Social Media is a huge Trigger for me, Help!

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by JourneyMan16, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. JourneyMan16

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    Anytime I see a picture of a hot girl on insta or snapchat I get a huge trigger. (its almost impossible to avoid them) Although I do not want to delete my social media as it is a way for me to communicate with my friends and see what others are doing. What should I do?
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  2. ak47_uk

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    I know what you mean, im the same. You start by looking at a few hot girls on facebook etc and justify to yourself its not porn but somehow you end up on the porn sites having a good wack.

    Im just trying not to look at the things that trigger as well. Just hope it lasts
  3. Salvo

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    Same here, man I just deleted mine 10 secs ago. At least do that for the time it will take you to reboot, then get back on it after that time if you feel like it. No one will blame you for disappearing and it's the control of your life back we're talking about!!!
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  4. SportsFanatic

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    hey man you should totally get rid of social media. Life is so much better without it and you have more privacy. I'm 32 and don't have social media. People think it's really interesting when I tell them that. I will never get into those social media sites.
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  5. drewharbour

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    Have to do it otherwise you will be triggered.
    Don’t kid yourself, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat are Porn substitutes.
    I’m sure you’ll find it a relief as I did, social media is 99% shit. For guys with P addiction it is too dangerous
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  6. Unflinching

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  7. ak47_uk

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  8. Hitto

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    Delete social media it was huge trigger for me as well the friends worth keeping would reach out to me regardless if we weren’t friends on social media or not I still have fb though but things like Instagram and snap chat are detrimental to your reebot because it entices you to seek more women and check out different pictures it’s pretty much the same voyeurisim porn gives you get consumed by looking at fully nude or half naked women all day and then you become depressed because you get fixated by the “image” of a woman you have no idea about or don’t even really know what she is portraying is real so I would get rid off it and focus on self improvement
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  9. spaces

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    Best way is to not use such apps . They are a trigger for seeing P . I have installed and deleted them multiple times .
  10. Unflinching

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  11. Unflinching

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    Now read it.
    Inspire from it.
    Implement it.....
  12. omalleytac

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    I have the same problem... you should refrain from using apps.
  13. isn't whatsapp enough for that ?
  14. Yeah I know it frustrates me when people say they can't delete social media because they want to keep in touch with people... Like why not just get their phone number or email address then lol?

    I deleted Facebook in 2014 and I've never looked back. More privacy, less fake friends, and none of the BS in my timeline that used to frustrate the hell out of me on a daily basis.
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  15. ak47_uk

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    Depends, what if he gets sent nudes from hot chicks. Whatsapp is not exactly the communications medium he should use. Pictures come through the fastest on whatsapp when someone is sending them to u
  16. Gmork

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    Delete your social media & come up with an alternative way to communicate.
  17. Aarush me

    Aarush me Fapstronaut

    I can understand
    First of all .... This is a trap... And second you aren't the only one who stuck in this trap.
    Step 1 - You should try to switch your phone off for a day.. or two .
    Step 2 -. Ask your self before you touch your phone that " what is the purpose... Why am I checking my cellphone."
    Step 3 - while using phone..try to ask yourself " what am I doing now "
    Step 4 - if you take wrong path.. then you shouldn't keep going on that path... As soon as you realise that I am on wrong track... Stop there .. and analysis which track is right one... Don't push yourself hard just.. ask and answer...

    Note: 1) it requires lots of patience
    2) keep calm
    3) identify that movement when you realise that you re on wrong path.. but you justify you self to keep going on wrong path.
    4) meditation will help a lot
    5) if you don't have clear answer.. that why you are using your phone..its better to find answer then using phone...
    " All the best"
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  18. ak47_uk

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    Imagine the world without mobile phones, after all a few years ago they didnt exist
  19. Delete it.

    Its the only way that helps. I cant tell you, how free i feel without it.

    And it is enlightening: you`ll see how much you actually did depend on it. And how useless it in fact is (because your friends will stay friends, and the rest anyway never really did care - shall say: never did matter)

    good luck!

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