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    Log #1, Day 1
    Hey guys,

    Daily (hopefully) Self-Improvement Journal starting now.

    To be honest, I have to find the things I want to improve first. Finding the things I really want to improve, and not some things like: "Learn to play Violin, because it would be cool.", or learn to Draw to impress others.

    So yeah, I hope this thread will help me guide me. Some things I should probably improve:
    • screen time on "stupid" media (9gag, ...)
    • more social contact
    • realising what I want
    • finding a purpose of life (Will only possible with social contacts)
    • meditation
    • ...

    Probably I come up with more or delete some.

    Discussion is very welcome, so please post if you want to get something of your mind ;)
  2. Informius

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    So, first day coming to an end and I'm a bit suprised that I am keeping it up. Might become a good habit.

    Sooo, today I didn't do too bad or too good, spent quite some time on useless websites but I was productive aswell. You know the "School of Animals", sort of where every animal is tested on their ability to climb? This one went through my head today, as my goal was often to become very good with rethorics and speaking.
    I am not the worst with that, I wouldn't even say I am bad at it. But it's not the thing that I am good at. So maybe my goal shouldn't be to improve some mediocre skill, but to focus at what I am good?

    But what should I then try to improve?
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  3. Informius

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    Well next day next entry.

    Realised "my very own Self Improvement Log" is not a name that suggest participating with me... Well, if you read this you are very welcomed to comment and share your own days aswell :)

    What happened today to me? Went for a drive, went for a run, met a friend and currently I am studying (and of course now procrastinating in a forum)

    What about my goals? realised I have missed out the obvious:
    • less sugar duh
    to stay realistic I don't want to stop eating suger. My problem is whenever I open up some chocolate (or whatever), I don't eat a piece or 2, I eat the whole bag. Even if I actually don't want it.

    So another goal might be:
    • Be allowed to eat whenever you truly want to eat, and then only eat one to two pieces
    Let's see how that goes.
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    Local Time 8.40 AM
    So today I am going to write some goals that I want to achive - Then I can see at the evening how well that turned out.

    I have to set pretty ambitious goals, as I have a big exam on friday.

    So for today I am going to make 2x 1 hour study sessions with a break of 10 min in between. At 11 I will get food and have a chat with some people.

    12.00 - 2x 1hour Study session with 10 min break
    14.10 - Break until 14:30
    14:30 - 15:30 Study
    15:30 - roughly 17:00 Big break, hopefully watching Game of thrones.
    17:00 - 18:00 Study

    Then get some food until 19:00

    2 more 1 hour study sessions!

    So that would mean 8 hours of intense studying with nice breaks in between. Should be doable but also challenges me - Let's go!
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  5. J-CAT

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    The mighty pyramids were built one brick at a time, likewise, with each decision to improve yourself you are crafting yourself into a stronger man. Keep going! Great job on the five days so far, don't stop!
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  6. Informius

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    Thanks man :) But I got a setback in the morning and now I am back to 0 ups... But that's ok, PMO is not my #1 goal --> I should probably set my timer to Porn free only.
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  7. Informius

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    Wow almost didn't make it today... Well "almost" is a bit exaggerated, as I would have had the time but not the motivation.

    So how did yesterday go? Pretty good, especially until 3 PM. So i probably got 6-7 hours of effective studying.

    How was today? Pretty well too. Not at full potential yet, but it was nice to see how much you can accomplish.

    I realised that there is some sort of problematic with the 1h study - 10min break mentality: it goes on and on and on.
    So I was happy to have my first break, but there is this feeling of endlessnes when you know you have to do this 8 more times today and tomorrow and so on.

    I don't know yet how to counter that feeling. Maybe installing 2-3 hours breaks after every 3-4 hours studying block?

    What do you think?
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    So today I didn't had a very strict study routine - it made studying a bit easier, but I think I also studied less.

    Sweets is going medium well, as I am not eating those large packets in one sitting but quite a lot of the smaller ones - even if I don't really want them. A temporary fix would be to have less sweets around, so you would have to think twice about it.
    But I guess the supply will most of the time be there, so you should be able to say no aswell.

    Screen time is constantly high, need to better that one. I sometimes go outside instead and it's awesome - but I still stay inside to often.
    Temporary fix idea: only browse 9gag on "hot", not on trendig anymore. This way new content of the site is reduced greatly.

    Now I am going to learn the last 10 pages and then go to sleep.
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  9. Informius

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    Today I read a thread about a guy quitting games and it really inspered me to do the same but with my 9gag time.

    Studying was good today, tomorrow 9s the big exam!

    Good night guys
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  10. Informius

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    Hy guys again, I stopped for a bit to write in the journal.

    Had some great days because my Test in my Club was successful so I partied a bit :)

    had to update my tracker today, not that I watched explicit porn but I watched some pictures on purpose.

    Update in future again.
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  11. Informius

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    So the last couple of days were a lot of socializing in combination with drinking. Which is pretty fun and I think it is a good character developmnet (social skills skyrocket) but currently studying is going slowly.

