Shits getting real

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  1. Ok this isn't usually a problem, maybe I'm dwelling on it more but I am fighting urges before bed every night. They usually go away if I recite the Lord's Prayer once, it's just enough. The urges are manageable during the day. I'm also getting a excess of energy. I just added full sugar soda to my quit list. All I want anymore is red meat, guns and Jesus.

    My counter is the day I came back on, but my real number is closer to 10-15 days.
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    Respectable priorities right there. Keep it minimal and enjoy.
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    ...and Trump to win in 2020? Lol
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  4. If I can have that and a chance to meet Elder Romney, then everything will be just fantastic.
  5. Had my first sex dream in a while. Usually I'm fairly detached during these, as I have very little IRL experience to go on. This was quite vivid, smells, tastes, sensations. I tend to wake fairly quickly, but this time I didn't. It's like my own subconscious is trying to sabotage me.

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