SEEKING FEEDBACK: Women's-only section?

Discussion in 'Women in Reboot' started by Alexander, Dec 31, 2016.

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    just because he is dirty minded and cant read it and not be turned on its fucking sick like learn from what they are saying holy christ
  2. HopeFaith

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    So well said! We dont need seperation but integration. I so value being able to witness the journey from the man and woman perspective. This is what is healing about this community. The more we accept eachother, the more we realise that at the end of the day we are the same, we strugle with the same issues and fight the same battles: across genders, across difernt sexual orientation, across different colours or religions. But every time we say: seperate us from....x.... deeply inside our hearts we feel better than the x. This is why this world is so devided. Everyone says: we are better than christians, muslims, gay mam, woman, man, lesbians, jews, atheists, blacks, whites, yellows.... A PORN addic would say: I am better than the sex addict or drug addict or alcoholic, hard core addict, vanilla porn addict, MO addict would says: I am better than the PORN addict, rapist, prostitute addict and so it goes round and round ....only the groups of people we discriminate against change. Because this is what this request for separation is called. It is called discrimination and it is always blind, uttered by the “victim” who wants to be sheltered from the”bad”. They did it in South Africa: separated the “bad” blacks from “good” whites and in Saudi Arabia, woman from the man. And this is how all the victims unknowingly become abusers: by requesting more and more separation, more and more protection from the “evil x”.

    What about if instead,
    we discovered that we are all the same as we are all human? Where would that lead us and humanity as a whole? Towards greater cooperation or towards more wars?
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    Some great posts here. I want to remind people that men have something like seven-times the testosterone of women, so there is a reason that so much bad stuff is done by men. Plus evil etc.
    For this thread, I therefore (as a male) totally advocate for women having their own place on here, if they choose that. Girls, you know about men, but you don't know about being one.
    See my post on 'Men messaging women'. I even got aroused by the idea of a woman with a porn habit! Good luck y'all.x
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    I agree as I am new and tried to make friends with a few just getting nervous and not starting with the basic stuff first and kind of hard to get around in here and I know it my nerves. It was easier to get around on Tumblr there I said it it's out. I hope I have this in the right spot.
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    Well young lady, Welcome.

    Yes, this would be the right place. Can I give you a few pointers to kick start?

    • First, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, what's your story, what brought you here?
    • Second, start a journal. 3-4 lines a day. Nothing major. Some do a lot more. Others do a lot less. This will help you track your recovery.
    • Third, take it one day at a time. Don't overwhelm yourself and thing "I gotta do a 90 day reboot" or whatever.
    • Forth, there are lots of resources all over here, Some are hard to find. @AnonymousAnnaXOXO & @Kenzi have lots of resources in their tag lines. Capitalize on them.
    • Fifth, and that's enough for now, ask for what you need. If it is help you seek, all you need to do is ask, and it will be given you.

    Good luck young lady. You can always ask me for help, and I will do what I can to help you. If I don't help you right away, just get in line and I'll get to you eventually. I do a lot of stuff for a lot of people here.
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    yes, go for only women section
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    At least you're being honest with yourself and you know what could potentially be a weakness for you ‍♀️
  8. Jimb000

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    Yep I’d fap away for sure so hide it

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