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    A friend of mine got me interested, and he and I are now accountability partners for each other. Today is day 3, and I'm super stressed from exams (really evident as I'm on here instead of studying LOL), but this has been the hardest day so far. Sounds dumb, but I just only realized how much I rely on PMO for stress relief. I used to think "it's fine, this isn't really hurting anything" but only now do I realize that it's a full-on addiction, as opposed to something more casual than I thought it was. Here's to hopefully a successful rest of the day!
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    Good luck with your recovery!
  3. zinger97

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    Well now I'm well on my way to finishing out Day 6. So far day 4 and 6 have been the hardest, since those days I've been alone and not as busy as the others. I've come to realize how much I depend on PMO when it comes to relieving stress or just when I'm bored. What a vile thing to be addicted to, that I need that dopamine rush just bc I'm bored or stressed. Well now that I'm 1/18th of the way to my 90 day goal, we're gonna keep going strong.

    If my grandpa who was a religious smoker and alcoholic can up and quit both of those habits in 1 day (not the same day but he just quit cold turkey) then I sure as hell can beat this addiction.
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    Day 7:

    Starting today off was absolutely horrible lmao. I was up until like 3 am last night (don't ask, it was for a student organization) and I woke up at about 8:30 with quite possibly the hardest boner I've had in a while, even harder than when I finally got my first comfortable boner after I got circumcised last summer, and after like 3 weeks of not jerking bc it hurt like hell (that's an easy way to get a streak lol)
    Long Story short, I ended up making it out of bed, thanks to 3 am Zinger97's decision to put my phone out of reach so I had to get up to do anything. I went and then took a dump and cold shower and have been fine since, but man, that was rough. Sleep deprivation is a great inhibition limiter, so I'll try not to do that too much more so that I don't have this struggle lol.
    I think another thing that helped was that I didn't even take my phone to the bathroom, so there was no temptation to look at any Porn, I just had to keep it in my mind to keep my hand away from my junk, then the cold shower shocked me into reality.
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    Way to go, zinger97! Keep the guard up and you'll make it, just like your grandfather :)
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    Thanks bud! Working Hard on it, I actually just logged back in because I'm alone in my room and bored, so the temptation is there. Just checking in to keep myself motivated. Got the window open so that I'd have to get up to close it to beat off, just trying to keep myself from falling into that trap.
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    Day 8:

    Waking up this morning was hard, we had a cold front roll through, so it was absolutely freezing. So glad that I put my phone away from my bed, the temptation to lay in bed and jack off was unreal. I finally forced myself to get up and go to the gym, followed by a miserably cold shower, but I've been fine since! It gets both harder and easier every day, as the motivation I have to watch my counter on here and on my phone go up day by day, keep increasing, but the want to relapse also increases.

    Over Halfway through the day, we can finish today strong!
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    Neat, we're on the same day (sorta). Keep going bro, i'm sure you can go even further!
  9. zinger97

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    Yeah, I update my counter at 11 pm, usually when I go to sleep. That's when I know I've made it through that next day haha.
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    Day 9:

    As I begin day 9, I have a ton of stuff to get done today, and a test that I'm super stressed about. I'm wearing my good luck underwear and shirt and will be out of my room for like the next 13 hours, so today should be easy, despite the stress stimuli. Here's to yet another day!
  11. zinger97

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    Day 10:

    Went to bed late last night, so I didn't update my day 9 post, so I'll just include it on here as part of day 10. Yesterday was pretty damn easy, since I was so busy and outside of my room all day (literally from 9 am to 11 pm).

    Today (D10) I woke up without a raging boner like I have the past few days, so there was much less incentive to lay in my warm bed and fondle myself. I got up and spent about an hour at the gym just working on myself (boy am I tired rn) and took a cold shower after bringing my sister breakfast (we live in the same city, and relatively close).
    Here's to yet another day of NoFap!

    It's the end of the day, and that makes another full day of NoFap. I wasn't quite as "productive" in the material sense, as in how much stuff I accomplished, BUT I had good conversations with people, ate well, took a cold shower tonight, and bettered myself through my relationships and interactions with people. These are the kind of days that I love to have, and because of that, it makes continuing NoFap all the much easier, because I don't think about the potential of someone finding me PMOing (I live in a dorm) and makes conversations with friends easier.
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    Day 11:

    Began with a good, but really short (like 20 min) workout. Not as long or as hard as I wanted to go, but today I was a victim of circumstance. Oh well, today should be another good day, had great conversation with my friends over breakfast, so that was a huge plus. Got class all day, with some interviews and a banquet tonight, so it should be an easy day. Will update this post at the end of the night.

    So far so good, about to take a warm shower, but it's gonna be a quick one so that I don't get tempted. I'm gonna call it for Day 11 as another successful day! (this'll also help since I already said it was successful lol)
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    Day 20:

    Quick update on the past few days since Day 11. I went on a huge camping trip to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in Utah. Was with a bunch of friends, so I am still going strong on my streak. I talked to some of them about my NoFap journey, and they didn't really understand but that's okay.

    Woke up this morning in my own bed (we got back at like 2 am this morning) with a raging hard on, and kept wanting to jerk it but I resisted, after one or 2 attempts to try and jerk off. I'm not going to reset since I never actually even came close to edging or jerking, but that was the roughest it has been.
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  15. Starseeker

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    Glad to see you're still on your streak man. keep going strong and taking them cold showers
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  16. zinger97

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    Day 21:

    Thanks everyone for the support! I really appreciate it. Yesterday continued to be a success, but man was I fighting the urge hard all day long (no pun intended :p) It was still a successful day, so here's to a good St. Patty's day!
  17. zinger97

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    Day 22:

    Today started out with me waking up late to my alarm, but I got to where I needed to go in time so that was good. I also struggled with wanting to PMO after my gym session, but resisted, and even asked a girl out on a date and got a yes! Still have a few hours to go before the day is over, but it looks like today is going to be successful.
  18. zinger97

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    Day 23:

    Today has started off well. Getting up early to workout sucked after a week of Spring Break, but we're getting through it, and took a cold shower (first one in a week) to boot. Today I'll be pretty busy so it should be relatively easy. Will come back with updates later today!
  19. Hello! :)
    I really admire you! You are doing perfectly fine! I wish you great strength my friend!
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    Day 24:

    Today Started off well! Woke up and got a good practice/workout session in, followed by a "nice" cold shower. Thanks so much to everyone for the encouragement! I'll try and come back to edit this post with updates later today.
    Thanks to everyone for the encouragement!

    End of the day update/Edit:
    Successful day, got a lot done but also got a lot of chances to chill out which was nice. No really big urges today so there's that haha. On to bed and to tomorrow!
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