Sexual Orientation Conflicts

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Abdoh Ash, Apr 23, 2019.

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  1. Abdoh Ash

    Abdoh Ash New Fapstronaut

    Hey, everyone, I'm a 17 year old, Im still a virgin guy, I never had sex but I had some sexual experience with males (masturbation, touches) I watched lots of porn (especially gay porn), I've been masturbating for 3 years and I am craving an actual real sex, I feel bad, this is not who I am, sex can't be my everything, that's why I'm here seeking help, I have sexual attractions to males, I don't wanna love a man, I don't wanna be in a relationship with a man, all I want is to be submissive and be fucked anally, that's a shameful side of my sexual life, I was addicted to anal masturbation too plus gay porn, I recently decided to stop and change because I'm a real man, I'm not a bitch, so I stopped watching gay porn for over a month, I stopped putting stuff into my ass, I'm 100% attracted to females emotionally, I'm somewhat attracted to them sexually, I can be considered bisexual but I still wanna do more. I still masturbate and mostly to straight sex now and female nudes, I like females and they intrigue me but my homosexual past still haunts me, I was sexually harassed by older guys when I was a kid, I changed, I'm no longer a guy with feminine personality, I'm a leader, a controller and I am learning how to be dominant, how to be more masculine because I look slim and my body doesn't look completely masculine, what is annoying me is the gay thoughts, I don't need anything from a man, I was just addicted to gay sex from porn right? I don't know but homosexual fantasies come from time to time and annoy me in my dreams and I really hate it, I can never accept myself being gay, it has nothing to do with homosexuality being good or bad, I am just not created to be gay, I need some help to heal and to get into healthy relationships with girls, I really want to have sex with girls but I'm just afraid It may not work out, I'm still a virgin, young, lonely and afraid of the future.

    Any help from you guys would be truly appreciated.
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  2. QuietKarma

    QuietKarma Fapstronaut

    Look if some guy grabbed my dick and jerked me off I would probably also enjoy it. But like you said. Im emotionally attracted to women. I want to marry and have children with a woman. Maybe I would enjoy having sex with a man. Who knows? More importantly, who the fuck cares? I'm focusing on women and living my life as a straight male. The more you worry about 'gay urges' the bigger they will get.

    Maybe a small part of me is attracted to men? Maybe. Who knows. It's normal, it doesn't matter, many people are like that. I'm not going to explore it, think about it, or worry about it. If I do any of those things the problem will just get worse. The more those neuronal pathways about 'men' and 'sex' are fired together the more they will connect (google brain plasticity). Im mostly attracted to women. So that's what i'll go with, the rest doesn't matter.
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