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  1. cloudhugs5

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    Beautiful poem! :)
  2. Retro Girl

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    Thanks Beamer.. I'm getting pretty good at climbing mountains now.. even after I fall.. :)
    Thanks Elias! Hope you are doing well :)
    Thank you so much cloudhugs5, I appreciate it! And I like your user name :)
  3. Mysteryball

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    That poem touched my heart,
    through winds and snow and ice
    I hope you get happiness forever,
    and may Jesus bless your life.:)
  4. Retro Girl

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    Aww thank you so much Mystery, that's such a sweet and lovely little poem, I appreciate it. I hope for much happiness for you too and many blessings.

  5. Retro Girl

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    Well, I've officially been on NoFap for a whole year now, so I decided this weekend to step back a bit, take a break from here and do some thinking.. and I decided that it's time to heavily reduce my presence on here. It's time for me to start moving on by myself with this.. so I'll slowly start winding down on here.. I will of course honour my commitments to the challenge I'm participating in, but I think my personal journey on NoFap is coming to an end now. Already, stepping back a bit from here, I feel more energized for other things.. and I've got lots to focus on this year. It's been an incredible journey, but everything has to come to an end eventually.

    It's hard to move on from here actually, I made so many friends and met so many interesting people.. but I'll be honest, this place became an addiction in itself and a substitute for PMO.. and for a real life.. and I feel spending too much time here is actually holding me back right now. I came here to improve myself, improve my life and I think I did that. I achieved some big streaks, made lots of personal realisations and have grown as a person. I'm definitely more confident, stronger and in control of my body and at peace with myself.. So, I think I got what I wanted from this, and it's good to end in a positive way.

    Of course, I won't leave here completely, no need to delete my account, I'll still like to keep in touch and follow what's going on with my friends. I'll be checking in for the challenge, and after that from time to time, so if you want contact me or ask any advice or just chat, you can do that. So this isn't goodbye, just a change.. it's time for a change.. and in my life there will be lots of change this year for sure. I'll end with a simple little poem.. thanks for reading and thanks to everyone who supported me on my journey, I wish you all the best.


    Old rope swing under tree..
    Summer flowers and gentle breeze
    A distant memory from the past..
    Nothing is lost and nothing lasts..
    Bitter sweet like a dream
    Floating gently down the stream..
    Forever eluding me..
    Forever reminding me..


  6. Newgirl

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    I completely understand what you're saying my dear it's so good to feel you'll be okay on your own but as you said not completely away as this is such a supportive community. Since I left I have experienced many benefits but I know I still need the support. You will be greatly missed but glad you will still stop by from time to time :)
    P.S. Beautiful poem and picture
  7. Retro Girl

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    Thanks Newgirl, glad you are doing well also :) You're someone I definitely want to keep in touch with :) All the best to you!
  8. Magnificent journey, i wish you the best in your future life...i know very well how hard is leave this place and i agree with you, this place holding us all back from real life.
    Everything has two sides of the coin.

    Good Luck
    xx Fehr xx
  9. We haven't typed to each other yet, I'm happy for you and highly respect how you're stepping back from the community. Seems like you're quite an inspirational individual who brings much positive change to whomever you come across, as you did with me, just now. Good luck on your continued life journey!
  10. Newgirl

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    Awesome, we can do brunch :)
    Cheers and happy thoughts forever!
  11. Beamer

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    Dear RG ,
    I'm so proud of you for what you accomplished here for yourself, for your future :)

    You made the life of so many people a more happy one, supporting so many for so long, you're a beautiful person and a kind soul, i will miss you so much here...
    But you're right to move on if you feel strong enough to do it, you're doing now what i still can't: take on life with it's ups and downs and hold your ground, conquer the challenges of life on your own on a daily basis...

    I wish you all the best, lots of happiness and joy, may all your dreams come true, and know we all love you and we will not forget you, thank you for everything :)
  12. Solomon435

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    It's a big step you're taking now. I understand where you're coming from. You're right, this place isn't supposed to be a replacement addiction.

