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  1. Interesting story...
    My 13 year old daughter is taking a “health class” in school that is covering sex ed.
    I have had open and frank discussions with my children about porn and the negative affects it can have. We have discussed PIED as one of them.
    Anyway, in the class the teacher was discussing erectile disfunction for some reason and maybe masturbation.
    My daughter says, “I heard that if you Use porn too much it can cause ED.”.
    Her teacher says, “That’s not true.”
    She dropped it.
    When she told me, we went on the internet and found a ton of articles discussing how PIED is a problem. So my daughter knows I was telling her the truth.
    Too bad they aren’t teaching this to the kids.
    8th grade boys might not be as enthusiastic about porn if they knew it might damage their penis. Or at least it’s ability to function.

    What is your opinion?
    If you knew of the bad physical effects of porn, would you have avoided it more or at least used it less?
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    I can’t speak for all public schools. I can say the one I attended was a joke so I wouldn’t have been surprised by the lack of information. The irony is they will teach about birth control but not abstinence which is the practice that actually requires them to learn and build self-control, but I digress.

    Probably not. I went through a DARE program in school which talked about the dangers of drug use. That didn’t stop me from using a crap load of them in my youth. The issue is two fold: there is the “forbidden fruit” temptation where curiosity can override your reason if you let it. Then there is a society which through its fashions and music preach a different message than the one of caution and temperance. For example with drugs, my school told me they were bad but the music I listened to were songs about getting high and wilding out.
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    Just tell your kids to believe the opposite of everything they're taught in school
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  4. Done and....done

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    I wouldn’t really do that, however, I would tell my children to question what they’ve been told, just like how I’m sure they would question me! lol

    I can say with all honesty that if my parents took the time to be a part of my life and were honest to me about their own drug use, then it would have helped me more in staying away from drugs. Likewise, if they said “the music you listen to is going to make drugs sounds fun but it will rarely talk about the costs” and then given me a list of popular artist who’ve died of drugs overdoses, then that would have also helped. If my dad said “son, life has only two modes: It’s either suffer now and get rewarded later or get rewarded now and suffer later” that would have also sunk-in; for me anyway.

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