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    The past few days have been really hard. I am in the "not good enough cycle" and no amount of reassurance is helping. I feel like our relationship is a plate that has been thrown on the ground and shattered to a bunch of pieces. I don't want to pick up every piece and glue it back together. I want a shiny new plate. I want a man who only wants me, admires me, has sex with me, and doesn't ignore me to pretend he is having sex with thousands of others. My husband says he will be that man. But I gave him 15 years. And I feel like he has wrecked me.
    I was not his "favourite" girl. I want to be someone's favourite.
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    Sounds awful. Sorry you're going through that.
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    And then I sometimes feel like such a baby for having these feelings. But I know that my feelings are exacerbated by the abuse and physical shaming that I experienced as a child. I was always told how fat and ugly I was by my own father. I think in retrospect he was a heavy PA and that he was attracted to me-by making fun of me/abusing me he could negate those feelings he had for me.

    Our therapist said that it is fascinating how my husband and I both have pasts that when put together are the perfect storm-yet we have had (other than this issue) a really solid and fun marriage. He was religiously shamed and brainwashed for years. Had cold and emotionally distant parents who shamed anything to do with sex. He turned into a compulsive masturbator who hid from regular sexuality and used masturbating as a comfort and an escape his whole life. He brings sexual shame to the table and I bring severe body image and self esteem issues. It is all so crazy. I am writing this journal so that other women can identify and not feel alone. And so men can get an understanding of how some women are affected by porn use........
  4. My dad always made comments about my weight too. And guess who's P mags I found for the first time when I was a kid? Yes all my life I heard "ah your putting on a little weight there" or "your getting a little chubby". Umm thanks let me tell you something if you can notice I put on weight...I already know!! Don't need you to point it out for me and make me feel worse and fat thanks! He likes to think of himself as a straight shooter. I think of him as being a jerk. Never the less he is my dad and I can only accept that, that is who he is...
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    Oh Anna it is so awful isn't it?!?! To think that we at made to feel less than worthy because of THEIR issue. It just isn't fair. Every woman deserves to be adored as the Goddess she is!
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    Heartbreaking revelation: My husband spent 250 x 12 HOUR DAYS (therapist said to double it to 500. He says no.) lusting over, wanting to and pretending to have sex with other women and spent 19.5 x 12 HOUR DAYS having sex with this real woman.
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    Today I hate him.
  8. :( Sry your feeling this way
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    So I had a visit with a lifelong friend and we confided in our issues. Interestingly, she found out about her husband's sex addiction the same day I found out about my husband's. Her husband though had a girlfriend on the side as well as he acted out with escorts. I find it fascinating that she has no feelings of inadequacy about this (not that she should), but her feelings are so different than mine. It made me wonder if women with solid self esteem regarding their physical appearance handle the trauma better.
    I feel so clouded. Part of me feels so much compassion for my husband and his childhood-being raised by unemotional cold parents who used hell as a threat to keep their child in line. Parents who instilled sexual shame in a teenage boy who has natural urges. But how does that become ignoring your wife for years and turning to photos of other women? Especially because I have always been open, sexually liberated and horny as can be? The therapist keeps telling me it wasn't about me, but he turned from me and CHOSE them. So how can it not be about me on some level. Everytime he would compliment me it felt like he was trying to convince himself what he was saying was true. I imagine years of drooling over other women (esp overly Photoshoped fake tits women) would make any man view his wife as ugly. I feel more attractive and wanted by a stranger than by my own partner.
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  10. I remember the days where I felt like a stranger found me more attractive than my husband. It took a couple of months (like 6) to really get that the addiction had nothing to do with me. Even on my bad days (with my anorexia) I ask him just to be sure, and he reminds me it was never about me. It truly isn't about you, and it's hard to comprehend. I also felt that he was choosing other women. But once we sat down and had some open talks about why he used (to escape life) and how he wasn't purposely looking for attractive women (of course who he looked at would be attractive to him in some way, although the fake people he told me he looked at because they were even farther from reality and took him deeper into fantasy away from reality, not that he liked them, but liked the escape). It took a while and lots of communication to really get that through my head.

