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    Hi All,

    I'm 23 years old guy. I started masturbating from very early age (since 10 year old kid) without knowing about masturbation. The craving for that feeling made me an addict to Masturbation. I got introduced to porn during my early college days and i literally became a slave towards PMO. As other porn addicts, even I was lacking self confidence, self esteem, energy which made me a very shy and lazy person, I was scared to talk with girls.

    Due to the PMO addiction, I was always feeling lethargic all the time as I was masturbating once or twice every single day. I haven't had a wet dreams in my whole life, Haha this thing can tell you how consistent I'm in masturbating.

    4 months back, I had been to 10 day meditation course(Vipassana), this thing is literally changing my life. Those 10 days, we were made to meditate for 10-13 hours a day which is crazy. I learn't to meditate, I felt so much positive after coming out of that course. After closely observing myself for sometime, I found that this bad habit of PMO is hindering the growth in every aspects in my life, be it spiritually/sexually/ career wise. So I've started to change myself by quitting PMO and meditate for an hour every single day.

    Its been 7 days, since I masturbated/ watched porn and I'm meditating for an hour(1/2 an hour before and after the bed) every single day. This platform seems to be perfect for me to avoid any relapses and to go strong. Now I proudly say, I've started the journey towards glory!!!
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    Welcome to the community.

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