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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Super Mega Human, Mar 17, 2019.

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    Hey, guys. Hope you're achieving your daily goals in this journey.
    I want to share some thoughts about aside effects of PMO addiction.
    As I read in the About Porn Adiction article in this site, I'm a very anxious and depressive person (not so much this days). I've had several problems trying to focus in something and when I can't do what I'm trying to I despair (sorry for my english). And try to do somethin else, it can be PMO or something else: stupid videos on Youtube, eating, and try to calm myself. It's very hard for me try to study because of this and the people who I live with. Now, for example I need to finish some math problems for a friend, and I got really, really anxious trying to do that. Now that I've been more than two weeks clean, I get urges and I realized it comes along with anxiety, tons of it. I've tried to do some breathing exercises to get relaxed but I haven't relaxed completely. I wanna feel everything it's okey, that there's nothing to worry about. Debo confiar en mí. Now, for example I got distracted from writing, listening to a great song by Charly Garcia. I get distracted very easily but I'm working on that.
    Si fue hecho para mí
    Lo tengo que saber
    Pero es muy difícil ver
    Si algo controla mi ser
    En el fondo de mí
    En el fondo de mí veo temor
    Y veo sospechas
    Con mi fascinación nueva
    Yo no sé bien qué es
    Yo no sé bien que es
    Vos dirás: son intuiciones
    Verdaderas alertas.
    Another I don't like about my self it's my ridiculous obsession with some things. I would like to listen to more music but I don't feel like doing that because I'm so obsessed with the same songs I know several years ago. I try to be open but I always end up listening to the same bands.
    This is what I can write now. Thank you very much for fighting your addiction.
    One day at a time guys.
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    Hi, welcome! I understand you perfectly, I recommend listening to radio (FM or online, even in YouTube there's some radio channels) so you listen to new things. Also, do exercise to combat anxiety. I invite you to our Spanish speakers group in WhatsApp. If interested, send me your number on private message. Greetings!
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    Hola mi hermano ánimo ánimo eres tú mejor que cualquier cosa ánimo público ... creo que la falta de concentración es por el exceso de trabajo que le hemos dado a nuestro cerebro a mi también me sucede lo que he tratado de hacer es bloquear las páginas que me desconcentran ya hacen perder el tiempo (youtube-facebook) y utilizar mi tiempo leyendo entrenando mi mente con juegos de lógica y también audios para aumentar la concentración... mis mejores deseos y espero que te sirva un Feliz día
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    Hola hermano, felicitaciones por unirte y ser capaz de hablar de tu situación. Ese es un buen paso. Mándame un PM si quiere charlar. Abrazo fuerte.
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