Same Sex Attraction - 26M

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by socks, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. socks

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    I'm 26 and deal with same sex attraction. Looking to find others for support.
  2. JoeinMD

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    Best wishes, dude. You can do this. Are you partnered? Single? What is your motivation and reasons for wanting no P or MO or other? What have your strategies been so far? How have you progressed?
  3. socks

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    Thanks man. I'm single. Well, the motivation, other than my religious beliefs, it just to avoid the low energy porn causes, avoid the emotional ups and downs, etc. I've tried many things - accountability groups in person, online, porn blockers - I've even gone to a few Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings, haha. Things seem to work for awhile but then I end up relapsing. Do you also deal with SSA?
  4. coolman0101

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    I have SSA yet what really helps me is for me to focus and get to know more of Jesus Christ instead of focusing on my sins in the past and the temptations I have these days.

    Also hanging out with straight men especially Christian men does help as well.
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  5. Addictionhelpseeker

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    Guys... God made you exactly the way you are. You are perfect. There is nothing wrong with you for having SSA. God made gay men and bisexual men. It's okay.

    There is no moral consequence to what you find attractive, just as there is no moral consequence to what foods you like to eat. Some people have a preference for one type of food or the other, and some people like foods that their friends and family would find disgusting, but that doesn't make anybody a sinner.

    It has been proven time and time again that you can't "cure" these desires. The Christian camps aimed at this have been universally shown to be catastrophic failures. It's who you are, deep in your bones, before you discovered porn and before the world got at you. That means God meant for you to be that way, and it's okay.

    Now, by all means, avoid PMO. It's bad for your mental and physical health and makes life tougher. But this guilt over what you like... God loves you. You're wonderful.
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  6. Septimus

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    My friend, I respect the fact that you believe this; but others of us believe differently. I don't know what Socks or Coolman believe, so I'm not speaking for them. But I think they are entitled to believe whatever they believe, which may be contrary to your beliefs.

    I don't consider it my job to try to convince people here of my moral or religious beliefs; and, no offense, but I don't think it's your job to do that, either.

    We're all here for one mission: to overcome habits associated with porn and masturbation. I suggest we focus on that, not on telling others their religious and moral beliefs are wrong.
  7. IGY

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    I agree that you cannot "cure" homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism and paedophilia (some see this as an orientation).

    However, I struggle with the statement you made above @Addictionhelpseeker, that "God made you exactly the way you are... God made gay men and bisexual men." The reason for this is how I understand creation. For those with fairly traditional religious beliefs such as the Abrahamic faiths for example, we are told that God formed the first humans (one of each sex). Thereafter, God was not directly involved in the creation of human beings (apart from Jesus birth to Mary). All other human life has come about by means of procreation. That is to say that humans of the opposite sex have complimentary sex organs to conceive a new life. So, when a child is born and it becomes apparent in due course that they are not heterosexual, it cannot really be said, that they were created by God. I wish no disrespect to you or to endeavour to dismantle your beliefs, but I feel strongly that these are the facts.
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  8. coolman0101

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    Very good. I not here to debate and I expressed my view but i won't go further into it. What people believe in that topic I will leave it to God. I fully agree that our mission is to overcome habits associated with porn and masturbation.
  9. toomuchfapping

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    im 25yo single male, struggling with same issues (ssa, gay pornography, sexting, edging). well, if anyone wants to talk about it and maybe be APs, please pm me.
  10. DannyS

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