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    My journey of pmo is not different from all of us.i started fapping since i was in final year of my college and it's been 4 years till now.i can't believe in this that i have destroyed my life like this.right now I am getting suicidal thoughts but before that i just wanted to give my life Last try.i am trying to quit this habit from last year but haven't succeeded yet, but one thing which positively happened is that frequency of fapping has been reduced.i used to do several times in a day but right now 5-7 times in a month.but from now i am going to take complete control on it and my my home no one understands me .they think i am a useless person that's why i searched out this platform where i can share my thoughts.i want a good fapfree year in 2019. That's why i did reboot my phone and computer today so that i can restart my new life again.please God help me.
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    Welcome here!

    It’s sounds to me that you need someone to talk to, someone in real life that you could trust. And if I’m wrong it still wouldn’t hurt you, right? Do you have a pastor or a therapist or anyone else to turn to?
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    Welcome to the community!
    Don't lose hope you can beat this addiction step by step with lots of determination and an optimistic attitude. Please ignore the suicidal thoughts try to get if necessary professional help so you can deal with them effectively. Your life is of great value don't think otherwise. Here you can find encouragement and also you can encourage others through your life experiences. Stay alert and happy :)
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