    Do you talk with your husband about this and ask why he used? Addiction has many underlying causes. For my husband it stemmed, we believe, from his parents divorce. He used ever since the age of 10 or 12 and never stopped after that. He basically numbed himself for a decade so he wouldn't have to face the pain that his mother left, and now he is in therapy addressing that. He is learning coping skills and turning his life around. So maybe if you talked with your husband and understood the psychological reasons behind him using that would help ease your feelings of not being good enough.
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    I'd pay particular attention to how your SO's relationship to his mom went throughout his childhood. I grew up in an emotionally disengaged home that caused me to seek out validation from other girls and women, just so I would feel 'good enough' about myself. I started putting all my value in my sexual desirability. I figured, what deeper and more intimate way could a woman accept me other than sexually? Having a woman want me sexually became the Holy Grail of validation.

    Like your husband, I too had women who truly loved me for me. But it never really satisfied me because they weren't valuing the things about me that I placed the highest priority on. They loved me for things like character, personality, kindness, etc. ... ugh, boring. I wanted to be loved for my body, my ability in bed, etc. That was the exciting stuff that made me feel wanted. So when I'd encounter a real, intimate love that was based on substance, I'd eventually seek out the validation my addict needed elsewhere.

    As I sit here writing this, the most memorable sexual experiences I've ever had have been with those women who were the most responsive, the most enthusiastic, the most vocal, etc. Basically, the ones who made me feel like a huge stud. See the connection? My best sexual memories aren't about connection or intimacy, but about me feeling good about myself.

    I couldn't get that kind of validation from my wife. She knew me. When you see someone as a complete person, and you know all their flaws, it makes it harder to see them as a sexual object. I wanted to be a sexual object. But my wife didn't see me that way. I rarely got the sense that she had an uncontrollable urge to screw my brains out. Now, on the flip-side, I could post a personal ad on Craigslist and get the kind of attention I desired, but those people didn't know me. So it became a horrible double-life, where I'd play the husband role and be thankful that a woman loved me unconditionally for me, but then I'd switch gears and look to PMO, personal ads, hookup websites etc. for the superficial hit of validation I'd grown addicted to. Inevitably, after a binge I'd realize that their sexual attention really didn't have much value, because they didn't know me as a person. They weren't lusting after me, they were lusting after their mental fantasy of who I was. It wasn't real.

    So I created a dynamic where neither side was satisfying. I think the key is becoming a whole person within myself, and recognizing where my value comes from. Then I can work on finding a relationship where love and lust have a healthy balance.

    Consider this, though: like me, your husband likely spent a lot of his childhood questioning his worth. Were his parents disengaged because of him? Of course not. They had their own issues.

    Similarly, you've questioned your worth. Are you less worthy because your husband has been disinterested? Not in the slightest. It's his own issue, and it has nothing to do with you.
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    @AnonymousAnnaXOXO Thank you SO much for sharing your experience. It really helps to chat with women who have been through this and are healing, so I appreciate your words very much. You give me hope. Yes, my husband and I have really open communication and we talk and share our feelings so much. We are in individual therapy and therapy together and it has been really beneficial. We have always had a good relationship-we have so much fun together and love parenting our kids together. Somehow, over the years we have lost the connection of "us", which I think is super common when kids are born and jobs and life stress takes it's toll.
    His coping skill has always been masturbation-ever since he was a teen. His parents are fundamentalist Christians who instilled the fear of hell into him-there was no love. It was always judgement and fear. Especially about sex. So I can understand how his sexual shame has built up over the years and how masturbation became a shameful habit used to deal with emotions. How it ended up as a PA while married-I am not sure. We haven't figured that out yet.
    And re:eating disorder, I totally understand. This situation has rekindled an eating disorder I had 25 years ago :/
    Anyhow, thank you so much for reaching out XO
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    Hey @SuperFan !!!! What really strikes me about your reply is that I see me in you-not my husband. I too sought out validation from the opposite sex. I have always loved to feel OBJECTIFIED and sexually wanted by my partner (s). I have a crazy need for sex and always have-not for the closeness, but to feel WANTED and beautiful and sexy. I honestly thought at one point that I could be an escort-like the high cost ones. Win win. I feel wanted and sexy and make a shitload of money. When my husband's PA issue came to light, I took a bunch of nude photos of myself and wanted to send them to strangers-to feel validated and sexy and wanted. Not for my husband. But for me. I came from an abusive home where I was only validated by my dad for being pretty. I was a paid model during my teen years and the only time my dad was proud of me was when I looked great. He would criticize my appearance and my weight otherwise and it was like my achilles heel. Freaky in retrospect. So I think some of my feelings stems from that.
    As for my husband-his mom is the most cold and distant person I have ever met. He turned to masturbation because of sexual shame and it became a coping skill. More shame more need to escape. He never had confidence in himself when it came to sex (At 24 I was like the 4th girl he had ever kissed, the first girl to have sex with oral or PIV). I remember many times in our sexual relationship when he would be shaking (after years of marriage) while I was dressed up in some slutty outfit as he would say "I can't believe how hot you are, thank you for doing this". He always had confidence issues with sex and I thought that my sexual freedom would help him. But I guess the issues are so deep. Thank God for therapy!!!
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    Ha! I've never met the female version of me!

