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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by irish_pub, May 12, 2019.

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    Hey there,

    for some time now I (m, 23yo, virgin) tried to lower my masturbation amount, just because I feel more confident this way. The maximum I achieved without porn was a week and if I relapsed, I would masturbate through the whole day to start the next week again without.

    One time I had a really bad day and I binged porn massively to feel better. This day something inside of me broke. I felt horrible and decided to do NoFap seriously.

    Im on day 16 and avoiding porn is somewhat easy for me. Sometimes I have a hard time avoiding masturbation when I lay in bed and cannot sleep, but I manage that with cold showers. I feel like can controll the urge and I can do it!

    Now to my problem:
    There are horrible side effects, which I noticed before, but didnt know it had to do with NoFap. After one week it began to get really bad.

    My Withdrawal Symptoms:
    -problem to concentrate
    -avoiding social interactions

    My brain is crying for help, I would get inefficient in work, avoid conversation and ignore girls, especially the one I have a crush on. The depressions are heavy and every day I think about suicide. This is the second worst time of my life! Only second worst, because I know its just temporary and there is hope.

    It is getting better now day by day. With a lot of sports I manage to stay sane.
    Just had to get it of my chest, because talking about this even to my best friends is very uncomftable.

    I have to keep it up, to someday be the person she or every woman deserve!
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    Hey man, before anything else - if you're feeling suicidal, please call a hotline.
    As for some your withdrawal symptoms, they're quite natural as your body learns to deal with your new lifestyle.
    Naturally, because all of a sudden you don't know what to do with all of your extra energy. Go out and use that energy for doing other stuff: pick up some new hobbies, go exercise, hiking, making art, etc.
    Do you get enough sleep? If not, start making regular bedtimes and wake-up times.
    I had at this for a short while in the beginning of my reboot. If it doesn't pass after a few weeks, than it might be a more serious issue. Others have written around the forums on the matter, so check them out.
    Similarly to insomnia, these should pass eventually.
    It's my understanding that most PMO addicts don't know how to handle their emotions correctly and as such turn to PMO as a distraction. But it's only ever a distraction. All those negative emotions are still there. Once you've quit, they all come flooding back - so now it's time to learn how to deal with them, like a normal human being. I suggest that every time you feel down either talk to a close friend or relative, or go take a 20-30 minute walk without listening to anything, and just let your thoughts and emotions sink in.
    Good luck!
  3. 220woof671

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    16 Days of No PMO is Very Good !!!!!!!

    Here's some tips -- maybe you'll find some you like?

    Benefits of No PMO:

    1. No social anxiety; 99% of time relaxed, calm, cool; easier to be sociable. If I do start to get nervous I think, "What do I have to be fearful about?" And I get calm in about 1-2 seconds.
    2. More attention from opposite gender -- without trying
    3. No brain fog; can concentrate easily. Can think clearer under pressure.
    4. Increased motivation to get things done.
    5. More Stamina -- can hang in their longer at work (be tough) and complete projects; can work overtime, while others can't
    6. No fears; high levels of testosterone = strength and don't take bs. (No one has messed with me in 52 days +.)
    7. More Free time for good/productive things [that you are proud of]. Not wasting time going to phony porn sites; fapping to pixels; lusting, etc.
    8. Women/men increasingly become less of a priority or need.
    9. Improved Confidence -- (online comment) "porn and masturbation lowers your self-esteem and confidence"
    10. More Respectable -- (online comment) "if you resist the urge to masturbate -- a practice that is generally condemned -- you are likely to feel more respect for yourself; and others will respect you more." We all can quickly tell if a man or woman is fapping ... nervous ... weak … fearful … has shame [trying to hide something] …
    10. Improved Creativity and Resourcefulness

    *Not all days are wonderful. Somedays are so-so ...… many are common... some are difficult due to "flat line"... But who wants to go backwards -- to weakness, shame and disrespecting yourself, etc.?
    Y-o-u can change! Y-o-u are 100% in control. Y-o-u call the shots!

    Tips to Successfully handle Urges or Temporary Temptations:

    #1 Secret = Get Off Your Butt and Go Outside [temptations usually only last 10-20 min] 2- Go on NoFap and make a post; or "like" some posts; or give advice 3- Listen to and Dance to your favorite music (fun and gets rid of excess energy) 4- Exercise, go to gym, go for a walk 5- Go to mall and talk with women (or men for females) 6- Go to store and buy yourself a reward/gift/treat (small daily; medium weekly; large monthly) 7- Do your favorite hobby 8- Call, email or go visit a friend 9- Go walk a wonderful dog "Woof!" 10 - Have a "WHATEVER IT TAKES" attitude or mindset 11- Do a good deed for someone (extra points if they don't know who did it) 12- Take a break; take a nap (remind yourself that you are 100% in control and 100% responsible for your behavior-actions) 13- "All Things Are Possible" 14 - One day at a time 15 - Positive personal hygiene (brush teeth; shower) keeps your self-esteem high.

    A great way to have SUCCESS over urges or temptations is to make a quick LIST OF GOALS and OPTIONS. (Just make a quick list -- you can add to it later.) Then read the GOALS and OPTIONS when you are tempted. (I made a simple list the first week -- now it's a habit -- like a memory.) In a sense, you want to 'hold a knife' to the throat [carotid artery -- side of neck] of your 'feelings.' You are the boss -- you tell them what to do. If your 'feelings' disagree with your goals (No PMO, self respect, power) -- tell your 'feelings' where to go. You can call your list: STUD LIST, SPECIAL FORCES LIST, LIST OF OPTIONS, etc. (whatever works for you.) Make a list to help prepare yourself for Success. It only takes a few minutes. Being human, you will run into occasional urges or temptations. You'll need a list of activities/options that is quickly available to help you succeed at your goals:)

    APPLICATION = SUCCESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. irish_pub

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    Thank you for your advice and motivation!

    It pains me to say: I relapsed yesterday (M).

    I was not even horny, but wanted to lower the withdrawal effects.
    It didnt help! Lesson learned!

    Somehow Im afraid to lose my job if this keeps on. I cant concentrate, my brain feels just empty. The depression is dragging me down.
    I cant get anything done!

    I should see a doctor...
  5. Delirious 1 2018

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    it does sound like these depressive feelings are worse than just withdrawal, so you should see someone this week if possible. I am praying for your health, well-being, and success in avoiding PMO, brother.

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