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  1. Mimi_85

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    I completed 4 months without relapsing , I am really proud of myself, but for the last couple of days I have been thinking alot about fapping I fantasize alot about it but never turned those fantasies into actions , I am so scared I would relapse . I am resisting so hard and it's exhausting Just tell me what to do to keep those thouhts away .
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  2. For the Record

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    That's quite a achievment Mimi!

    Only thing i can do for you right now is give a virtual hand, i'm experience geen the same feelings the last couple of days.

    What exactly are your goals?

    Stay strong, there are people here to help pulling you through.
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  3. DoeDew

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    Actively keeping those thoughts away is impossible.
    It's as if you tried to "not think about something", but you think about it even more.

    The idea is to do something else. Go outside, play an instrument, do sports, whatever else you (would) like to do.
    You can also try to get some company. Just being around others will already make it easier to think about something else.
    If nobody's available right now, feel free to chat with other people on here. You can also read through other women in reboot's journals if you'd like.

    Some people also suggest taking a cold shower to break your urges.

    If you're about to give in and do it, reconsider. Your body wants you to do it to receive dopamine (which is a sort if "reward" for your body) - this was originally intended by evolution to keep the human race alive. The downside is you'll feel a lot worse afterwards, because you were overflowed with dopamine. Though you will feel worse a lot longer than you'll feel good when masturbating.
    Anyway, so in short, just tell yourself "no. I don't want this"!
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  4. PG93

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    Great advice :)
  5. Shazy

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    You have to figure out what is triggering you ths days..change your routine ..don’t be alone some workout ..just feel great ..keep yourself busy
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  6. Newgirl

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    I recommend you find fun activities to replace the tempting thoughts. Also try to be around people like friends and family. Another good option is to do volunteer work in the community. Stay focused and happy! :)
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  7. Mimi_85

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    I really appreciate what you saidand I believein every wordbut what happened is that I did relapsed not once but twice I was really ashamed and sad about it I thought I was stronger and I am already over it . But that was not true .
    My goal is really to quit and feel good about myself that's all . But I know there are obstacles and it's tough .
    But i m starting over . I am not giving up

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