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  1. Retro Girl

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    Thank you Jim.
    Aww thanks J, that's a really nice poem, thanks for sharing.. I think it's very good for 9 years old, or any age! I don't think my poems are any better! I enjoyed it and thanks for your wishes.

    Stay awesome :)
  2. Retro Girl

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    I can avoid the hurt with anger
    And protect myself with hate
    But in the end what this comes down to
    Is that there are no mistakes

    You made me see my weakness
    Where I thought that I was safe
    And where my whole independence
    Was still tied up in chains

  3. letter

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    may your every footstep fall
    with heavy thuds, echoing...
    with boldness in sound and spirit

    may all those still bound hear it

    as chains fall to the ground
    with every footstep, pounding...
    bravely tread the path of freedom

  4. Retro Girl

    Retro Girl Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    A little poem I wrote,
    for all those who are broken..


    Mend what was broken
    Old wounds of the past..
    The pain that we feel
    It surely won't last

    A light in the darkness
    Will guide our way home
    The journey is long..
    But we're not alone

    A future awaits..
    That we must create
    Believe in ourselves..
    Don't give in to fate

    Our inner voice speaks
    If only we'd hear
    Those whispers of wisdom
    So gentle but clear

    Old wounds, they can heal..
    Let's set ourselves free
    Feel nature's embrace
    Just learn how to be..

    In all things in life
    There's beauty to find
    Don't give up the search
    To find peace of mind

    We're not on this earth
    To suffer and hate
    We can change our ways..
    It's never too late..

    Awake from our slumber
    The new dawn in spring..
    Believe in the promise
    A new day will bring..

    Mend what is broken
    Our fragmented soul..
    We'll know how it feels
    To once more be whole..

  5. I know i sound redundant lol, but very nice. That really made me feel good, thanks for sharing as always :)
  6. M.S.H.

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    Thank you for sharing!
  7. Retro Girl

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    Redundant? Not at all! Thanks and glad you liked it :)
    You're welcome MSH :)
  8. Solomon435

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    This is a really good poem! I think it's a good reminder that we can all recover and be whole, whether with PMO or anything else.

    How are you, by the way? Any big accomplishments happening?
  9. Retro Girl

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    Thank you very much Solo :)

    And thanks for asking, I'm working a lot these days, saving money like crazy.. my life is a bit boring lately but I'm looking to the Spring, when I plan to move. Some weeks ago I visited a friend in the City and we're going to get a place together. I'm also starting some interviews for a full time work placement.

    So it's good, I'm too busy to think of PMO at all and it has no place in my plans for my future. I'm excited to start a new life, even if letting go of the old life has been painful.. but without nofap I don't think I'd be taking this on with such energy and positive attitude.

    How are things with you?

  10. Awesome, good luck with all that :)
  11. Retro Girl

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    I guess I still enjoy posting music and poems here, so.. this Beautiful cover of one my favourite songs.. Sinking Ships by Trees of Eternity.

    Thanks :)
  12. Solomon435

    Solomon435 Fapstronaut

    That sounds like a really great job so far! It's great to know that you are looking forward to the spring, I hope you and your friend find a really good place.

    I'm doing okay. You already know about the kind of work I'm doing, so I'll spare that detail. :p

    We had a snow day today, so I got to hang out and get my work done.

    Also, my patents are talking about moving after I graduate. It's pretty scary, but I'm not gonna jump to anything until things are confirmed.

    Good luck on your exploits!
  13. Jonny123

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    Love this @Retro Girl. Thank you for your poetry ( in all senses of that word) It does help.
  14. Loveless-J.R.A

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    Stood out for me. Finding my peace. :)
  15. Thats an awesome song!
  16. Elias Smith

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    Where's the Love button? Like just isn't enough .Thanks RG .
  17. Retro Girl

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    Thank Solo! Oh, yes, change can be scary, but also exciting and chance for a fresh start.. :)
    Thank you Jonny, always appreciate the feedback!
    Yeah, it is :)
  18. Retro Girl

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    So just a little update from me. I'm feeling better after deciding to step back from the community. I'm more energized and doing more with my time. Maybe it just gets a little stale when you've been part of a community for too long, and you start to see the bad points magnified and forget a bit about the good points that you liked about it in the first place. Or maybe those bad points were always there but you just looked with rose tinted glasses. Unfortunately this place has always attracted its share of trolls and toxic people.. there comes a time when it's not serving you any more, and that's OK, that's all part of our journey and that's where I'm at right now.

    However, there are people and memories that will always connect me to this place, I can't just shut it out, even if I wanted to. Last year was such a big year of change for me and this community and some of the people I met here played a big part in that. If I'm honest though, something I came to realise is that it was me, not anyone else, who made those changes. I did it.. and that's all a community can do for you, give you a little help or nudge in the right direction. Also, if I'm honest I felt like I was putting energy into here and not really getting much back any more..

    Saying that, I've also been so lucky and blessed, the fantastic feedback and engagement from people here for my journal, my writings. I don't want to sound ungrateful, because I'm not, I feel very thankful.. but my story now continues in the real world and not so much in an internet journal.. but for those readers who still interested, a little about how I'm doing..

    Things are going well.. I'm working hard, saving money for the spring, when I plan to move out. Yes, this is a big step for me, I'm not going to pretend I'm not nervous about it, but I see only one way forward, one path, and so I will follow that path, without fear. I'm also excited.. I will have much more freedom, more possibilities, for social life, things to do, places to go.

    My sister is doing quite ok, she stabilised very well and is comfortable and well looked after. I visit her at least once a week and I'm feeling like this is normal now. I've met with my mother a few times and things go ok.. I'm just glad that we managed to get where we are now, and that helped heal some of the things from the past. My only real anxiety right now with my family is my father, how he will be on his own without me. He says he'll be fine and is supportive of me, but I will worry about him.

    As for PMO, I'm not really thinking about it these days. When you stop counting the days it's a good feeling for sure.. Anyway there's not much time to think about it lately, with my plans for the future and when I'm not working I'm sleeping or making preparations.. or keeping busy with other things.. and isn't that what we all wanted? To get to that point where you feel it's not part your life any more? Best not forget that.. it's why we came here, to get that thing out of our lives.. so when you get that feeling, run with it, don't look back.. don't be held back.. and treasure your time, because it is fleeting..

    I think that's all for now, I guess I'll keep updated when I feel like it, or have something to share.. until then, wishing you health, happiness and all the best in your own journeys.

  19. Newgirl

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    Hi RG!
    So happy to know you are ok and that your family is also doing well. I'm excited to know you're saving up money to move into your own place. I'm sure your dad will be ok. I'm also proud to know that your are so determined about your reboot and that you are so far ahead on this recovery journey. Stay happy and alert. Remember we're always here for you and that we are rooting for your success :)
  20. Retro Girl

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    Thank you NG <3

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