    100%. While his porn addiction is not about you, I think how personally you take it at least partially has to do with you. If you put a disproportionate sense of self-worth in your physical attractiveness, it will have a greater sting when your SO looks at another attractive woman. It just cuts right to the heart of your value--or, I should say, where you choose to put your value.

    That makes a ton of sense. A lot of men have PMO addiction because of distant mothers, which then makes them insecure around women. In the fantasy world of PMO, there's no risk of rejection--every woman is hot, horny, and ready to please us as if we're the only man on earth. No wonder so many of us would rather live there than in reality.

    I don't know your husband obviously, but I think your freedom and openness should help. For me, part of what was wrapped up in my shame was a worry that my sexual desires might be viewed as too extreme or 'out there' by the kind of women I'd be interested in for a real relationship. When I'd meet an attractive woman in church and we'd seem to hit it off, I couldn't exactly say, "sooooo what do you think about road head?" So I learned to hide that part of myself, which as you can imagine, becomes very unsatisfying.

    One of the reasons I still feel so attached to my affair partner is because she's the only person who gave me the freedom to be 100% myself sexually. Your husband is very, very fortunate to be with a woman who's as open and comfortable with herself as you appear to be, and I expect that's a trait that will really help him long-term in his recovery. It's hard to have sexual shame with a partner who goes out of her way to encourage transparency and vulnerability without judgment.
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    That kind of stuff is awful!!!! And it is so damaging to a child's self esteem. My Dad was the same way, sometimes "joking" , often verbally abusive "you fat cow" this was his favourite from as far back as I can remember. I am sorry that your dad is like that to you. I read once that girls get their self esteem from their dads. Makes sense :(
  16. Wow!! Spot on! I don't even know exactly how you articulated that but I've struggled with this for as long as I can remember. Now I do know my worth and I've worked very hard on my self esteem and I don't think you'd know I struggled w it unless I told you. w my husband is still very important to mean and I think when his PA came to light it really upended up old wounds for me. I know I don't need sex to validate how my husband sees me but it just feels good to feel wanted. As many strangers or other ppl who show attraction or attention to's my own husband who I crave it from. For validation that We are connected and still in love and still attracted to one another.
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  17. Sry about yours as well. Idk why some guys are just that shallow even to their children. He built me up in other ways but those are some of the things that stuck w me (and he still does).
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    @SuperFan I wonder if your difficulty in opening up to women about your desires is in part because of the church aspect. It sounds like you are worried about being judged by a woman because your desires are not "vanilla". I like to think that a woman who truly loves you will accept your desires and indulge (like road head! Which sounds fab BTW-but as a former ER nurse I have to think of safety first haha!!). I can see how you might feel judged by a Christian woman seeing as so many people judge in the name of. I once dated a sex addict (another one lol) for several years. He was a serial cheater (in a famous band and had many, many options) and very much had a Madonna-whore complex-would cheat on me all the time, but had me up on a pedestal the whole time. Really didn't want much kink from me, but definitely did from other women. Does this maybe sound familiar to you?
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    I've definitely struggled with that. I can't tell you how many times I've met up with women for a hot one-night stand ... but in the end, no guy wants to marry the 'one-night stand girl'. And yes, I often had my ex-wife up on that pedestal. She's the woman I'm supposed to love, cherish, and respect ... not the one I should pin down and #$&@ senseless while calling her dirty names. I do realize how unfair a situation that creates.

