The "Feels" of Ogling (a Females Perspective)

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by Kenzi, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Lakeside

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    I get what you're saying, however for some people it's not that simple. I try not to let myself look at girls at the moment because I know full well where it will lead; I will almost without fail end up objectifying and lusting after that girl, which is not only disgusting but according to my faith is a sin.
    But obviously that's just me and each person should do what they think is best to help their reboot (within reason, of course;)).
  2. noonoon

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    Dude your porn use is objectifying and oppressing them. Each time you click on a porn link you contribute to a demand that puts these girls into this dark world. You click on "teen" and on some level you're contributing to that next teenaged person being exploited.
  3. noonoon

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    I try not to stare, but still allow myself a certain level of appreciation for the female form. Try to stop when it turns into fantasy or lust.
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  4. StartledKiwi

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    How am I oppressing and objectifying them?
    As far as I'm concerned, the women doing porn chose to do it. Nobody is forcing them to.

    They go into this "dark world" because they want to do it. Not because StartledKiwi clicked on teen.

    In any case, whoever is making profit by exploiting them is the one objectifying and oppressing them.

    Do amateurs who film themselves are also oppressed?
  5. Kenzi

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    This is where I think my SO came up with his ogling scale

    It's fine to look and appreciate.
    It's not okay to be a creeper
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  6. Kenzi

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    Amateur and teen are different things in the porn world.
    Sure they can cross, but they are different.
    And everytime someone clicks on teen... It says "Demand" to whoever made the video, which says "need supplies" and it just perpetually continues the cycle.
    So yes, your click, does do something.
    Just like when I buy lettuce it tells the farmer to plant more lettuce.
    Demand = supply from the source.
  7. Kenzi

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    Everyone can pretend they aren't apart of it, and lie to themselves but everyone plays a part.
    Not acknowledging it is just ignorant.

    Even a Fleck of dirt makes a ripple in a pond.
    That's the truth.
  8. StartledKiwi

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    Anyone can interpret it in a convenient way, I just stated the facts.

    When people start watching porn, they never do it with the intention to oppress women. And as time passes, that doesn't change.

    You can turn it around as much as you can, it's never about women. It's about instant gratification.

    There is never a forced demand, every pornstar walked into the porn industry by choice, they know what it is about.
  9. Queen_Of_Hearts_13

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    That is so false I can't believe you believe that. What about the sex trafficked girls? What about the girls who thought they didn't have any other choice? What if they were coerced and threatened? Take a look at Fight The New Drug
  10. StartledKiwi

    StartledKiwi Fapstronaut

    That's a different topic. We can go around and enumerate all the ways men, women and kids.. I'm sorry, human beings, are being exploited. But that's beyond the ogling thread.

    I'm offering my honest view on the matter of ogling so that you know how it is from a man's perspective.
  11. noonoon

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    Yes, but your honest view is incorrect w/r/t your innocence in perpetuating the cycle of objectification and abuse. Your contribution is minor, but you're contributing. If I buy slave labor produced electronics, I'm contributing to the demand for slave labor. Is it the same as owning a slave? No. But you're benefiting for an industry that creates misery and dispare.
    Your use of porn contributes to an industry that enslaves millions, both users and the used.
    Your hands are not clean.
  12. StartledKiwi

    StartledKiwi Fapstronaut

    My honest view is about ogling, not abuse or contribution to the demand of an industry that produces content legally.

    Legal porn doesn't enslave anyone. People choose to consume and provide that product.

    I'm sure there isn't a single Fapstronaut that supports abuse or objectification here, why would they put themselves through this struggle when they can just objectify and opress human beings one jack-off at a time?

    Telling me that my hands are not clean don't serve a purpose on the matter of ogling, or on the journey I started here.

    In a community where we are all trying to get rid of this PMO addiction, be the hands that support us, the hands that push us to reach our objectives.
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  13. noonoon

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    Wake up, bro. Legal porn enslaves nearly all of us here at nofap. It certainly enslaved me.
    And it does serve a purpose. One cannot be free until they first realize they are enslaved.
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  14. Castielle

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    You guys are talking about two completely separate things. I understand that objectifying women and watching porn are related, to a degree, or at least can be related, but I think Kiwi is right in saying that these are separate topics. My husband struggles with porn a lot, and I absolutely would never say that he even comes close to being a guy who "objectifies" or "ogles" women. They are separate issues when you are talking about women in the flesh. It's a whole different thing to objectify and ogle women in the flesh than it is to watch porn. Neither one is a good thing, but they are different, and in my opinion, the former is clearly worse.
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  15. noonoon

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    Any man who watches porn objectifies women. By definition. It's nonsense to say otherwise. Look up the definition of the word. And how can a man spend nights objectifying women in fantasy and some how stops on the daytime? Not possible. The only way to stop objectifying women in reality is to first stop in fantasy.
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  16. Kenzi

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    I think these are all separate issues.
    And if you would like to discuss them all, you can find my various threads...
    And the two Anna made, lol
    But let's stick with the OP.
    Thank you, have a nice day! :)
  17. Immature

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    So, I was indulging my Internet Addictions and ran across this as a reason why the men here, especially, should not ogle - for our own good, if for no other reason:


    The guy is a bit long-winded, and for some reason, says "oogling" instead of ogling, but he's onto something.

    The whole thread looks worthwhile to me, but that post and a few which follow are relevant.
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  18. EyesWideOpen

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    Ever been to a strip club? Those are legal. But not all of those girls on the stage are there of their own free will. What about that free legal porn you watch? Same thing. Human trafficking is real and happens right in front of you. And every time someone accesses a picture, a video, a strip club, etc., they are helping to traffic another woman, or girl, in the sex industry.

    But let's put aside the very real trafficking for a moment and just think about how it enslaves the people in the pictures or film. It enslaves them to the money, drugs, alcohol, lust, objectification, or whatever other reason they are there for. Look at this website and why it is enslaves the watcher; binds their heart and mind to it, steals all that is good, often resulting in job loss, financial ruin, broken marriages, and broken lives, usually leaving many other innocent libed decimated in its wake.

    You are fooling yourself if you think the porn and sex industry does not enslave people.
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  19. StartledKiwi

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    Human trafficking and legal porn are two separate things. And neither has to do with the topic on this thread.

    People in the pictures or films walked into it on their own. Their contract doesn't force them to take drugs or alcohol. It's their own personal choice. They get paid for acting, nobody tells them how to spend their money.

    Alcohol, drugs and porn offer an unlimited supply of instant gratification to the consumer. People are not addicted to objectification.

    Objectification happens when any action done by an individual is perceived as degrading; even when said action is done without the intent of degrading another individual.

    If I say blue and you interpret red, the problem is not the message but the misinterpretation that happens along the way.
  20. EyesWideOpen

    EyesWideOpen Fapstronaut

    They can be two separate things, but not always. You have no way to know if the people you are viewing in porn are there by their own volition or not.
    You are the one who brought up the topic of enslaving.
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