    Today I will go party one more time and then hopefully study!
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  12. Informius

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    Today I got sort of an enlightment. At the start of this journal I was thinking about what I even should improve.

    It seems pretty clear now: Stop all reality escaping activities
    -First I thought mostly about gaming, as it is an utterly meaningless thing to do that leaves me with less motivation and an empty feeling
    -Then I included a thing I wanted to quit for a while: 9gag. That does a few things to me:
    - messes with my focus, after 9gag (and gaming) I am dull
    - grabs my attention
    - makes motivation go away
    - is an escaped from the real world, but not in a good way​
    -In addition to that I should include all activities that distract me from live like that.

    It's going to be pretty hard and because of the last part (stop all those activities) it is going to be impossible if I would want to start strictly.
    So with this in mind I am not going to be too hard on myself, but with challenging rules:
    1. Only half an hour of gaming or 9gag every second day
    2. Strict times when it is allowed (Tell yourself in the morning: you can game/9gag from 18.00 to 18.30)
    3. If I don't use up all of that time - reward yourself (still have to think about with what)
    4. On one day of the week (again decide on monday which day it's going to be) you can game for 1hour, can be combined with the half hour of that day, so maximum 1,5 hours)
    5. If you were gaming/9gagging longer than your allowed time:
      1. if <5min overtime --> a warning, if it happens a 2nd time that week --> no #4 allowed
      2. if >5min overtime --> no #4 allowed
      3. if significantly more than 5 min (i.e. ~20 min), or #5.1 and #5.2 happen more than twice --> donate the amount of minutes in € to an organisation of your choice
    6. Try to reduce other mindless activities and try to sub 9gag/gaming with better things
    Wow cool, I am pretty happy for #5.3, as I was getting worried that I couldn't find a proper punishment. Now that's something that's really going to hurt.
    I know that #6 is a really soft rule, but as I said I don't want to give myself an impossible task. I will alter that one in the future, but for now 9gag and gaming are the 2 most important things.

    Tomorrow will be the first update!
  13. Informius

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    Well well well, first day nearly over!

    How did I do? Great!
    I didn't spent any time on 9gag or gaming, even though I had some bad urges to do so. Well, not really bad urges but impulsive behavior, I automatically reached to my phone when there was a pause in a social conversation are when my mind wandered.

    Somehow shows how big the influence of my smartphone on me is...

    Maybe I should try to quit gaming/9gag cold turkey and use the rules above as a "relapse-minimizer", so that if I have urges unable to fight I limit myself to the half hour? Let's see how I do tomorrow, as I will be granted 0.5h of screen time.

    I'm thinking about using another phone, that makes it harder to use internet - but I don't know how I should handle WhatsApp messages. Anyone has some experience with that? Maybe a phone that can do WhatsApp but otherwise is pretty restricted?

    And of course I am starting to supplement my 9gag habit with NoFap forum browsing, but for the moment it is far less severe. So in order to be easier able to quit 9gag I will take the lesser evil, especially as I am learning with you guys!
  14. Informius

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    Edit: I changed the title once again, as I would enjoy some interaction ;)
  15. Informius

    Informius Fapstronaut

    Today was pretty hard. I had strong urges PMO wise, might adress that in another forum... .

    And I had very strong urges Attention wise aswell. I wanted to distract myself badly. So I subbed my 9gag with a lot of NoFap browsing, reading, walking around, doing this and that. I didn't do worse things that 9gag, so somehow it is an improvement, but I should have studied in that time.

    So studying seems to be a problem at the moment - I find so many excuses on why I need to do something else now.

    I have to work on this in the future, but I think there is no easy way.

    But on the good side, I haven't used my half an hour of 9gag/gaming, I feel more and more that quitting strict is the better way.
    I am not sure yet if I will use my 1h at the end of the week (=tomorrow).
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    So, this is off-topic, the hell are you supposed to read messages in your inbox if you can't find them??? Only once have I been able to, but really, all other messages said someone replied but I still haven't been able to find them. ???? Anyone? Anyone?
  17. Informius

    Informius Fapstronaut

    Hi, I am sorry this really is a off-topic here, I would advise you to ask in another forum. Create a new thread with this question and I am sure someone can help you!
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    Recently I stumbled upon @bbchadi 's Log about habit building (here).

    I told myself to do something similar with things that I want to implement:

    Turn shower cold once every shower (0 out of 0 so far)
    Meditate every second day (0 out of 0 so far) (note that this counter increases everyday by +1 as long as it is fullfilled)
    Stop reality escaping activities (according to the rules in reply #12) (3 out of 3 so far)
    Stop porn (5 days) (this counter will be reset to zero if I relapse)

    Update today evening to set everyone (hopefully) to +1

    And I am thinking about setting my counter to zero, as I had sex today and I am not sure how I should handle that. The thing I like about the counter is to see your biological rythm, how you change in dependency of the time you abstain.
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  19. bikinhappy

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    Goodluck on your habit building bro!
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  20. bbchadi

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    Best of luck my buddy! I'll be checking your thread regularly to find inspiration.

    Stay strong.

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