

    Al123 Fapstronaut

    Damn relapse, had the urge to do it again after the initial relapse but thought about the challenge and resisted. @DeservedCriticism I will not let you down again my friend
  3. Agreed. Plenty of other people showed interest.
  4. I think the place is going to be filled by someone who already showed interest but was too late. But i don't know for sure.
  5. Future role model

    Future role model Fapstronaut

    That's the spirit man! One relapse isn't so bad, but binge is. Stay strong, peanut butter hater!
  6. Al123

    Al123 Fapstronaut

    Haha:emoji_joy: I've only actually had it like twice and both times I didn't like it!
  7. I give credit to @Forging Myself for keeping track of all this. It sounds crazy to me lol.
  8. Future role model

    Future role model Fapstronaut

    Same lol. Almost 300 replies in just few days...
  9. Exactly, and he has to sift through them and find relapses and check ins from 20 people.
  10. TheGoldenEra

    TheGoldenEra Distinguished Fapstronaut

    @tweeby lol, Ill gladly take that as long as you don't relapse too much (and you keep the sexual jokes on a low :rolleyes::p)

    Just waiting on Mr.leaders response now ;)
  11. Address007

    Address007 Fapstronaut

    Fuck my sleep insomnia. I had intense urges last night; all I could think of is P.

    I had the phone in my hand, ready to look at P. I dont know what got over me, but I threw my phone across the room, stuffed my face into the pillow, and started thinking about future self PMO-free and as an entrepreneur multimillionaire who's living life with confidence, luxury, and zero social limitations.. That completely got rid of my urges... aand eventually I fell asleep lol. So all good so far!
  12. One Mic

    One Mic Fapstronaut

    And that's the crux, man. You resisted the binge and you're getting back up again. All that matters.

    Let's stay clean, eh?
  13. Al123

    Al123 Fapstronaut

    @Forging Myself Is there a way you could make your spreadsheet public to edit, so then we can put the relapses in ourselves without you having to keep track, would be easier for you especially with your school work
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  14. *Brush's fairy dust off of shoulder* Huh what fairies? I don't know what your talking about.....YOU CAN'T PROVE A GODDAMN THING.
    Please do.

    My will be changed.

    Sorry to hear about it but thanks for being honest.K9 works very well.

    Also let me be clear it is not 3 strikes and your out.You have an unlimited amount of strikes,they will be counted and at the end of 90 days the team with the fewest amount of strikes wins.
  15. You are correct.
    Unless it was a O brought forth by M or PM it is not a strike.

    1 the registration is closed and 2 it says your account is banned.
  16. Thanks for being honest...Get back up and get at it!
    It is for my people!
    Good fucking job!

    Can I make my personal spreadsheet....the one I use to track my relapses public to edit? No.

    However that is a grade a fucking brilliant idea my friend! I will get a spreadsheet for this thread up and running as soon as possible!
  17. @TheGoldenEra I am conflicted on your seem to be very displeased with your teammate and they obviously aren't posting here(although via the rules they have 7 days).

    I could swap your partner out for somebody else however this would be a blatant violation of the rules,unfair to all those who missed the deadline to apply and to everyone who is in the challenge(if the new person has relapsed 5 times since the challenge but since he wasn't in the challenge what if we don't count those relapses? and that person would not have been in the challenge for the full 90 days.)

    So I turn this one over to you the participants...What are your thoughts?

    I am sorry to everyone in this challenge.I am the leader yet I can not set a good example.And I am especially sorry to my team mate @Moon Shot I earned 2 strikes for our team last night which likely threw any chance we had of winning this challenge out the window.

    I've been dealing with a lot of...."inner turmoil" as of late and I just broke last night.But this is about support and growth not just about beating everyone else(although competition is a very vital part of this challenge)

    I beg your forgiveness everyone.
  19. @Forging Myself hi sry about relapse, about that golden era problem, give him another partner now is basicaly one man team wich is not very fair if you ask me.
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