The Semen Demon

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    Hi everyone, Demon Slayer here!

    I have a lot of problems which I call demons, but one sticks out ever since I challenged him. I dubbed him Semen Demon for an obvious reason. So I thought it would be a fun idea to write about our pal on here so we can all have a laugh at our own shame. If anyone has any stories about him, post em, I'm sure we will all relate. And if you don't know who the Semen Demon is, dial 1-800-nofap and he'll be right with you! You may have to wait a day or two, or in rare cases even three! But he'll come eventually if you don't!

    So where do we begin with ol Semey. Well, he's clever and he knows all your weaknesses, all your insecurities, and all your fetishes, all your sexual shame and sexual dreams. If that ain't enough he has his hands on your neurochemistry or "feelings", so he can hit you with a dose of bone when you aren't even expecting it. He is the best lawyer this side of the galaxy. He can convince you of things you couldn't imagine, until he imagines them for you. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. "What does the Semon Demon want, demonslayer?" you may be asking.

    All he wants, is for you to fap. That's all. Simple guy really. The more shame and guilt the better! Just fap and he'll leave you alone...for a while. He's like a debt collector or mafia, he comes by every couple of days to get what he wants and he leaves you alone. If you don't give him what he wants, well, that's what this post is all about, gentlemen!

    So what tricks can you look forward to if you happen to challenge the Semen Demon:

    One of his favorite tricks is "the date" or "the event". He will convince you that you can start on an even date like a New Years or a new month or on your birthday. Or he'll tell you that you can start when you graduate or when you get a job or family, maybe when a family member dies to have a "moment that changed your life". Maybe a youtube video about quitting will shake you awake. No it's not the right event, day, video, friend or whatnot, it's just the demon's way of buying more time.

    Another ace up his sleeve is the self pity card, and boy does he have some long ass sleeves! He will "remind" you that you are ugly, uncharismatic, poor, pathetic little shit who will never get a hot girlfriend like the ones he can offer, so you should drop the struggle, and have some pleasure! All it will cost you is your soul.

    Semen Demon loves repetition, too. If you did it in the bathroom every time, that bathroom will set you off! Used canola oil a lot because buying a cream or jelly would be shameful? Man that oil sure reminds you of something now every time you see it doesn't it! Whatever circumstances you did it in he will shoot you with dopamine when you find yourself in that circumstance again! After all, you did it before? What's the hold up? Just lend me your soul for a bit!

    In for a penny, in for a binge. He will take any thread you give him and pull you all the way back down where he thinks you belong! What you saw a girl outside that reminded you of someone which reminds you of something else? Bam, checkmate. He got you 50 moves ago and you didn't even realize it. You see a curvy woman outside and he makes you carry the image all day and replay it and replay it. You try to drop the image he picks it back up for you. This too shall pass, gentlemen.

    Recently the demon convinced me that I could watch porn without masturbating. In what world is that a good idea! The underworld apparently. Just peek, just look and don't touch. Sure, and not wear pants for 3 days after!

    Oh one of his favorites is "the reward". ""You did so well up till now, look how far you've come! You deserve a fap!"" What? But I thought the whole point was- ""Shhhh, just take a peek, you champion!""

    You are over it, another zinger of his. ""You can take a little peek can't you? Look how strong you are! You have overcome your addiction so now you can dabble. And dabble, and dabble and dabble and dabble and OH GOT YOU AGAIN HAHA""

    Or the times when you are feeling down, you can always count on ol' Semey to be there for you. ""Life is unfair isn't it? At least you got me huh buddy?"" He can make you feel good when you aren't, but he will tax you once you're finished.

    Let's not forget your fears! He won't. ""This nofap thing is gonna give you prostate cancer! You ain't even peeing right, is this healthy? You cant sleep, you will fail at work. Can't get it up anymore, check, CHECK IF YOUR DICK STILL WORKS. FAP YOU SHIT, IT MIGHT BE THE LAST TIME YOU GET IT UP!""

    Sometimes he gets cheeky and doesn't bother with rhetoric and just straight up shoots your with a cocktail of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphin and whatever else he can find in that brain to make you feel so good. Just a taste to get you to bite and then he pull the fucking fishing line and you are filet.

    The one he plays on me every night is waking me up at 2am with a raging flagpole and all the adrenaline to make sure I salute for 2 hours. He's got a sense of humor I'll give him that. So fuck it I'll laugh with him, while I tie my hands behind my back and take a cold 2am shower haha.

