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  1. @Kenzi this is a beautiful thread! Thank you for doing this!

    Hmm...not really sure they are talents but...

    I’m an ok singer. You know in the car and but was in chorus and district choir in middle school as well as plays.

    I used to write a lot of poetry. It just used to flow into my mind and I’d have to grab a piece of paper and immediately write it out or of course I’d forget.

    I have a thing for numbers. I’ve always remembered them. At work they called me Rainman bc I knew part number off the top of my head and FedEx tracking numbers. I also love budgeting and balancing.

    I crochet when I can but it’s impossible with a toddler.

    I am good with people and get along with just about anyone, regardless of social status or rank. I was good at defusing situations in the work place. I’m always surrounded by a line/group of people in my area for various reasons.

    Compassionate and honest. People have always come to me seeking advice over the years bc I give them unbiased and truthful advise, and don’t just tell them what they want to hear.

    I’m good at building people up and encouraging them. I’m excellent at putting other first even when I shouldn’t.

    Good friend (even though I feel I’ve been lacking lately).

    Good multitasker. It’s part of my job and part of parenting.

    Love helping/giving to others. Whether volunteering with church or helping a family in need. (Been slacking here as well)

    I used to be artistic now it’s only on kids lunch bags.
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    I feel like I should just copy and paste @Broken3 ;) And BTW, I’d say you have killer talents B3. :D

    I wouldn’t call myself a singer but having been in choir growing up, I can carry a tune.

    I love bumping up my music when I clean house and rocking out or acting like I’m a pop star. You know, air guitar solos and choreographing my own dance routines.:cool:

    I’m good at remembering random details. Everything from where someone left their coffee to almost every kind of feline there is and where they originate. My nickname in high school was Miss Encyclopedia.

    My kindergarten teacher told my mom she never saw a more diverse child. I’ve always been known to get along with just about anyone no matter class or race.

    I’m a great listener, empathizer, constructive and efficient. It’s why I was asked to take part in a business as an equal partner despite my colleagues having a higher level of education than I do. I run our business and enable them to focus on bringing in the money while also helping our staff feel appreciated & well rewarded and our clients feel well served & valued.

    I’m compassionate, understanding and don’t take life for granted. I owe that to my aunt and youth director. Growing up I spent a lot of time volunteering at soup kitchens, Toys for Tots, Habitat for Humanity and other outreach programs.

    Tenderness. I feel God put me on this earth to help his other creatures also. The ones that don’t have a voice we understand. One of my talents is bringing sickly and/or malnourished kittens around without doing any serious heroics. Just warmth, food, around the clock attention and love. I occasionally pet sit and have had clients say their senior pet looks better upon their return than when they left.

    I use to be artistic but now it’s only in my gift wrapping skills and fashioning kitten toys out of everyday household items like toilet paper rolls and washed, local turkey feathers.:rolleyes:
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    Woot Woot
  5. YES! My motivation for cleaning! Then when the hubs turns it down or changes the station I say “aw man..there goes my motivation” lol. And the toddler walks around shaking his butt with me :)
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  6. I LOVE this thread .. I love getting to know a little bit about the personalities of some of the SO's who have been so caring and helpful to me and many others on NoFap.
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    Thank you, OP, for this thread. I am new to the forum. I found out about my husband's PA in April 2018. He finally started to take recovery seriously the beginning of November, when I told him I'd leave unless he sought help.

    Since April, hubby has said several times that he was so sorry he broke me. I finally got angry and told him "I'm not broken. You don't have the ability to break me. I am stronger than that." This thread reaffirms my strengths and shows me what strong and talented company I have on this forum.

    So here goes. I am a fiber artist who designs knitting and weaving patterns. I also crochet and spin my own yarn. I have had problems with both shoulders due to a bad fall a few years ago, so I haven't done much lately.

    I was a teacher until I gave up my career to take care of my mom and my daughter, who were both very ill. I was also my husband's business partner for many years. My husband was recently offered a position by one of our clients that was too good to pass up, so he's moved on from the business. I should find my diplomas and remind myself that I am "wicked smaht."I need a reminder that I can move on from the business too.

    I refuse to be broken. I have too much I still want to do with my life!
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    You SHOULD find those diplomas and persue those dreams!
    Don't let him stop you either!!
    I believe in you!
    And believe me... I'm wicked smaht too;)
    Welcome to the forum !!

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