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    My Journal
    A Winter Healing


    Walking through the forest
    Winter wonderland of snow
    I find myself enchanted,
    As its mystic feel does grow..

    The stillness, the purity..
    Stirs something deep in me
    A yearning of my spirit self
    To one day soon be free..

    Free from desire, lust and pain
    That never ending cycle
    Trapped by addiction, PMO..
    An endless downwards spiral

    My breath upon the icy air
    Reminds me I'm alive
    Free from addiction, we can learn,
    To live and love and thrive

    This frozen healing gives me hope,
    As I begin to dream..
    To watch my breath float to the sky
    Like little clouds of steam

    Oh, better days for you and me
    I'm sure that we can find..
    Let winter's bitter chill,
    Cleanse our body, soul and mind

    My winter forest, my wonderland
    Enchanted realm of snow
    That seed of hope, inside of me
    I'll nurture, watch it grow..

    Twilight comes, I'm homeward bound,
    To sit beside the fire..
    Reflect upon my icy dreams
    No fear, no pain, nor desire..

    It won't be long until the thaws
    Spring's just around the corner..
    But winter is a part of me
    Always, forever more...

  2. Sorry its been tougher, but at least it was easy at the beginning to give you a boost in the right direction

    Yeah i know what you mean, sometimes it seems like the majority of us are running around like rats in a maze. We compliment streaks and then offer support after relapses and the cycle continues. Once in awhile one of us breaks out and gives the rest of us hope. Wel, we cant get anywhere without trying and like i said you're doing great, so well done and hang in there
  3. Thats an awesome poem, really nice. :)
  4. R.o.B

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    My Journal
    Its sad to know that it had been harder lately.

    But i dont think, you of all of us, are gonna feel weak. Right!

    And feel energised, because we are all here, with you, supporting you.
    Keep climbing.

    Wish you get to give them feelings, the sexual energy the right channel and use them to better your life. Like last time you used them to clean the damn house. That was great. That was awesome. :)

    I am also gonna make use of my excessive energy the RIGHT WAY!


    Stay cheerful. All the best! Keep Rocking Retro! :)
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  5. R.o.B

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    My Journal
    I dont know much of poetry. But your poems give an authentic, natural and professional feel.

    Are you into poems? Do you read a lots of them?
  6. You brought down the weather again. After reading your poem, i went outside for a walk and it was the first real winter day i've had all year, it was a blizzard
  7. ProdigalSon74

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  8. Retro Girl

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    My Journal
    Thanks! :)
    I don't read many, but I love writing and language in general, so poetry is just a natural thing for me.. as I like to express myself with words.
    Hey, glad to hear! Perhaps it was caused by reading my poem.. haha ;)
    Thank you :)
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  9. control your life

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    My Journal
    thanks RG! Yah, all seasons contain something unique and beautiful ,when everything is in snow ,we recognise the purity and clarity !
  10. No doubt lol, you made something else happen to, but i forgot what it was...Hey, why dont ypu right a poem about me winning a million dollars...heck, make it a few million ;)
  11. Loveless-J.R.A

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    My Journal
    You just made my day! Thank ya Retro. :)
  12. Solomon435

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    Hey, what a wonderful poem! I think it totally reflects how you feel. I like how it captures the feeling of what recovering from PMO feels like as well as how out correlates with winter.

    A good read!
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  13. Basith

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    Wow. I'm speechless.
  14. I've recently discovered Emily Dickinson. Her poem I'm Nobody makes me laugh.

    I'm Nobody! Who are you?
    Are you—Nobody—Too?
    Then there's a pair of us?
    Don't tell! they'd advertise—you know!

    How dreary—to be—Somebody!
    How public—like a Frog—
    To tell one's name—the livelong June—
    To an admiring Bog!

    In Our Time have an interesting discussion on her.

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  15. R.o.B

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    My Journal
    Resetting after 45 days and even aftera20 days, i felt the same. You realise very easily, at that instant that, there were better things, to be enjoyed and to have fun with, which were more beautiful and fun, then the shit of just pmo... You could have used your time in more healthy ways than it was while pmo.
    This obviously means that you did, a hard pmo ass kicking.... :D and that feels awesome, even to read, dont know how much good that would feel... :D

    We have to really work on that!! We would always have serious emotions, sad and otherwise, but we need to carry our emotions and thoughts carefully...

    Wow.. that sounds challenging... Hope everything goes well! Wish u good luck with that!!! :)
  16. sparkz

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    I'm glad I've managed to help :)
  17. Newgirl

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    "The frozen feeling gives me hope"
    Awesome poem keep them coming @Retro Girl cos they are great :)
  18. Retro Girl

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    My Journal
    Yes indeed, all seasons have their beauty, sometimes we just need to try a little ahrder to find it.
    Coming right up... ;)
    Thanks J! :)
    Thanks Solo :)
    Thank you!
    Thank you! :)
    Thanks a lot Newgirl and good to hear from you, you always brighten my day :)
  19. Beamer

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    Dear RG :),
    Keep going on your beautiful journey to a better and happier life, you're doing so well, congratulations on your 41 DAYS pmo free streak ! :)
    Stay committed, stay focused on your long term goals, and keep going day by day, that's how a mountain can be climbed and conquered... :):):)
    Stay strong !:)
  20. Elias Smith

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    great poem RG thanks for sharing

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