    I'll admit, I'm gonna miss you, but at least you're doing well. I have complete faith that you can take care of yourself and you'll be very happy.

    I'll look forward to your visits! Good luck out there!

    Also, that's a very great poem!
  13. Well, it seems like everyone already said basically what i was going to say, but i'm glad you're getting back to focusing on your real life. Obviously not because i want you gone, i've said it before and i'll say it won't be the same here without you, but its good to see you healing and moving on. Like you said, i think thats what we're all aiming for and the fact that youre at that stage is awesome. I know i'll spend less time here when i feel confident in myself, but for now its still a necesary crutch for me. Anyway, im glad youre not going for good though, so i'll see you around. Best of luck with ypur new life and on the big changes coming your way :)

    Oh, and nice poem. Very simple and refreshing
  14. Elias Smith

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    I always struggle @Retro Girl with how to express my gratitude and admiration. Then I read what Batman, New Girl and others write and I can never seem to improve on it.

    I wish you the very best... and I'm REALLY going to miss those poems .
  15. reystronaut

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    I remember when you first joined here. You have definitely come a long way!
    As others have said, you have achieved something I haven't: being able to take a step back from this community. I think that says something positive about you as a person.
    I will also miss you and your poetry. Best of luck in real life.
    May the Force be With You!
  16. Mysteryball

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    I met a simple person here,
    and she turned someone so kind.
    she has inspired me more than she knows,
    by the postivity so divine.

    she's sweet, she's calm,
    she's funny, she has a charm.
    she's a poet, she's full of life,
    the nightangle, is now ready to fly.

    Keep going strong, keep up the fight,
    keep up the postivity, keep spreading the light
    your heart is pure as gold and pearl.

    Firstly, apology for those poor rhymes :D .
    I understand what you mean....I hope you do great in life ahead. You affect this community more than you know. I want something... Please... keep up the positivity that come's from within you!.. forever!:emoji_smile:

  17. Nice :)
  18. Retro Girl

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    Thank you so much Fehr, yes despite your number of name changes you'll always be Fehr to me :) Wishing you all the best as well.. hoping you can find some happiness..
    That's very nice of you to say, shame we didn't meet before, but thanks :)
    Definitely! ;) Happy thoughts to you too :)
    Thanks Beamer, what can I say, your support is amazing, to everyone not just me.. but I am grateful that you were here on my journey with me. Wish you much happiness my friend.. :)
    Thank you Solo, I've appreciated your support and commenting my journal.. I'll be sure to check in on you time to time, wish you the best!
    Thanks Batman :)
    Thank you Elias, I'm grateful for the support you've given me and your kind words. Wish you all the best, and there might be more poems in the future, who knows.. :)
    Thanks rey, may the force be with you also. Thank you for your consistent support all along my journey. Wishing you the very best :)
    Wow, Mystery, that's... so sweet and awesome, I'm honestly so moved by that! Don't apologize, it was beautiful and perfect. Thank you so much. I will stay positive, how could I not with such awesome friends like you here.

    Thanks again, put a big smile on my face, really :) And btw, I'll still see you in the challenge :)
  19. Jim2015

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    You are in my thoughts. Thank you for your friendship and joyous spirit. Blessings.
  20. Loveless-J.R.A

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    Alright... pass through now and then to check up on the team. :) Little me gonna miss you.

    You're one tough ladette, everyone can agree with that. All the best in your journey. Hope the family is okay.

    This was the last poem I wrote, at 9. Heavily influenced by my garden and my passion for roses and what had happened around that time.

    Red Rose (of 27.2.2010)
    The beauty of your bloom;
    The attraction of the room.
    Your presence, unforgettable,
    to every eye, incredible.
    The queen over lilies,
    Empress over daisies;
    Untouchable, you warn,
    Your handle made of thorns.
    For a lover, for a smile,
    For a friend, gone for a while.

    Yeah... the last part refers to how the rose was a common gift in relationships, but also touched on the use of roses at the passing of someone. I was 9 when i wrote this, so its nowhere near as good as your poems... Hope you enjoy it.
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