    I think that's why my affair partner has had such a hook in me, emotionally. She's the only person where I felt like those two sides were fusing together. We fell for one another, and enjoyed total freedom behind closed doors. I've never had that before or since with anyone else. Part of it, I think, was the fact that we spent the first few months in a long-distance connection, so we were forced to build a rapport and not just go at it the day we met. Anyway ... that relationship has me pretty spun around mentally these days. No idea where that's going.

    But I digress ...

    I think one of the signs of recovery is that over the last few years, I've progressively desired a greater sense of connection in sex. I still get super horny sometimes, but I have less and less interest in just hooking up because someone's hot and available. I want that chemistry, otherwise it just isn't remotely as good. Knowing what I know now, I'm not going to settle if I every remarry. I'm not going to put a ring on someone's finger if I'm not 1) deeply in love, and 2) consistently aching to get her naked. I just need to make sure that #2 side of me isn't a case of the addict running the show.
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    The roller coaster continues.....This post has a ***TRIGGER WARNING**** so please tread lightly and do not read if you don't want to see any mention of P**n!

    So I woke up today feeling really down about myself and was just feeling so sad. I went to the library and got a book about Religious abuse of children because I feel that if I can understand the trauma my husband experienced, that I can be more empathetic. (I used to be Christian, but now have a more broad view but really love everyone and respect their beliefs). My husband grew up in a fundamentalist home where hell was discussed daily, threats of going there were given daily, and really his parents are just cold and uncommunicative people. He grew up with so much shame and fear. Over the years he has become an atheist and has had so much resentment about his upbringing. Ironically-now that his P use is out in the open, and he is feeling his emotions and processing them, he really doesn't feel like he is an atheist. He turned from all spirituality as a result of his contempt for how he was raised and is now finding it again. I think that is really beautiful.

    Anyhow, I got home from the library and I started trying to find evidence of P on his old phone (he gave it to me after admitting his PA and he got a flip phone). I just wanted to see what he was into. I don't want him to tell me-it would prob break my heart, but I WANT TO KNOW. Without him knowing I know if that makes sense. I tried for an hour and found nothing. But then I had an idea. I wanted to look at porn-now don't get me wrong-I felt really bad searching it, BUT I wanted to see what it looked like. I haven't accessed any for a long time and I wanted to see what he would see. He also told me he googled things like "lingerie, tight clothing, latex etc" and would follow the rabbit hole. Now that made me upset-because google images shows not just porn, but anything. And it really REALLY bothered me that he could have gotten off on a photo of an underaged girl-because really anything is on google. and 14 year olds can look 20. So that left me feeling physically ill. And I told him so and he felt terrible and have never considered that before. I also worry about photos on google that could have been posted without consent. So I honestly would have felt more comfortable had he just stuck with regular porn sites.

    That being said, I was kind of shocked at the variety of bodies I saw. And I was also shocked with the movies and how bizarre many of the themes were-that was disturbing. But looking at the photos, I felt better about myself. I found many of the girls average looking and not everyone had huge fake breasts. So for some reason I felt better. That being said, he has accessed this shit for our whole marriage so the amount of content makes me feel sick as does just wondering how far he went with it in terms of weird shit. So part of me wants to ask, but I know it would hurt too much. So maybe I will have to keep trying to find out on my own. The other thing that bothers me is that our monitor is so huge and clear-the photos he looked at would have had so much detail :/

    As for me, I was expecting a delivery yesterday and I was home alone. I have always had a fantasy of seducing a delivery man and I thought about it ALL morning. My kids were out of the house for the day and it would have been so easy. I was grateful that I had to go pick up the kids and the items were delivered when I was gone. I really felt that I could have followed through with it and it scared me. I was totally honest with my husband about it and he was pretty angry. Right now he feels like we are so connected (which we are), but I am still really needing validation and appreciation because he didn't appreciate me physically and neglected my needs for 2 years.....It's all messed up.....
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