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    Thank you so much. Thanks a lot.
    I logged in to divert myself from my urges. My urges had almost caught me but then I re-directed myself to NoFap.

    Your words of inspiration act as a great source of healing for me. I guess that's what it is about. Fighting through it everyday. Some days will be hard, others will be easy. But this is what is needed to be done.

    I made it through one day. I didn't watch any porn. Accidentally though, I stumbled across some stuff I had downloaded while I was in relapse. I deleted it all. I didn't feel like watching it. I didn't feel like getting off to it. I feel better already. I studied whole day.

    If I make through this exam (that is on 3rd), I will have all of you lovely people and NoFap community to thank for. I had an addiction and I thought I would not make it. The 30 day streak helped me gain a lot of clarity and I was able to study a lot. Those 30 days helped me cope through a lot. I still feel like I have a better control over my thoughts because of not giving into its desires all the time. So, yes. I am thankful to all of you and grateful to my gods.
    I lost my focus for a while but I will set my record straight for now. I am saying No to PMO. :)
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