Starting over again....again

Discussion in 'Women in Reboot' started by [email protected], Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Solomon435

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    Ooh the vacation is almost here! Are you excited? I really hope you make the most out of the trip.

    Yeah, you should definitely celebrate 2 weeks! Quite the accomplishment! Have fun. :D
  2. ttitanya

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    Jennnnnn!!! I've been following your journal!!! you can do it!!!! Tomorrow makes 14!
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  3. Jen@8675309

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    I made it to 2 weeks today, mostly by just taking each day as it comes and staying out of my head about everything. It's working so far, so that's the approach I'll keep going with. I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow, so that should greatly help me keep going because I won't have access to the internet for PMO, or privacy for MO. I feel pretty good about where I am right now and the path ahead.
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  4. Solomon435

    Solomon435 Fapstronaut

    Have a nice vacation! You've earned it. :)
  5. Retro Girl

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    My Journal
    Congrats on 2 weeks Jen and that's a great opportunity with the vacation.. have a good one!
  6. Moon Shot

    Moon Shot Fapstronaut

    Vacation! Sounds fun- Three cheers to two weeks!
  7. Jen@8675309

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    I had a great vacation, made it to 3 weeks...then when I got home I felt like I got hit by a cement mixer's worth of temptations and triggers and caved in. This is a valuable lesson that I won't soon forget. I don't feel bad per se, 1 reset in 3 weeks is significant progress for me. I'll get back to 3 weeks and beyond in no time. I got this.
  8. Your motive is pure and beautiful. Rejoice in your good heart that desires a healthier you. Change will come. Don’t listen to lies we tell ourselves that we’ll never get better. You will. You already are a success by being here. Being honest.
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  9. Solomon435

    Solomon435 Fapstronaut

    You had a great vacation and an awesome 3 week streak, I'd say you've done a great job!

    You'll get back on your feet soon. Great job handing it so well!
  10. Jen@8675309

    [email protected] NoFap Moderator
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    I'm having some trouble getting back on track, but this is normal and expected behavior. I know I'll get back to where I want to be soon, I just have to work harder.
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  11. ttitanya

    ttitanya Fapstronaut

    Yes you Will!!!!
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  12. Solomon435

    Solomon435 Fapstronaut

    Yes, you will be able to get back on the horse. We believe in you.
  13. IGY

    IGY Fapstronaut

    That three week break from the depressing rut of recurring relapses must have felt wonderful. Are the reasons you noted above the main or only reasons for that? Is there some way you can introduce similar constraints? Tricky if you live alone (as I do) because the opportunity is often/mostly there. :oops: Re: internet access, although I am not a fan, maybe you are among those that would benefit from some blocking software. Any thoughts Jen? I hope you are doing well at the moment.
  14. Lively gr of yesterday

    Lively gr of yesterday Fapstronaut

    Best of luck i m just going through the same
  15. Veritech

    Veritech Fapstronaut

    I had a similar experience.

    Before vacation, I felt so motivated going into the vacation and was able to put together a great streak.

    The streak then lasted through the vacation with very little thought or temptation.

    Then back home and within a day or two, bang!!! I was watching porn and masturbating once again. Binging for days. What just happened? I was doing so well.

    I think there is a wave of stress and depression that hits when we return to work and routine. Perhaps there is a part of us thinking that vacation was a reward for a great streak; when at home there is no future reward, so why keep trying?

    As they say, "If you fall off the horse, get right back on."
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  16. Jen@8675309

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    It's a new year, with renewed resolve to make 2019 the last year of PMO addiction for me. I'm bringing a pretty good streak into the year and I'm feeling pretty good about it.
  17. Solomon435

    Solomon435 Fapstronaut

    Alright, good for you! I know you will be able to beat this. Good luck!
  18. Jen@8675309

    [email protected] NoFap Moderator
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    3 week update. I've been feeling pretty good these past few weeks, no major urges or anything I haven't been able to handle. Still taking things a day at a time, still working on not getting caught up in my head about it.

    At the new year, I made a resolution to channel my sexual frustration into working out and getting into the best shape of my life. I've already started seeing great results from my improved diet and exercise workout (hybrid of Insanity and P90x) and I'm excited to see the changes I'll experience if I keep it up.
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