Should I date him?

Discussion in 'Women in Reboot' started by Jessie14, Dec 10, 2018.

Should I give him a chance and date him?

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  1. Jessie14

    Jessie14 Fapstronaut

    So I met this guy and am a bit conflicted. I looked at the people he follows on Instagram and there are some pages that are explicitly adult content. Should I give the guy a chance or cut him off?
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  2. GhostWriter

    GhostWriter Fapstronaut

    Well young lady, if you had to ask the question, I think you probably already knew the answer. If you decide to date him, just remember, you're playing with fire and you're holding gasoline in your hand!
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  3. Newgirl

    Newgirl Fapstronaut

    Hi there,
    It's your call but since you're asking I'm inclined to say NO. Good thing he doesn't hide it but why bother dealing with a guy that's objectifying women. Stay strong :)
  4. CH3RRY

    CH3RRY Fapstronaut

    Don't do it. From the posts about couples I've seen here, it sounds painful to be in a relationship with someone who has an issue with PMO. I'm glad I'm only 18 and I'm getting this shit out of my life's way so I don't gotta be like these older people with their problems.
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  5. GhostWriter

    GhostWriter Fapstronaut

    Wait! I objectify to that! Who the F you calling old? LOL!
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  6. Hros

    Hros Fapstronaut

    Some sound advice I received recently: Don't date someone - especially if you're looking for a serious relationship - if that person is involved with negative things, even if they promise to stop. You need to find a person that you can imagine being with for an extended period of time as they are right now. Because we can never know if that person will truly be able to change or how long it'll take. Just read people's stories on this site for proof.
  7. sagia

    sagia Fapstronaut

    Never judge anyone based on their social media profile; most of the times as we all know it's just an illusion. I suggest talk to the person and you shall get to know who they are by what they speak and do. The old adage says, one can run but one can't hide for too long
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  8. GhostWriter

    GhostWriter Fapstronaut

    I concur. However, if you have to ask the question because one doesn't align with the other, it begs the question, "which rabbit hole do you go down?" Additionally, which is the illusion? IRL or Social Media? Essentially, what you have is a perspective, and that is "his story", "his social media story", and "the real story" which is probably somewhere in between. Personally, when getting to know someone, at this point in my life, if I have to survey and reconcile the differences, it's no judgment. It's just not worth my time. I don't know the individual, and really don't care to at that point. That's the way I see it. Of course, each of us has our own rationale for the pursuit. Mine is honesty, integrity, and confidentiality and respect for one another. He's already lost the first measure. There is a whole lot to be said about an individual by the company he keeps.
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  9. Prov2416

    Prov2416 Fapstronaut

    This really depends on what your goals are. If you are really into avoiding PMO, then you need to have a very candid conversation with him about sex and about Porn, Masturbating, and sex in general.

    If avoiding PMO is important to you, then it needs to be something this guy can respect.

    But the real question here is HONESTY.
    • Can you be honest with this guy about your intentions?
    • Can you be honest with YOURSELF about what you really want?
    That is really going to determine how you proceed.
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  10. Livispacerocket88

    Livispacerocket88 Fapstronaut

    Last thing you need is a guy who creates obstacles on your journey to being sober. Take it from someone who knows! Hanging with people who continue to view adult content around you and they know you have an addiction, is never a good mix. Don't let that be you. Life is too short to entertain toxic distractions! Stay true to you!
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  11. Carn1957

    Carn1957 New Fapstronaut

    I agree that you need to talk to him for a while to make your own impression.
  12. Hahahahaha!!!!
  13. I say no. I agree with everyone on here, speaking from experience, you don’t want to date anyone with major issues..especially if you are working through one.

    Too many times people see warning signs regarding people they want to date, but get caught up in desire, infatuation of just feelings of “desperation”.

    Then two months later the “sht gets real” and the strange and or abusive tendencies of the person we are dating come out, but it’s too late then, we are already stuck.

    Get out of the raft before the rapids, heck don’t even get in the raft at all.

    The are millions of other fish in the sea, be picky, you deserve the best.
  14. GhostWriter

    GhostWriter Fapstronaut

    THIS! These two things right here!
  15. Can_do_this_will_do_this

    Can_do_this_will_do_this Fapstronaut

    If you want to date someone why not me I am 18 too.
  16. GhostWriter

    GhostWriter Fapstronaut

    Son, this isn’t a hook up site. It is a recovery site. Please don’t solicit a relationship and you’re in a state of addiction yourself. This is neither the time, nor the place, to do so.
  17. Can_do_this_will_do_this

    Can_do_this_will_do_this Fapstronaut

    I am sorry

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