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    I am nineteen years old. My main goal is to get rid of fap from my life. Because human potential is lost when energy is simply lost.

    People lose their potential. People do not use it. I have no desire to be that way. I want to go my own way and go quality. I'm from Kazakhstan. I speak English very badly. But I am working on it. One day everything will turn out. The main thing is to work hard and not to look for excuses. Good luck everyone. Who goes the same way. This is a difficult path, but there will be no progress without difficulties.

    With passion in the eyes. I START!

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    Hi Acapella,

    Welcome to NoFap! This is a really supportive place where people from all over the world come, so no need to worry about your English; I read it just fine.

    You're in good company here. Most everyone here wants to use their time and energy more productively and feel that watching porn and masturbating is a poor use of their time. Based on what you wrote, you might be interested in the forum called, "Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation." It's listed on the bottom of the second section of forums on the forum page, or, you could just click on the link that I provided. This is for people who believe that by not orgasming, they are building up energy that can be used for other purposes. You should also consider googling, "Brahmacharya", which is an Indian philosophy based on celibacy (avoiding masturbation and orgasm) in order to redirect one's energy.

    It sounds like you're in the right place. Welcome, and best of luck.

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