So, today was the day I relapsed last time.

Discussion in 'Women in Reboot' started by 19conquer, Nov 1, 2018.

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    Last time I attempted the challenge, the tenth day is where I failed. (The day I'm on today.) I don't think I'll have any trouble though because I feel just like all the other days before. I want to spend more time working on school, but all the time I would have used to masturbate has just gone into what other things I do to procrastinate. So that lead me to realize maybe it's not masturbation that's causing me to procrastinate, but it was procrastination that led me to masturbate.
    So I guess from here on, I just have to start working, and set myself up for success with my goals, instead of just waiting to see when the enery I have saved will propell me to action. But the funny thing is.. I do have more energy, and I'm compelled by my thoguhts to start my work, but I say no almost every time. But today, I will do what I need to. I have confidence in myself. I woke up earlier than I usually do too, so maybe that will push me to use this time productively. I have literally no reason not to. Today WILL be a good day. Oh p.s. I noticed that my eyecontact has gotten much better, as well as my over all confidence. My confidence will boost even more I hypothesize because I will have gotten all my work done, and I'll feel like a total boss again. I do know what this feels like because at one point I was ahead of my work goals. Alright! Pray for me, or wish me good luck! Whatever you believe in haha.
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    Goooood luck to you!!! Stay motivated and focused. You got this :)
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    Stay strong baby ! If you want an AP (42 days) then let me know !

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