Share your regrets in your life and save a friend

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    The horrible emotion in this world might be regrets and nobody wants to experience it. In here you can share your regrets in any phase of your life, something that you missed, something that you overlooked but really valuable, something that you misunderstood which is killing you inside each day of your life now.

    It doesn't necessarily related to the PMO habit, it can be anything. It can be anything which can save somebody who are in the same phase of life now as you were before. what would you do differently if you get a chance to go back to that phase of your life and live again.

    And good luck to live a life free of regrets or atleast very very less regrets.
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    In my case it is fapping away my golden late teens to up until this point which destroyed my motivation and confidence to even talk to a girl to build real relationships or atleast get to know the opposite gender. The feeling of being virgin at 24 years old without even a kiss really sucks.

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    It is a possibility that my ex-girlfriend may have killed herself and if that is the case, it is a possibility that it was because of me.
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    That I went down the road of promiscuity and infidelity.
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    Not betting on the Cubs back in 2016.
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    Not being a better version of myself when I had the opportunity and the energy. Though, better late than never.
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  8. That when my father was in the hospital I wasn’t more comforting. I didn’t know he had a bacteria that was eating away at his brain (thought it was just a heart attack) he was saying crazy things and I wasn’t listening to him. I thought it was just the drugs making him loopy. I would visit him everyday at the hospital thinking he would be coming home soon after surgery. So I didn’t make those visits count. If he fell asleep instead of staying by his side I’d Leave to do something that I selfishly wanted to do instead of staying by his side. We knew the risks of open heart surgery but everyone assured us it was a common surgery and he will be fine. The night before surgery I got a hotel room close to the hospital because his surgery was scheduled for 8am and I didn’t want to deal with down town traffic in rush hour. He died in the middle of the night before he had the chance for the surgery.

    I have SO much regret for not staying by his side, for not comforting him and most of all for not telling him how much I loved him.
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    How was your lifetime relationship with your dad? That’s what counts. We all die alone really. It’s how we live that’s important. How could you hold yourself responsible for not knowing it wasn’t just a heart attack. When he was sleeping he was unaware of you. I hope you can focus on how he was in your life and not just a couple hours at the end.
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  10. Thank you
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    The kind of friends I used to make

    Most of the friends I made were boys, who PMOed regularly. I learnt this shit from them. I never ever thought before being their friend. There were better alphas, who, I thought were not of my level.
    Secondly my friends always commented on my looks and said I would die single, bla bla bla. I believed. Now I only had male friends, I didn't talk to girls much.
    Now after I turned 16, and during my 50 plus day streak, I realised that I was very well mixing with those alphas. I finally left old friends and made new friends. Some of them have never ever fapped in their life (doubt). And now, guess what, I have more female friends than male ones.
    So if there are people like me, don't think about looks while searching for girls, make good friends irrespective of gender, and remain fit, stay happy.
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    Honnestly on my case there was a time i spent days regretting...regretting.....and that only putted me more down, now im done with that, what is pass is pass, you cant Change the pass, only the present and the Future!! So i stop caring less about the pass and focused more on the future!
    I made some wrong moves on the pass but i also did good moves, the important is that SHOW MUST GO ONNNNN!

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