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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by ProdigalSon74, Dec 15, 2017.

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    So I just signed up today and I really hope this is something that will become beneficial in my road to recovery. Funny thing is, I just watched PM today and in that moment I decided to bite the bullet and sign up because I seriously hate what I do. I've been at this for longer than I can remember when it even started, and as a religious man I'm determined to do the right thing and fix it. I really want this website to workout and be a safe(ish) place for me to share my thoughts (it is the Internet after all). I sincerely want to end PMO in my life for good and your support would be most appreciated; and I in turn will support everyone here as well. Though we do not all share the same beliefs or live the same kind of lives, I know we don't deserve to be ridiculed for our failures, but rather forgiven and lifted up in our path to recovery. Lets make a difference.
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    Welcome to the forum. You found the right place to learn about the backgrounds of the enemy called PMO and how to fight it.
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    Welcome, stopping PMO will be the best decision you can ever make.
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    Hi @ProdigalSon74
    I am glad to see you made the decision to quit porn.
    I think that's a great idea!
    I wish you good luck during your reboot!

    Btw, nice nickname, means a lot to me :)
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