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    I haven’t really had problems avoiding porn and masturbation, but I do struggle with more low-key stuff. If I’m flaccid for hours at a time, I start getting the urge to look at photos of attractive ladies in sexy clothing to edge, to reassure myself that my penis is still capable of penetration.

    I was actually struggling with ED for a while, often needing a cock ring to have sex. My erectile issues seem to be mostly behind me thanks to meditation, but I still can’t quite reach 100% and maintain it. I think it may be my age (34). I’m aware that my libido will be gradually going downhill from here, and that concerns me because I’ve only had a handful of sexual encounters since I lost my virginity at 32. I had like two decades of youth to have sex in my prime, and it all went to waste. Definitely one of my biggest regrets.
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    trust that it works. my previous attempts at nofap were ruined because i was worried my dick stopped working so id edge and one thing led to another and i was back at day 1. do not edge do not test to see if you can still get an erection. JUST. KEEP. GOING
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