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Discussion in 'Women in Reboot' started by Sun_shine, Aug 27, 2018.

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    Hi Sunshine,
    One of our best allies in this battle is a good optimistic attitude. You can try again and succeed don't get discouraged. You have shown great discipline you can do it again :)
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    Day 10

    The relapse did hit me hard , I felt quite low bouts of shame . I don’t want pmo to be my only form of intimacy it was an escape from actual intimacy in a relationship shame from getting into one and to hide away from issues within myself .

    I’m currently ovulating so the urges are strong so I want to stay focussed , I’m at a level where negative feelings after the relapse are gone . Strong willpower did help me complete my longest streak . That alone cannot be the answer as being careless about triggers not being as disciplined about the nf process and excess energy which I couldn’t deal with led me to relapsing .

    I am reading up more regularly on here , unfollowed a few people on social media which are triggers . Even when reading the news I’m more careful . Certain pics and articles can be triggering .

    After my p relapse of three months I noticed I was looking at pictures or people in a ‘inappropriate ‘ way not intentionally but that’s how my brain was reacting to the p relapse.

    Having an intimate relationship with a partner is important to me and hopefully having kids rather then pmo ing by myself !

    I’m also eating a lot of sugar so don’t know if that will contribute to the urges .

    I am planning on continuing with gym , reading up and understanding more about the recovery process and urges etc .
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