    How about the "journey" itself, and this may be the trickiest one of all. He says this is what you truly are, a fapper, a wanker, and anything else is just a facade. Count your days, put website blockers in your electronics, get a friend to report to daily, because you are a wanker. This is a real backdoor one because it's true on some level, your brain is already accustomed. But it isn't the whole truth, because the brain can be unaccustomed too. It learns. So the question becomes: how long do you have to nofap until you are a different person? I'd say the answer is something like: until you no longer entertain the thought. Resist not evil, what you resist persists, and all that jazz. If you define yourself as a 2518 day and 28 minutes free of fap person, then you are still playing the demon's game. Don't entertain the thought. Or more realistically speaking: entertain the thought it for as little as you can. Get good at meditating, clearing your mind of words and images, because distractions and identities and crusades are still playing the game. As the robot from War Games put it: "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play"

    I can't count all the ways the Semen Demon has tricked me into stabbing myself in the back, these are just a few. Maybe someone else can finish the list.

    I'd just like to end it with the Semen Demons two weaknesses: Neglect and Time. Just ignore him long enough and he will get so weak he won't even be an issue anymore. Maaaybe somewhere down the line he will give it another shot to see if he can get you again, but it won't be nearly as strong, just rinse and repeat. Ignore and wait, boys, ignore and wait.

    And on that note, this is the first and last post ill make on this site. I have this crusade and I have this identity as a nofap and I got a friend I call every day with progress reports. This site has been a pivotal tool in learning about this demon and what he is capable of so I don't fall for it. But make no mistake this is just the start for me. The step after the fight is the final stab in the demon's heart, and that is to let go of the fight. You can't ignore the demon if you are actively FIGHTING him. You fight him to weaken him enough that you can ignore him. Day 12 I couldn't ignore him if I put a knife through my hand. Now I'm much clearer, and I will be clearer tomorrow still. If you enjoy the fight too much or become prideful that you are kicking his ass or invest too much into the fight, you are still playing his game.

    In a way, the symbol of the nofap website is perfect. The help we surround ourselves with is the fuel to launch the rocket, but once that fucker is in orbit, more fuel would just be a weight. Launch! -and then let it float.
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    Personally, I am stunned by how creative the Semen Demon is!

    Here I am some forty years into my PMO 'career' and good ole SD is still coming up with new fantasies to entice! Somewhere in the back of my mind there's a sense we struck a deal way back, he and I. He would leave me alone - and I could give up this addiction - the day he was unable to present anything fresh for my amusement.

    And every day he comes back with some new twist. Sometimes it's a subtle alteration - a look or a word or mood. Other times it's more dramatic. But every day he returns with grin and says, 'Another day another fantasy - guess we're still at it, huh!?!'

    Break the compact, I am thinking right now. Just say no...
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    Awesome post. Demon it is. One day I woke up. Its already more than a year. And I realized quote "my inner temple has been infested by demons"

    Not one. I detected a pentagram of demons inside me. And each demon supported the other one. To win and put em to graves, I must have killed em all in one epic fight. And thats what I did.

    At that day, I stopped smoking marihuana after 20 years. I stopped smoking cigs after 20 years. Ive stopped drinking alcohol after 20 years. Ive stopped drinking coffee after 20 years. And ive stopped fapping after a quarter of a decade.

    I created a battlegrounds... a temple inside my mind. And called it a 36 Chambers of Shaolin. Each chamber was one day. I went to day 7 and realized the sheer agresiviry and power of those demons. So i created a new rule. Thanks God. That rule made it possible for me to win.

    Basically... if you fail, you are banished from 36 Chambers FOR EVER. No chance of return. No chance to become a true hero who can say he passed 36 chambers.

    I AM the person who passed the 36 chambers of shaolin. I AM! Because I did it.

    Than i made a Return to the 36 chambers. Because the one who passes the chambers is granted a key. That key will take you right to the monastery in your head. There you know it. Its your place. Sacret space not located in a realm of man. That place exists tho.

    Im at the temple as I write it now. 4th time. Never failed. Never in my life will I fail this challenge.

    I put demons in their graves.

    Its been a year...

    I still play their game. But each day, my victory is closer. Each day, their power is lower. But they are waiting. For a single slip. Single moment of weakness. And they come raging! With all their demonic trickery...

    Thanks God I can face them now. Thanks God ive detected them inside me. Thanks God for the temple Ive built. Its open...

    Everyone can enter to face the inner hell.

    Are you strong enough?

    Because remember

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